Best Hunting Backpacks for Deer, Elk & Big Game

Best Hunting Backpacks for Deer, Elk & Big Game

You’ll need a place to put everything before you go out and purchase all that expensive new hunting equipment. This is the reason we put together this list of the top hunting backpacks.

We have been accumulating information on the leading brands in the sector that is supported by research. As a result, we have compiled this comprehensive list of highly regarded packs that rank among the most cozy, durable, and useful hunting backpacks.

The bags offered here range from small, handy camo daypacks to tough, large-capacity alternatives that can carry a week’s worth of supplies. We are here to assist you in finding the ideal bundle for your particular style. Without further ado ,lets dive in!

Best Hunting Backpacks for Deer, Elk & Big Game-Our Top Picks

  1. Allen Gear Fit Pursuit Bruiser Whitetail Daypack

Allen Gear Fit Pursuit Bruiser Whitetail Daypack



One of our favorite small- to medium-sized bags on this list is this sleek little Allen Pursuit daypack. At its pricing point, it is among the top hunting packs available. For the past 50 years, Allen has developed high-quality hunting gear that is affordable.

To keep you organized, this backpack included a ton of different tiny sections, including a drop-down workstation that lets you easily reach stuff while on the hunt. The practicality of this bag makes it stand out.

If it wasn’t obvious from the name, this backpack was made with whitetail deer hunters in mind. A slot for your preferred hydration pouch is located in the main compartment of the pack, which also has a big aperture so you can conveniently access large things.

In addition to a small accessory pocket and slots for rattling antlers, the pack’s outside features two sizable zipped pockets. When not in use, the adjustable gun or bow carry system on the front of the pack tucks neatly away inside another pocket. A secret pouch for the included reversible rain fly is located on the bottom of the pack.


  • Miniature and light.
  • Lots of pockets and features.
  • Compatible with hydration bladders.
  • Reversible blaze orange rain fly.


  • It would not be ideal for transporting large mule deer or elk.
  1. Mystery Ranch Metcalf  Backpack

Mystery Ranch Metcalf 4335 cubic in Backpack



The Mystery Ranch Metcalf is nearly unbeatable for the hunter looking for a sturdy, custom-fit pack. Backcountry hunters all over the world adore the unbreakable Mystery Ranch Metcalf. This pack, which was created with the Rocky Mountains in mind, is resistant to all the scrapes, drops, and snags that your hunting expedition may dish out.

It has the ideal number of internal and external pockets and pouches and is a frame pack that is lightweight. Water bottles and rifle butts can fit in the dual stretchy pockets of the pack, and a full-length side zipper makes accessing the outside simple. The 4,335 cubic inch backpack also has internal lashing points for accessory pockets, a drawstring shroud, and a detachable cover.

The Metcalf is tough because of its Teflon-coated 500D Cordura shell, auto-locking buckles, and zinc-coated YKK zippers with paracord pulls and glove-friendly pull tabs at the zipper’s base. The pre-curved segmented waist belt is MOLLE-compatible and maximizes both stability and comfort.

The smart patented overload feature from Mystery Ranch allows consumers to easily pack their meat or game bags between the frame and the bag itself. This allows the harvest to rest snugly on the user, resulting in a far more stable and safe pack out.

The Mystery Ranch Metcalf is the ideal size for a week in the field but can also be compressed for shorter trips. It is one of our favorite packs because of its versatility, comfort, and load-carrying capabilities.


  • Tough and resilient while being lightweight.
  • Custom, secure fit is provided by the frame and hip belt.
  • The 500D fabric is robust and long-lasting.
  • Capable of supporting greater weight than you can carry
  • Bows, guns, and hydration bladders are all compatible.
  • Women’s version is also available.


  • It’s not cheap.
  • A little thick and big.
  • Some people complain that it doesn’t have adequate padding in the lumbar and hip areas.
  1. Sitka Mountain Hauler Hunting Pack

Sitka Mountain Hauler 4000 Framed Expandable Hunting Pack


Sitka believes that the journey of big game hunting is just as essential as the harvest, and they build their gear with that goal in mind. The Mountain Hauler sits high on the hips, providing for even weight distribution while loaded.

