7 Best Waterfowl Gun Cases

Best Waterfowl Gun Cases

You must have the right gun for waterfowl hunting in order for your adventure to be successful and pleasurable. Nothing is more annoying than getting ready for a sporting event only to discover that your firearm is broken. Being exposed to factors like water, moisture, and dust can cause damage.

Thus, purchasing a waterfowl gun case guarantees that your firearm is kept safe. It keeps it from becoming dirty and moist in these circumstances. Additionally, if your pistol falls into water, it keeps it from sinking. It can be annoying to lose your gun in the water because it ends your hunting trip and forces you to acquire a new one.

It can be difficult and confusing to decide which gun case to purchase, so you need to be cautious so as not to choose one that is useless. Having a waterfowl gun case saves you all the effort. Without further ado,lets jump into it.

Best Waterfowl Gun Cases Reviews

  1. Adansonia Floating Shotgun Case 52″ with Muzzle Protector Soft Camo Long Gun Bag for Waterfowl Hunters

Adansonia Floating Shotgun Case 52" with Muzzle Protector Soft Camo Long Gun Bag for Waterfowl Hunters


No matter what you’re doing—walking, cycling, or wading—this gun case will provide you the assurance that your firearm is secure.

Its adjustable shoulder strap is comfy and comes in several sizes. Additionally, closed-cell cushioning is included for added protection.

Small accessories like choke tubes and shells can be stored in the zipped compartment on the outside of the case. It can accommodate firearms up to 12 pounds and 50 inches long.

Due to the Max 5 camo 600D Polyester and PU coating used in its construction, the case shields your rifle from water, mud, scratches, and nicks. It will unquestionably survive harsh weather and rigorous handling.


  • Both water- and scratch-resistant.
  • Fabric is 600D polyester.
  • Not only is the shoulder strap adjustable, but it is also pleasant.
  • Maximum protection with closed-cell cushioning.
  • Withstands challenging circumstances and rigorous treatment.


  • The zippers should be improved.
  1. Banded Impact Gun Case-Timber

Banded Impact Gun Case-Timber


Hunting enthusiasts can blend into dark hardwoods and flooded timber environments with the help of this exceptional rifle case because it is so effective. It has a traditional design made up of cane, cattails, reeds, and grasses.

Heavy-duty 900d cloth, used in its construction, is weather- and element-resistant. Additionally, it will undoubtedly last a long time. Additionally, there is room for storing various goods in the field.

All of the necessary accessories fit in the storage pocket. Access to the case is simple because to the buckle closing.

It also features a camouflage pattern that offers a 3D effect. Each grass blade has a distinct hue.


  • Made from durable fabric that is tear-resistant.
  • Padded shoulder strap.
  • Transport is made simple with carrying handles.
  • Accommodates firearms up to 54 inches in length.
  • Non-absorbing closed-cell flotation foam.
  • Other accessories can fit in the storage pocket.


  • The straps are not sturdy.
  1. Allen Floating Shotgun Case 740-52

Allen Floating Shotgun Case 740-52



This gun case is composed of durable Endura fabric, making it ideal for waterfowl hunters. It features a pocket on the outside that you may use to store your accessories.

An adjustable sling for different sizes and uses is included with the pistol case. A web handle that has been strengthened offers a firm grip. The case can be closed tightly thanks to its hook and loop Velcro fastening.


  • Made from durable Endura material.
  • Gives you plenty of room for storage.
  • Has a sling that is adjustable.
  • Hook and loop fastening.


  • The handles and shoulder strap might use extra reinforced sewing.
  1. Drake Waterfowl Floating OSFM Side-Opening Padded Gun Case

Drake Waterfowl Floating OSFM Side-Opening Padded Gun Case


A special and patented case is the Drake Waterfowl Gun case. The case is water-resistant on the inside and has a nylon lining on the exterior, which is composed of durable HD2 material. Shotguns with an overall length of up to 52 inches can be stored in the case.

The case also includes a choke tube accessory pocket on the outside. This case is without a doubt the best because of the integrated top carry handle and the adjustable, padded shoulder strap. It allows for rapid access and moisture control.

You can completely open the case for cleaning and drying thanks to a hook and loop side flap. The case can be closed tightly thanks to heavy-duty snaps and a hook and loop latch.


  • Patentable and original design.
  • Rugged and waterproof construction is used.
  • Durable snaps.
  • The interior is lined with nylon.
  • Dependable HD2 material.
  • Closure with hook and loop.


  • Thin pads, they could perform better.
  1. ALPS OutdoorZ Waterproof Gun Case

ALPS OutdoorZ Waterproof Gun Case


Your firearm is safe and secure thanks to the high-density closed-cell flotation used in the ALPS OutdoorZ Floating Gun Case.

