Best Vortex Red Dots for Turkey Hunting

Best Vortex Red Dots for Turkey Hunting

When it comes to red dot sights, Vortex is one of the best optics brands.

Vortex red dot sights are known for their unlimited eye relief, durability, ruggedness, versatility, and waterproof/fog-proof performance, among other great features.

Whether you hunt turkeys with a shotgun, rifle, pistol, or bow, a Vortex Red Dot for Turkey Hunting is an essential accessory.

Best Vortex Red Dots for Turkey Hunting- Our Top Reviews

  1. Vortex Crossfire II 1x22mm 2 MOA Red Dot Sight

Vortex Crossfire II 1x22mm 2 MOA Red Dot Sight



The Crossfire Red Dot Sight demonstrates Vortex’s long-standing reputation for producing high-quality optics.

You can put it on your shotgun, rimfire, or rifle and improve your shooting accuracy thanks to its excellent quality.

The optic has a 2 MOA dot reticle that is simple to view regardless of background or illumination.

In addition, depending on the lighting circumstances where you are hunting, you can choose from 11 illumination settings.

The fact that this red dot enables shooting with both eyes open is another outstanding feature.

This will help you get on target quickly, along with the limitless eye relief.

Additionally, it has anti-reflective coatings that improve light transmission and a hard-anodized coating that gives off a non-reflective finish to help you blend in.


  • 1x magnification
  • Objective lens size: 22 mm.
  • 2 MOA dots
  • Adjustment for windage and elevation.
  • waterproof construction.
  • anti-reflective coatings for lenses.
  • Multiple-Height mount.
  • no parallax.
  • Matte Anodized Surface.
  • 11 different lighting options.
  • Battery life of 50,000 hours.
  • compatible with night vision on the first two levels.
  • a number of anti-reflective coatings.
  • weighs 5.2 oz.


  • limitless eye relief
  • dependable and sturdy build.
  • Guaranteed for all time.
  • lengthened battery life.
  • withstands shock.
  • fast acquisition of the target.
  • suitable for night vision.


  • The brightness knob cannot easily turn in either direction past 360°.
  1. Vortex Venom 1×26.5mm Red Dot Sight

Vortex Venom 1x26.5mm Red Dot Sight



The Venom Red Dot Sight is a versatile optic that works with many different platforms.

It facilitates quick target acquisition, making it perfect for turkey hunting. It offers an accurate point of aim at any distance and under various lighting conditions.

The device is perfect for turkey hunting from dawn until night because it has premium, completely multi-coated lenses. The coatings enhance light transmission for sharp and vivid image views.

Additionally, the optic offers a clear, expansive field of view, making it simple for you to locate your targets.

The sturdy build of the Venom red dot sight is another aspect that sets it apart. Its aluminum casing can withstand whatever abuse you can give it.

It is sealed with O-rings to provide dependable functioning in all situations and to stop the entry of moisture, dust, and other debris.

Overall, this optic will provide you the most amount of flexibility while hunting, and you may use it for more than simply turkey hunting.


  • 1x magnification
  • 5 mm objective lens
  • 3 MOA/6 MOA dot reticle
  • 10 brightness settings
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Waterproof and fog-proof performance
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • 150 – 30000 hours battery life
  • Weaver/Picatinny mount
  • 22 – 122 Fahrenheit operating temperature
  • Parallax free
  • Aluminum Alloy Chassis
  • Shockproof
  • 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments


  • Budget-friendly.
  • sturdy and dependable housing.
  • Compact and lightweight construction.
  • Matte Anodized glare reduction and camouflage finish.
  • clear and expansive field of vision
  • Impact and recoil resistance


  • When making adjustments, you must remove the protective cover.
  1. Vortex Strikefire II 1x30mm 4MOA Red Dot Sight

Vortex Strikefire II 1x30mm 4MOA Red Dot Sight



This Strikefire II Red Dot Sight is a terrific acquisition for any serious turkey hunter out there because it is adaptable and dependable.

It is made to enable shooting with both eyes open so you can locate and seize targets quickly.

The device is built to provide unmatched durability.

The chassis is made of a 30mm aluminum alloy, which offers an extremely high recoil rating.

It’s perfect for usage with shotguns because of this.

Furthermore, it includes fully multi-coated lenses that offer a bright, clear, and unobstructed field of view in addition to being waterproof and fog-proof for operation in any weather.


  • 4 MOA red dot
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Windage and elevation adjustments
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Single-piece aluminum chassis
  • Waterproof and fog-proof design
  • Larger field of view
  • 10 brightness settings with 2 last ones being night vision compatible
  • 80,000 hours of battery life
  • Weighs 7.2 oz


  • good value for the money.
  • superb craftsmanship
  • Extra-high grade for recoil.
  • Performance that is both water- and fog-proof.
  • Lightweight and simple to assemble.
  • enables shooting with both eyes open.


  • The provided mount is of poor quality.
    Quite heavy and bulky
  1. Vortex Viper 1x24mm 6 MOA Red Dot Sight

Vortex Viper 1x24mm 6 MOA Red Dot Sight



This is the greatest Vortex red dot for turkey hunting you can get for your money.

With the Viper 6 MOA red dot, hunters may quickly and easily practice their shooting techniques.

The huge 6 MOA red dot makes it simple to quickly acquire targets, especially for those with weak vision. This speeds up target acquisition.

Additionally, the optic has fully multi-coated lenses that offer a crystal-clear field of view that is sizable enough to enable you to locate targets quickly.

This red dot was designed by Vortex with convenience in mind.

It is really light and small, making transporting it in the field simple.

Additionally, it is simple to set up and has quick access to both the power and illumination controls.

For improved durability and all-weather use, it is constructed with a waterproof and shockproof material.