Its internal aviation aluminum frame allows you to carry more than 150 pounds efficiently, making it one of the most durable packs on this list.

The pack has 3700 cubic inches of non-expanded volume for convenient hiking with the option to expand 800 cubic inches as needed. When it comes time to transport your harvest out of the field, the internal load-hauling shelf and antler straps beg for it.

This pack is ideal you if you have matching Sitka clothing and intend to transport large crops. Undoubtedly, it was designed with tumultuous backcountry big game hunting in mind.


  • A lot of support, especially in the hips and back.
  • Has a lot of storage.
  • Effective load distribution
  • Robust and hardy.


  • A little heavy for its carrying capacity
  1. ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Hunting Pack


The ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix is the ideal size pack for an overnight trip and also functions admirably as a daypack for carrying gear. It comes in Mossy Oak and Realtree camo designs and is multi-weapon compatible.

Although this pack costs less than some others on the list, it is just as useful and of high quality. If you want a simple pack for cheap deer and elk hunting, this is the best option.

The ALPZ OutdoorZ Matrix has a lashing system for hauling, enabling you to pack out meat or carry additional items.


  • A special design that lets you transport a crossbow, a rifle, or a compound bow.
  • You can carry your weapon or equipment while keeping it safe and secure in the front zipped “wing pockets.”
  • To keep your gear organized, there is a section inside the main compartment.
  • Numerous pockets
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comfortable hip belt and back padding.


  • Not the ideal choice for moving meat.
  • A little bulky for its carrying capacity
  1. TIDEWE Hunting Backpack 

TIDEWE Hunting Backpack with Waterproof Rain Cover for Rifle Bow Gun


The TideWe hunting backpack is constructed of high-performance, silent polyester. It only weighs 3.7 lbs. The hunting pack is ideal for keeping equipment accessible and organized. You can separate and organize your goods with the help of this multi-pocket design, which reduces the amount of time you spend moving about looking for things.

When strolling to and from the stand, channeled back paneling offers amazing support and breathability. Pressure points are removed and the weight is distributed evenly to match your back. From sunrise to sunset, the padded waist belt ensures chafe-free comfort.

Although the weather can be erratic at times, they have you covered with an integrated rain cover! With their distinctive carrying pouch and quiver hook and loop, carrying your bow or rifle is also made simple. You can keep moving while remaining hydrated without stopping thanks to their hydration port.

Plenty of room is provided for storing and organizing stuff in the main compartment and large front pocket. The capacity of this bag is 2200 cubic inches (35 L). TideWe’s hunting backpack measures 21″*12″*10″.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Organized with simple access.
  • Comfortable & ergonomic design.
  • User-friendly.
  • A harness system for weapons.


  • No frames.
  • Some inquiries regarding the strength of the haul.
  1. ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS


The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS is jam-packed with features. Your bow or pistol can fit inside the expanding compartment. In “hauling mode,” it can transport extra equipment, decoys, or meat. It contains a pocket made especially to hold and guard your spotting scope.

It also contains a spacious main compartment, a side pocket, an internal pocket, and two front wing pockets in addition to all these wonderful features. There are side compression straps to connect even additional gear if you still need space.

It can work as a multi-day backcountry bag and is also meant to pack out large hauls of meat, making it versatile and specific to various hunting styles. It has a bright orange rain cover that will be useful when carrying out meat or going on rainy rifle excursions.


  • Lots of pockets, simple to use, and comfortable.
  • Expandable for meat hauling.
  • Protects the bow cams.
  • Padding on the spotting scope pocket and the shoulder harness.
  • A waist belt with two convenient pockets and a tripod sleeve holder.
  • Includes a waist belt that works with a clip-style holster.
  • Water port and bright orange rain cover.


  • To unleash your bow, you must take the pack off.
  • A bit heavy and large.
  1. Eberlestock Vapor 5000 Pack

Eberlestock Vapor 5000 Pack



Keep your pack weight low if you’re a hunter that consistently pushes themselves to travel further, further, and deeper into the woods than others. Look no farther than the Eberlestock Vapor if you’re looking for a high-volume, ultralight pack that will reduce pounds rather than ounces from your outfit.