The case also gives you a variety of carry alternatives, like the padded shoulder strap for a hands-free alternative or the built-in carry handle. With longer chokes, it may be lengthened to accommodate 28-inch barrels.

Water cannot enter the case thanks to a fold-over Velcro opening on it. A choke tube holder and a pocket with a zipper for smaller goods are also included in a side pocket.


  • Water is kept out by the Velcro opening.
  • Made from closed-cell high-density flotation foam.
  • Materialized in polyester.
  • Multiple ways to carry.
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Features handles for carrying for convenience.
  • Accessories pocket with a zipper.


  • Some individuals believe the durability could be better.
  1. Rig’Em Right Waterfowl 53″ Long Nitro Deluxe Floating Bird Hunting Shotgun Gun Case

Rig'Em Right Waterfowl 53" Long Nitro Deluxe Floating Bird Hunting Shotgun Gun Case


A premium gun case is the RIG’EM RIGHT Waterfowl Dexule.There isn’t a better protective case than this one if the price doesn’t concern you.

A durable and robust EVA material serves as the outershell, cushioning both ends for added protection. Your gun will be protected if it falls into the water thanks to the RIG’EM RIGHT’s floating case.

The liner is constructed of a nice quilt-like fabric, and it features a waterproof zipper to keep your rifle dry.

There is a handle, a shoulder strap, and one pocket.


  • EVA Shell gives it durability and sturdiness.
  • Water-resistant zipper.
  • Floating


  • It is expensive.
  1. Tanglefree Flight Series Floating Gun Case

Tanglefree Flight Series Floating Gun Case


The Floating Gun Case from the Tanglefree Flight Series is the closest thing to perfection we have seen.This case is really nicely made and has superb construction.

This case offers a lot of additional padding to protect your rifle and is constructed of sturdy 600D Polyester. Additionally, the case contains a lovely pocket and a carabiner for simple hanging.

This case is really nicely made and has superb construction. It has a Velcro opening and is water resistant.

Additionally, the case contains a lovely pocket and a carabiner for simple hanging.Nearly all contemporary shotguns will float without any issues because it can float with up to 12 pounds inside of it.It has a Velcro opening and is water resistant.

Additionally, it is offered in Optifade Timber camo. This case is worth having if you have a pricey shotgun to safeguard your investment.


  • Made of 600D Polyester Material.
  • Floats Up to 12 lbs.
  • Extra padding for extra protection.
  • Carabiner attachement for easy hanging and storage.
  • Comes with a Velcro opening.


  • The majority have never heard of the brand.

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Best Waterfowl Gun Cases Buying Guide

You can decide what to buy by using the following criteria as a reference.


Waterfowl hunting can be taxing on your equipment. You need a case that will endure season after season. Given that you are aware of the frequently harsh hunting conditions seen when hunting waterfowl, you should invest in a case that will last in rugged terrain. It may be chilly, rainy, and damp. So it is best to spend money on a high-quality case.

Water resistance.

As you are aware, the majority of waterfowl hunting occurs near bodies of water. Given that ducks enjoy the rain, we hunters don’t have many options. We believe it is crucial that your gun case offer some water protection because of this.


You want a case that will prevent your gun from sinking to the bottom and ruining your hunt in the unlikely event that it manages to find its way into the water. All of the scenarios that are suggested above float. For your other items, we advise a decent duck blind bag that floats.


To ensure compatibility, you must know in advance the lengths of your gun and the object. Purchasing a case that is either too big or too tiny is simply pointless because your firearm will not fit snugly in it. Some cases are also often big enough to hold a lot of weapons and accessories.


Protecting your gun is the sole purpose of a gun case. The case ought to have enough cushioning so that your gun won’t be damaged if it falls.


The use of the case may be made more convenient by straps and pockets. You can keep spare chokes, earplugs, phones, etc. in a pocket. Cases with handles and shoulder straps are our favorites.

Best Waterfowl Gun Cases FAQs

Can I add additional waterproofing to a case?

You can, indeed. To increase a case’s water resistance, many treatments are available on the market. They function by plugging up the gaps in the material that allow water molecules to typically pass through. Test a tiny area before applying the treatment to be sure it won’t harm it once it dries.

How do I determine the size of the case to buy?

You must be aware of your waterfowl gun’s specifications. To prevent your pistol from sliding around as you move, it is helpful to choose a snug case. Check the case’s measurements as well because you want a safe case that can hold everything you need without being too small.


The quality of your shotgun for duck hunting will influence whether your hunt is successful or a failure.

Nobody wants to lose their waterfowl gun because it sank into the water or got wet and ruined.  Get one of the gun cases shown above to make sure you are not a victim.

It is a wise investment that will ultimately spare you money and stress. Happy Hunting!