  • 1x magnification
  • 24mm objective lens diameter
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Hard anodized finish
  • Armortek coatings
  • Large 6 MOA dot
  • Waterproof and fog-proof construction
  • 150 to 30000 hours battery life
  • 22 – 122 Fahrenheit operating temperature
  • Shotgun, Pistol, and Rifle compatible


  • Clear, crisp views.
  • Simple to assemble and use
  • Unlimited eye relief.
  • free of parallax
  • lightweight and compact.


  • For long-range shots, the 6 MOA dot is less accurate.
  1. Vortex SPARC AR II 1x22mm 2 MOA Red Dot Sight

Vortex SPARC AR II 1x22mm 2 MOA Red Dot Sight



The design of this optic was inspired by hunting. It is portable and lightweight for ease of use.

It also has a durable structure that makes it suitable for usage in any setting.

Even for beginners, using the 2 MOA dot is simple. It is simple to obtain up close and is fine enough to provide pin-point accuracy at a greater distance.

Additionally, you may adjust it to 10 various illumination intensities, the two lowest of which are suitable with night vision.

The anti-reflective lens coatings on the red dot maximize light transfer and provide bright, clear views of the target.

It also has a hard-anodized finish, which keeps the exterior surface scratch- and rust-resistant and reduces glare when you are out hunting in the bright sun.


  • 2 MOA red dot
  • 1x magnification
  • 22mm objective lens diameter
  • 300 to 6000 hours battery life
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Multiple anti-reflective lens coatings
  • Waterproof construction
  • Windage and elevation adjustment
  • Integrated base
  • AR-15 or shotgun compatible
  • Weighs 7.5 oz


  • remarkable battery life
  • compatible with night vision.
  • really small and light.
  • both well-built and simple to install.
  • endless eye relief
  • resilient to shock.
  • Rubber hat with flip-up covers.
  • rapid acquisition of targets at close range and pin-point precision at long distances.


  • Low temperatures will reduce battery life.
  1. Vortex Razor Reflex Red Dot Sight

Vortex Razor Reflex Red Dot Sight



This Razor Red Dot Sight is an expensive reflex sight that performs admirably in all kinds of lighting and weather.

It is highly flexible, simple to use, and accurate.

The optic produces sight pictures that are as crisp and razor-sharp as possible thanks to its highly polished glass.

The 3 /6 MOA dot reticle has 9 brightness levels for the best visibility in almost all lighting conditions, and the large field of view aids in finding your targets quickly.

The device has an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis that is made out of a tough one piece.

Additionally, it has an O-ring seal to provide waterproof and dustproof functioning. Above all, the red dot has Armortek coatings to guard against scratches, oil stains, and grime, as well as anti-reflective XR coatings for maximum image brightness.


  • 3 / 6 MOA dot reticle
  • 1x magnification
  • 9 brightness levels
  • Anti-reflective XR coatings
  • One-piece aircraft-grade aluminum chassis
  • Armortek lens coatings
  • Waterproof and shockproof design
  • 150 to 30000 hours of battery life
  • Picatinny attachment
  • Weighs 1.3 oz
  • Made for short/mid-range shooting


  • Unobscured, bright, and clear field of vision.
  • Unlimited eye relief and a crisp dot.
  • simple to use
  • extraordinary adaptability
  • sharpness from edge to edge and a large field of view.
  • Parallax free.
  • both small and light.


  • For the red dot to be adjusted, you must remove the cover.

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Why is a shotgun the best weapon to use when hunting turkeys?

Shotguns are the weapon of choice for turkey hunting for a few main reasons:

  1. Shotguns can be equipped with a wide range of sights and scopes, which make it simple to aim correctly.
  2. Shotguns have significantly less recoil than rifles, which makes it simpler to shoot correctly and maintain your aim.
  • Shotguns are the ideal weapon for shooting turkeys since they are less likely to scare them away than rifles.
  1. Shotguns can be used to hunt turkeys since they come in a variety of shot sizes, from tiny pellets that work well for long-range shots to larger pellets that are ideal for close-range shots.

Considerations for Selecting the Best Vortex Red Dot for Turkey Hunting

Battery Capacity

A battery powers all of the red dots. For turkey hunting, the longer the battery life, the better. You will be able to focus more on the hunt and less on the battery dying in the middle of it.

Size of the Reticle

Another important factor to consider is the reticle size. Choose a model with a red dot of 6 MOA or less. It will provide pinpoint accuracy at all ranges, even when the turkey is a long distance away. You will also be able to obtain the target more quickly.

Brightness Controls

Each red dot sight is unique, with varying brightness settings. It is best to get a unit with multiple brightness settings for turkey hunting. A unit with 8 or more brightness settings will allow you to hunt at any time of day or night.

Additionally, look for a model with automatic sensors. It instantly adjusts the brightness of the red dot based on the lighting conditions.


You should think about the red dot’s price and whether the features it provides are worth it. Vortex is well-known for producing high-quality yet reasonably priced optics, and its red dot sights are no exception. Consider your requirements, and then look for a red dot sight that provides the features you require at a reasonable price.

How To Mount The Optic

A picatinny (or weaver) rail fitted to your shotgun is the simplest way to mount a red dot.

If your receiver does not support a top rail, there are a number of mounts that may be fastened to a receiver using the trigger housing pins or between the stock and the receiver.


Your desire, requirements, and knowledge of hunting will influence your decision on the best Vortex red dot for turkey hunting.

These red dots are all equipped with the practical characteristics you need for turkey hunting. We sincerely hope that this essay has been informative for you, regardless of the unit you ultimately choose to purchase. There is a red dot sight waiting for you wherever you are, no matter what you are thinking.