The V50 is a minimalist, top- or front-loading, ultralight pack that is compatible with the F1 Mainframe or M1 Carrier frame. weighing only 2 pounds. With this bag, carrying liters of that essential source of life is also no problem because it has two hydration bladder hangers.

Extensive-depth stretchy pockets are one of the exterior characteristics that can hold items like drink bottles, spotting scopes, trip-pods, etc. The same elastic material is used in the center front panel to create a zipped pocket for goods that need to be accessed frequently. The V50 also has a roll-top that enables compact or extended use, adding to its adaptability as a daypack or a long-distance hunt pack.

With an elastic retained side wall pocket on either side of the pack, two hydration bladder hangers, and a hydration hose port, internal features keep the Vapor Series’ simplicity.


  • Huge main compartment
  • Water-repellent polyurethane coating.
  • Buckles made of removable Duraflex HD 25mm.
  • Fantastic for minimalists.


  • There are not many pockets and little outside space.
  • When fully loaded, accessing the front pocket is difficult.
  1. Eberlestock Battleship Pack

Eberlestock Battleship Pack



This ultimate unit high-capacity camouflage backpack has enough space for you to set up camp for a week or more without replenishing, and you’ll still have room for hauling meat out after quartering your kill. Its name, Battleship, is entirely appropriate.

The V90 Battleship is a sizable backpack that can be packed to the brim and taken anywhere. It is an ordinary school bag with unusual features. This pack weighs unusually little for its size.

If we do say so ourselves, they were expertly arranged using newly developed materials that provide the ideal mix between great strength and light weight. Each feature and element has a specific purpose, often serving more than one. includes a full rain cover that stores in a pouch on the pack’s bottom.


  • Big enough for any animal.
  • Long-range pack of the finest quality and functionality.
  • Excellent for lengthy multi-day journeys.
  • Robust and trustworthy.
  • Lightweight and extremely strong.
  • Mesh sleeves and side pockets for hydration.
  • Made in the USA


  • Too large for shorter hunts and persons with smaller frames.
  • Rather heavy
  1. Badlands Sacrifice LS Mountaineering Backpack

Badlands Sacrifice LS Mountaineering Backpack



For tricky terrain, the Badlands Sacrifice LS is the best hunting pack. The Badlands Sacrifice LS was made for hunters with the guts and tenacity to take on every obstacle that comes their way. This pack will be ideal for individuals who enjoy spending their days trekking through the harsh environment.

The Sacrifice LS is specifically designed for long-term backcountry elk and deer hunts. It is as durable as they come and has all the bells and whistles need to do the task. It functions well with any bow hunting setup and comes with a handgun holder and rifle boot.

The Hypervent suspension system cools your core for optimal comfort, and these backpacks transfer large weights from your shoulders to your back and hips for simpler carrying.

The Sacrifice LS hunting backpack is strong yet lightweight, with seven pockets to help you arrange your hunting supplies. It has a total volume of 3,400 cubic liters. Additionally, this pack has a hip-belt pistol holster for fast access to your weapon and can hold your rifle or bow.

It comes with a bladder reservoir that can hold up to three liters of water and a comfortable interior frame. It also features a number of strong lash points for hauling away racks or sheds that you locate on your next hunt.


  • Lightweight ripstop material.
  • Badlands’ Hypervent suspension.
  • Badlands’ C6 Durable Water Repellent (DWR).
  • Aramid Bartacking on stress points.
  • Lightweight and robust.
  • Advanced in technology, reliable, and quiet.


  • We are unable to identify any drawbacks to this pack.
  1. Mystery Ranch Pop Up Backpack

Mystery Ranch Pop Up 28 1710 cubic in Backpack



When it comes to wilderness large game packs for deer, elk, and other wildlife, this high-end brand is an expert. Due to its inventive construction, it is small and quiet while still being able to pull heavy loads.

Day hunters can haul out meat using the OVERLOAD function of the newly redesigned POP UP 28 pack’s inventive, changing frame. The compact hunting equipment is made easier by this 28L pack.

Along with accessory sections on the lid and front, it has a main compartment with rip-zipper access. Tripods and hiking poles fit snugly in the side pockets for water bottles and the compression.

The special telescoping frame transforms from being low profile to lifting a maximum amount of weight in a matter of seconds, and the OVERLOAD® feature is ready for when the game is on the ground.

