Best Flashlight for Hunters (Best Hunting Flashlights)

Best Flashlight for Hunters (Best Hunting Flashlights)

Hunting flashlights are a piece of equipment that you can’t completely appreciate until you’ve gone far from the truck without one or you’ve critically hurt a deer, elk, or other wild animal and it’s your responsibility to find that animal and harvest it, even if it’s dark out. The right flashlight is a crucial component of any hunting puzzle.

In dire circumstances, flashlights can even save your life. They are useful for more than just helping you discover lost game and return to camp.

We combed through hundreds of goods in search of the most brilliant, potent, and highly rated LED torches on the market right now in order to assist you in making the best decision.

Ready to make the night brighter. Let’s begin

Best Flashlight for Hunters (Best Hunting Flashlights)- Our Top Reviews

  1. Surefire G2X Pro Flashlight

SureFire G2X Pro 600 Lumen Tactical EDC Flashlight



One of the most popular flashlights in the hunting business and a top choice among hunters and outdoor enthusiasts is the SureFire G2X Pro. It’s a fantastic all-purpose torch at a fair price.

This 8700 Candela beam with 600 lumens illuminates the path, and the hybrid beam reflector emits both far-off direct light and broad peripheral light. This allows you to get a good overview of your surrounds without losing sight of your goal.

The G2X Pro fits the hand beautifully without feeling too large at slightly over 5 inches overall. It is simple to operate the single push-button tailcap switch with either bare hands or a pair of thick, insulated gloves.

It is tiny, ergonomic, tough as nails, and weapon mountable. It’s a useful light that you may use both in the field and on a daily basis.

The G2X Pro uses two CR123A batteries, like the majority of Surefire lights. As a result, changing batteries can be somewhat expensive. But this lamp merits a spot at the top given its output of power and dependability.

Overall, the SureFire G2X Pro is a reliable, well-liked field light. We can’t ignore its popularity or the fact that hunters swear by it.


  • Very bright
  • Low setting is ideal for close-up work.
  • Waterproof rating of IPX7.
  • Has four different color options.
  • Small and efficient.
  • Strong and mountable for weapons.


  • There are just two distinct brightness levels.
  • Not USB-chargeable
  1. Streamlight ProTac HL-X USB 1000 Lumens Flashlight

Streamlight ProTac HL X 1000 Lumen Flashlight



Another very well-liked flashlight among hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts is Streamlight’s ProTac HL-X. It is strong, resilient, adaptable, and moreover offered in a modified version that may mount to the rail of your firearm.

Offers a strong beam everywhere you need it and can be powered by either ordinary lithium batteries or the rechargeable pack that is provided.

These Streamlight flashlights have TEN-TAP programming, which makes it simple to switch between a variety of high, low, and strobe settings.

The dust-tight, waterproof, and tough anodized aluminum construction of this Streamlight ProTac HL-X USB High Lumen Tactical Light makes it suitable for usage in all weather.

Additionally, when you place the light down, the anti-roll head keeps it close by your side.


  • Withstand the elements.
  • Rechargeable batteries through USB.
  • Well regarded for its toughness.
  • Available for long guns as a rail mount.


  • Not very good battery life
  1. Nitecore SRT7GT CREE XP-L HI V3 Red/Green/Blue/UV SmartRing Tactical Flashlight

Nitecore SRT7GT 1000 Lumens Smart Ring Tactical Flashlight



Nitecore manufactures some of the most cutting-edge spotlights and flashlights on the market. Just take a look at their SRT7GT. It has a ton of simple-to-use features, including a dial you can turn to cycle between red, green, blue, and UV lights.

Three unique outputs are made possible as a result, including strobe, beacon, and a Red/Blue police warning signal. The Red and Green LEDs are excellent for nighttime vision and hunting, while the Blue LEDs are useful for blood tracking and the UV is essential for security and fraud detection.

The SRT7GT emits bright white light up to 1000 lumens that may be seen from an astonishing 1500 feet distance. The SRT7GT is as tough as it is versatile, having been built from aluminum alloy of aerospace grade and finished with a hard-anodized finish of military grade.

