Best Thermal Scopes under 3500

Best Thermal Scopes under 3500

A thermal scope is an absolute must-have for any serious hunter. Thermal optics have drastically improved night hunting in recent years. Many wildlife species can now be hunted in complete darkness, with sharp, clear sights that are critical for precise shot placement.

Thermal scopes are more expensive than conventional scopes or night vision instruments due to their superior technological qualities. Furthermore, with so many thermal scopes available, determining which one is the finest for around $3500 is difficult. On the other hand, we are here to assist. We’ve put together a detailed list of the top thermal scopes under $3500 for today’s hunters.

Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look.

Best Thermal Scopes under 3500 – Our Best Picks

  1. ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope 160 3-6x

ATN Thor 4, Thermal Rifle Scope with Full HD Video 384x288, 1.25-5x



The ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x Thermal Rifle Scope is a reasonably priced thermal rifle scope. It comes with practically everything you’ll need to improve and compete in your hunts without going broke. It’s simple to use and concentrate on, and it’s appropriate for both novices and specialists.

Featuring the advanced heat detectors, this scope gives you high-quality images regardless of the time of the day. You can use it to see through targets in total darkness, dense fog, smoke and thick vegetation as well. The one-shot zero makes sighting the scope a breeze, while the 3-6x magnification makes it ideal for both short and medium range shooting.

Featuring a 10+ battery life, this scope ensures that you don’t have to cut short your hunting expedition because of low battery. The 30mm rings make it quick and easy to attach and detach, while the ultralight design makes you feel nimble and your rifle balanced .

The long 90mm eye relief reduces eye-fatigue during long glassing sessions, while the numerous reticle patterns enhance versatility in different lighting conditions.

When it comes to construction, this thermal scope offers unbeatable durability. The 30mm main tube is crafted from hardened aluminum alloy which is not only durable, but also recoil resistant. The scope is also fully weatherproof to provide reliable waterproof and fog proof performance.


  • Weather resistant
  • Multiple reticle patterns
  • 30mm standard rings
  • Long and comfortable 90mm scope
  • One shot zero function
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ultra-low power profile
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • 30mm tube design
  • Advanced heat detection sensors
  1. Sig Sauer ECHO3 1-6x Thermal Reflex Sight

Sig Sauer ECHO3 1-6x Thermal Reflex Sight



If you require a small, maneuverable thermal scope, the Sig Sauer ECHO3 1-6x Thermal Reflex Sight is a great option. One of the most advanced direct view thermal scopes on the market.

Because of its 1-6x magnification, this thermal reflex sight is suitable for both short and mid-range hunting/shooting. The 11 different color palettes allow a multitude of customizing possibilities depending on the field and ambient lighting conditions. The optical throw offered by the lens also enables for seamless lens changes.

The MOTAC system is another amazing aspect of the scope. When it senses motion, it activates the scope, and when it detects no motion, it turns it off. This conserves energy and allows for a longer run duration. Furthermore, this scope is powered by CR123 batteries, which may last up to 6 hours under severe use.

The thermal scope is designed to handle anything you throw at it. It’s fully weatherproof for use in all-weather conditions and durably made to stand up to harsh hunting conditions. Moreover, you can connect the scope with your BDX devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and create an advanced system that you can change the reticles smoothly based on your targets distance. Overall, this is an excellent thermal reflex sight for predator and hog hunting.


  • Variable 1-6x magnification
  • IPX6 weatherproof rating
  • Improved situation awareness
  • Motion Activated Display
  • 6 hours battery life
  • Easy to adjustable lens with optional throw lever attachment
  • 11 different color palettes
  • BDX enable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • Video and image recording
  1. Burris BTC 50 1x50mm Thermal Clip-on Monocular

Burris BTC 50 1x50mm Thermal Clip-on Monocular



Burris’ thermal imaging monocular is a must-have addition to every hunter’s arsenal. It is developed with two modes of functioning in mind. It may be used as a handheld thermal monocular or it can be mounted on a standard optic to make a powerful thermal riflescope.

This thermal clip-on monocular offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it suitable for beginners. You should use the zoom on your traditional rifle sight to increase your targets and bring distant images closer once you’ve put it on your regular rifle scope. Furthermore, the 1x magnification is necessary for better situation awareness.

Weighing just 15.8oz, this monocular is easy on your hands as it’s easy on your rifle. It’s powered by CR123 battery which provides 3 hours of continuous operation. Moreover, the monocular has 4 different color palettes for use in different lighting conditions.

To maximize your accuracy, the monocular comes with a stadia metric rangefinder which helps you make accurate distance calculation to your targets and a hot track technology for rapid target acquisition.


  • 4 color palettes
  • Wi-Fi to mobile connectivity
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Hot track technology
  • Stadia metric rangefinder
  • Manual and automatic NUC
  • Converts traditional scope to a thermal scope
  • 2x, 4x digital zoom
  • Lightweight design
  • 3 hours battery life
  1. ATN Thor 4, Thermal Rifle Scope 384×288, 1.25-5x

ATN Thor 4, Thermal Rifle Scope with Full HD Video 384x288, 4.5-18x



For the money, the ATN thermal rifle scope is a terrific buy. It has outstanding thermal sensitivity, strong contrast, and top-of-the-line optics that deliver high-quality images even in complete darkness. Light fog and heavy vegetation are no match for this scope.