The Pop Up 28 is a no-brainer purchase for any day hunter who frequently hauls out meat because it can function as a tiny daypack and expand to accommodate meat hauling.


  • Less hefty and smaller in size.
  • Can travel farther and faster.
  • YKK coated zippers for long-lasting and water resistance.
  • Compatible with hydration reservoirs.
  • Very strong, quick access to contents.


  • Not the ideal backpack for anything other than overnight trips or day hunts.

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Choosing the Best Hunting Backpacks for Deer, Elk & Big Game

  • Durability

Your pack will last for the rest of your hunting career if it is made of high-tensile materials, has reinforced stitching, an aluminum or titanium frame, and tough buckles. All of the packs that you’ll find on this post are rock-solid.

  • Comfort

A comfortable backpack is necessary since spending an entire day or several days in the wilderness with a load on your back can be physically taxing.

Features created to give a tailored fit for maximum comfort are present in all high-quality packs. It is essential to have features like cushioned shoulder straps, hip belts, and sternum straps. Additionally, well-ventilated straps, belts, and back panels will lessen your body odor in the field.

  • Resistance to weather

You undoubtedly already know that hunting rarely occurs in ideal circumstances. Weather can be utterly unpredictable, particularly in the late seasons. Based on their materials, the backpacks on this list provide varied levels of weather protection. We made an effort to include bags made of materials that are extremely water-resistant or have a built-in rain fly.

  • Price

It’s OK that not all hunters can afford an expensive pack. We therefore tried our best to recommend reasonably priced goods in a variety of pricing levels. We have everything you need, from affordable $100 packs to luxurious $500 backpacks.

When purchasing gear from a companythat stands behind its goods with a good warranty, you might find true value. Be sure to consider a product’s warranty (or guarantee) before spending your hard-earned money on it.

  • Weight

There are two types of weight to take into account: the pack’s empty weight and its full weight. It will be more comfortable when filled if it is lighter when empty. Find a backpack that is light enough so that it won’t give you any back or shoulder pain. Don’t, however, forgo comfort in order to lose a few additional pounds. We must emphasize this.

  • Design

This characteristic is related to size, although different backpacks are made with distinct hunting goals in mind. Some of them are smaller and designed to be taken on a day or two’s trip, storing only your extra equipment and ammunition. Others are designed for week-long expeditions where you carry everything on your back while hiking in and out. Choose what best suits your needs, then proceed.


Why do I require a backpack for hunting?

You can find out by trying to fit everything you need for a three-day elk hunt—gear, food, ammunition, shelter, and other supplies—into the pockets of your hunting pants. You’ll quickly discover that elk quarters aren’t exactly pocket-sized if things go your way.

What is the top backpack for deer hunting?

There are a ton of great deer hunting packs available. The ideal packs for this type of pursuit are those with robust construction that allow the pack to remain open without collapsing on itself because most deer hunters prefer to hunt from an elevated position. An open pack makes it possible to get to vital equipment right away.

How big should a hunting pack be in cubic inches?

Keep in mind that the function you anticipate the backpack serving should determine how much room it requires. The more cubic inches your pack needs, the longer you intend to spend living out of it in the woods. Without first inspecting it, we don’t advise purchasing a pack. While some groups chase large prey, others do the exact reverse.

What should I put in my backpack for hunting?

How long will you be in the field and what kind of game are you hunting? How you respond to those two questions will greatly influence your packing list, which should include a first aid kit, food, water, lights, and emergency survival gear.

How can I keep my hunting pack clean?

Packs for hunting get dirty both inside and out. At the very least, you should clean your packs at the end of each hunting season. We are constantly astounded by the quantity of pine needles, filth, trash, and other stuff that can be discovered while cleaning out a pack. Packs can become bloody as well, and a thorough washing can remove the blood. Follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions listed on the label after removing the whole contents of the box.


There are several camouflage bags available right now. There are many bags available that will function with varied degrees of success. You, however, are the hunter who takes no chances and plans for every eventuality. You are actually here for that reason.

You need a pack that won’t let you down and can withstand the rigors of hunting season year after year. We hope we were able to assist you in selecting a high-quality alternative from our selection, regardless of the bag you ultimately choose. Happy hunting!