It has an IPX-8 grade for water damage protection, making it waterproof up to 2 meters and able to withstand falls up to 1.5 meters. Military people, security workers, and hunters seeking the best performance and usability from their flashlight are sure to fall in love with the SRT7GT right away.


  • Blood tracking, maintaining night vision, and stealthiness are all made easier by red, green, blue, and UV lights.
  • 1,000-lumen output that is strong.
  • Extremely weather-resistant


  • Not as portable or ergonomic as alternative choices
  1. LED Lenser P18R Signature Flashlight

LED Lenser P18R Signature Flashlight



The Ledlenser P18R Signature would be excessive for the majority of hunters. But for individuals that push themselves to the edge and get tagged in extremely difficult situations, this enormous flashlight might be the answer.

The P18R Signature is an unmatched light cannon with 4500 lumens of light and our renowned X-Lens Technology. They leave little to be desired with their proprietary Advanced Focus System, Smart Light Technology for customized light functions, and continuous light output.

The robust battery features a quick charge capability and is charged via the magnetic charging system. The little search light for all outdoor activities can also be mounted to the end cap and set vertically on a surface like a table or ground.

Hunters who travel through remote areas with few obstacles might find a flashlight this powerful and dazzling beneficial. The Ledlenser P18R will provide you the ability you need to look for lost or hurt hunters, transmit SOS signals, or follow animals in open areas if search and rescue is a possibility.


  • Extremely forceful and brilliant.
  • Sophisticated magnetic charging method.
  • Capable of working with RGB color filters.
  • Several cutting-edge features.


  • Bulky and weighty.
  • Lacks a setting for medium brightness.
  1. Primos Hunting Bloodhunter HD LED Flashlight

Primos Hunting Bloodhunter HD LED Flashlight



Without a doubt, the Primos Bloodhunter HD is the best blood tracking light available today. It is the preferred choice for deer, elk, and other big game hunters around the world and may mean the difference between finding your kill and losing it to the night.

Just before it becomes dark, you might have enough light to take that moral shot, but once it gets dark, the blood-trails are swiftly hidden. Fortunately, Primos has discovered the perfect substance and shade for a lens filter that causes blood to stand out from its surroundings, even in dangerous terrain.

When blood tracking, the Bloodhunter HD has a bright, 100-lumen setting. Approximately two hours of power from the four CR123A batteries should be enough for you to retrieve your game, but on particularly sparse routes, it might not be enough.

Keep in mind that this light is used for blood tracing in the dark. You will need to combine it with a good flashlight or headlamp if you want a well-rounded setup because it is not your typical hunting torch with a strong white LED beam that can shine for hundreds of yards.


  • By far the best choice on this list for blood tracking.
  • Sturdy and impervious to water.
  • Red tones are distinguished from other hues by lens coating.
  • Decent run time.


  • A bit hefty
  • Serves a very specific purpose and should be used in conjunction with a standard flashlight or headlamp.
  • It’s costly.
  1. Nitecore MH25S 1800 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

Nitecore MH25S 1800 Lumen Tactical Flashlight



We also added another potent USB-C rechargeable alternative, the Nitecore MH25S, because nobody likes messing with batteries when their light is running low on juice.

This bad boy has smart features and is well-engineered. It has settings for 1, 50, 300, 1,050, and 1,800 lumens, giving it the brightness to thrive in any situation. On its turbo level, it also has a remarkable throw that reaches about a third of a mile.

Additionally, it boasts an efficient battery indication, automatic temperature control, and the ability to attach to the rail of a pistol via a tactical ring adapter.

It is a powerful torch housed in a small frame. A genuinely indispensable companion for work, school, patrol, caving, and hiking.


  • Long-throwing light that is strong and bright.
  • Recharged by USB cable
  • Extremely sturdy and weather-resistant


  • Perhaps more ergonomic
  • Battery life is degraded by turbo mode.
  1. NITECORE TM39 5200 Lumen 1640 Yard Long Throw Flashlight

NITECORE TM39 5200 Lumen 1640 Yard Long Throw Flashlight



As large and strong of a hunting flashlight as we feel confident suggesting is the ultra-high-end Nitecore TM39. One of the most potent long throw flashlights on the market from NITECORE features 5200 lumens and a throw distance of 1640 yards, bringing the Tiny Monster series back in full force.

