How Does A Red Dot Optic Sight Work?

How Does A Red Dot Optic Sight Work?

For a variety of reasons, red dot sights are popular on pistols, shotguns, rifles, and even airsoft guns. They allow for faster target acquisition, shooting with both eyes open, and are generally more durable and reliable than iron sights. But how do they function?

How Does A Red Dot Optic Sight Work?

For firearms and other aiming devices, a Red Dot Sight is a type of non-magnifying reflector (or reflex) sight that provides the user with an illuminated red dot as a point of aim.

Regardless of the shooter’s eye position, a standard design uses an LED at the focus of the collimating optics to emit a dot-style lighted reticle that remains aligned with the weapon the sight is installed to (almost parallax free).

They are regarded as quick to acquire and simple to use gun sights for recreational target shooting, hunting, and in applications by the police and military. Photographs of flying aircraft, soaring birds, and other quickly moving things are taken with cameras. They are applied to telescopes to locate objects in the nocturnal sky.

A typical form of optical sight used on firearms are red dot sights. They operate by beaming a red dot into the shooter’s view through a lens. When the trigger is pushed, the red dot serves as a point of aim and aids in directing the bullet to the intended target.

A red dot is projected onto a lens to operate red dot sights. This dot is then returned into your eye in reflection, giving the impression that it is hovering there. The benefit of this method is that aligning the dot with your target is much simpler than aligning iron sights.

Usually found on the top of the sight, the LED is battery-operated. The LED light is reflected off of a lens or mirror to create the dot. The size of the lens or mirror affects the dot’s size.

Due to its speed and simplicity of use, red dot sights are widely used. Red dot sights are a form of collimator sight that creates a dot-shaped picture of a light source using a collimating reflector.

How Do You Sight In A Red Dot Sight Without Shooting?

Quick and Dirty

Adjust your red dot sight so that it is parallel to the rear and front sites if your iron sights are already adjusted or sighted to your satisfaction.

An improved method

Utilizing a high-quality laser bore sight, such as the LaserLyte Universal Laser Bore Sight, is one method.

  1. Make sure your weapon is equipped with the red dot sight.
  2. So that changes can be made with the least possible disruption to the weapon, place the weapon on a stable shooting platform.
  3. Set the bore sight laser to the target’s center and turn it on. This may be as easy as taping a paper target on your wall. Nevertheless, we advise sighting at the distance at which you normally want to engage. less than 100 meters, probably.
  4. Check the location of the dot on the target in respect to your larger by looking through the red dot sight.
  5. To move the red dot from the sight onto the red dot on the target, adjust windage (left-right directions) and elevation (up-down directions) with any flat-tipped instrument.

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Types of Red-dot Sights

There are many different types of red dot sights, and each one has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

Reflex Sights

The reflex sight is the most popular kind of red dot sight because it projects a red dot onto the target using a reflective lens. Although this sort of sight is quick and simple to use, it can be challenging to see in dim light.

Holographic Sights

The holographic sight, which projects a red dot onto the target using a laser, is the other popular kind of red dot sight. Although it can be more challenging to use in scenarios involving rapid movement, this sort of sight is more evident in low light.


For shooters of all skill levels, red dot sights are an excellent tool. They can increase your accuracy and are simple to use. By putting a red dot onto the target, red dot sights work. After lining up the red dot with the target, the shooter lets off a shot. The red dot aids in the shooter’s ability to concentrate and easily see the target. Using red dot sights is a great technique to increase your shooting precision.