The searchlight’s luminus sbt-90 gen 2 LED powers this monster to a throw distance of almost a mile, making it perfect for hunting, exploration, and search and rescue operations. Hunters should use it exactly as the searchlight for which Nitecore markets it.

Similar to the Ledlenser P18R Signature we previously discussed, we only advise using the Nitecore TM39 for hunting in distant locations with few obstacles and low visibility.

This “little monster” is the high-performance torch you require for dangerous areas where remote tracking or search and rescue operations are feasible.


  • Extremely powerful and bright.
  • Exceptionally long throw.
  • Long battery life.
  • Durable and reliable


  • Really huge and heavy.
  • Quite pricey.
  1. Wicked Hunting Lights W403iC Deluxe Night Hunting Light Kit

Wicked Hunting Lights W403iC Deluxe Night Hunting Light Kit



This Wicked Hunting Lights is more than simply a straightforward flashlight. Everything you require for visibility when night hunting is included.

For instance, this kit includes three separate LED lights with intensity controls in green, red, and white. A three-year guarantee is offered on each of the three assemblies. Additionally, you may easily change the brightness to avoid frightening the animal.

Even a built-in tail cap with scanning-kill technology is included with the package. You can then direct a light beam as a result.

This package includes a variety of lights, two tail caps, a light mount, a scope mount, a rechargeable battery, a two-position charger, and a carry box. You get everything you need in it.

Obviously, the cost of this package is high.


  • Has a wide variety of specialized tools.
  • Heavy-duty.
  • Ideal for nighttime hunting.


  • It is pricey.

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Factors We Consider When Reviewing The Best Flashlight For Hunters

  • Output

The flashlight’s output of light is measured in lumens. The mere presence of a lot of lumens in a light does not guarantee that you will be able to see far away.

Candela, on the other hand, counts the number of light rays coming from a certain angle. The visibility is clearer for a longer distance the greater the candela. Make sure you use a light with a high candela if your objective is to see clearly at a distance.

Bright lights make it simpler to locate your stand while hunting, but low light aids in close-up work.

  • Throw

The throw of a flashlight, which is commonly expressed in meters, represents the furthest distance that its beam can go.

The key factor affecting throw distance is the intensity of your flashlight’s beam. Larger throws are characteristic of spotlights with narrower beams, while shorter throws are characteristic of floodlights with wider beams.

The majority of the flashlights on these list enable users to alternate between floodlights and spotlights.

  • Power Source

The cost of using your flashlight can vary depending on the kind and quantity of batteries it needs. Power settings have a direct impact on battery life, therefore it’s critical to take into account how each brightness level functions.

Although there are several rechargeable choices available, we personally avoid them for a few reasons. First, rechargeable choices usually cost more money.

Second, unless you can find a socket, the light is worthless if the internal rechargeable battery dies. If one has extra batteries, they can quickly replace any that run out. Naturally, this is subjective, so select the option that best suits your needs.

  • Run Time

Run time, or the anticipated battery life of your light, is expressed in hours and minutes. Your light’s run time will decrease as its lumen output increases (and vice versa). There will be several different run time ratings for a lamp with several brightness levels.

  • Weather Resistance

You’ll need a light that can dive while you’re setting up decoys if you often hunt waterfowl. A light that prevents dirt and dust from penetrating the housing is necessary if you’re going to go hunting in the high desert.

FAQS for the Best Flashlight for Hunters 

What is the best light for hunting?

Red is the ideal light color for predator hunting.

When hunting, you must fully exploit the predators’ weaknesses in order to increase your chances of killing them.

What is a good lumen for a flashlight for hunting?

You should aim for a hunting flashlight with 200–600 lumens of brightness at its highest setting. Lower outputs will offer you ample of light without making you blindingly visible for close-up work.


You want to be ready for anything when darkness falls on your hunting expedition.

In light of this, we examined, researched, and suggested the best and brightest torches available in this market. We wanted to provide our readers a range of choices that accommodate all different hunting tactics, from rechargeable LED lights to options with red and green settings to lights specifically intended for blood tracking.

Consider the above mentioned considerations before making your final decision, whether you choose a flashlight from our list or one that isn’t on it. You may only get the ideal flashlight for your hunting needs by taking these things into account.