This scope is ideal for people who are just getting into hunting. It is simple to operate thanks to its user-friendly design. The long eye relief allows for comfortable vision during long glassing sessions, and the lightweight construction makes it portable. The scope also has an ultra-low power profile that lasts up to 18+ hours, allowing you to enjoy long hunting sessions without stress.

A detecting range of up to 100 yards is included with this thermal scope. By magnifying the images and bringing distant targets closer, the 1.25-5x magnification helps you improve your accuracy. The sight has a ballistic calculator and a smart range finder, which calculates the distance between the shooter and the target for precise shot placement.

More crucially, this scope includes a dual stream video recorder that not only transmits videos to your smartphone but also simultaneously records them to the SD card inside. Every hunter who wants to learn from their previous experience should use video recording. Above importantly, the scope is compatible with Recoil Activated Video, which begins recording a video before and after a shot is fired.


  • Built-in rangefinder
  • Versatile 1.25-5x magnification
  • HD quality video recording
  • 18+ hours battery life
  • Smooth zoom
  • Superior optics provide high-quality images
  • 1280×720 HD display
  • X-Trac Tactical Remote Access control system
  • 100 yards detection range
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Quick detach mount
  • Long and comfortable eye relief
  • Recoil activated video
  • Multiple reticles with several patterns and colors
  • 30mm standard rings
  1. ATN ThOR-HD 384 2-8x, 384×288

ATN ThOR-HD 384 2-8x, 384x288



The ATN ThOR-HD 384 is another excellent thermal scope under $3500. This a 25mm thermal scope with smart HD technology and a highly-sensitive 384×288 sensor which detects heat energy from different targets regardless of the lighting or environmental conditions. The sensor in this thermal scope provides crisp images in total darkness as it doesn’t depend on ambient light to produce images.

Featuring a variable2-8x magnification, the scope is ideal for both short and mid- range shooting. You can use the 2x magnification for close-up targets then ramp it up to 8x for targets that are further away. The built-in range finder helps increase your accuracy by showing you how far the target is. Additionally, the scope comes with a ballistic calculator which adjusts the point of impact for accurate shot placement.

If you love to record your hunting trips, all ATN ThOR-HD 384 comes with a high-resolution video recording and recoil activated video (RAV) which records everything before and after you take a shot. You can also connect it to Wi-Fi and stream all the videos and images captured or show them to your family and friends. To top it all, the scope has an ATN 20000mAh battery pack which provides up to 22 hours of continuous operation on a full charge.


  • Smart tactical remote access control
  • Recoil activated video
  • Versatile 2-8x magnification
  • Day and night mode
  • High-resolution video recording and photo capturing
  • Excellent 384×288 sensor
  • Ballistic calculator
  • Built-in smart range finder
  • 12 x 9.5 smooth zoom
  • 22 hours battery life
  1. ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6x Thermal Rifle Scope

ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6x Thermal Rifle Scope



The ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6x is your best option if you’re looking for a great beginner level thermal rifle scope. This sight has a lot of versatility and may be used with both crossbows and rifles. It has a traditional ergonomic design that makes it simple to use and install.

Featuring a 1280x720p display, this thermal rifle scope provides high-quality image views. The highly sensitive thermal sensor helps you detect targets in different field conditions, while the variable 3-6x optical power makes small targets look big and brings distant targets closer. Thanks to the black and white mode, the scope is ideal for both day and night time use.

You’ll be able to use the scope for many years because it’s built to last. It’s comprised of a hardened aluminum alloy that can endure the recoil of high-caliber weapons. For its endurance, this scope is surprisingly light. At only 650 grams, it’s the lightest model in the ATN ThOR series. Due to its lightweight build, it is easy to maneuver in the field. Furthermore, the ultra-low power profile allows for uninterrupted operation for more than 10 hours, assuring that your vacation will not be cut short owing to low battery power. Finally, the rifle scope is weatherproof, so you may use it in any condition.


  • Weather resistant
  • Black and white color modes
  • Numerous reticle patterns
  • Recoil resistant
  • Sturdy and durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Lightweight and portable
  • One shot zero
  • Comfortable eye relief
  • Easy to mount and user-friendly
  • Highly sensitive thermal sensor

See Also

How to Choose the Best Thermal Scopes under 3500(Buying Guide)

Here are some of the most crucial things to think about when buying your first thermal scope or upgrading one you already have.

Battery Life

The battery life is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Because thermal scopes are battery-powered, a long run time is essential. The best scope should last up to 8 hours or more on a single charge. You can even get a model with an extra battery, which will allow you to use it for extended periods of time.

Reticle Options

While most high-end thermal scopes come with several pre-programmed reticles, it’s recommended that you choose a thermal scope that comes with multiple reticle options. It’s also important that you choose a reticle pattern that will work best for your hunting expedition needs. The common reticle options include simple crosshairs, center dots and elaborate MIL-Dot configurations.


The magnification power is another significant thing to take into account. Your ideal magnification setting should correspond to your shooting requirements. If you want to go long-range hunting, opt for a scope with a magnification of at least 10x. A scope with a modest magnification power will serve for short and mid-range shooting.


Go for a thermal scope that’s made with high-quality materials to ensure many years of field use. A good thermal scope should be rugged enough to stand up to harsh outdoor conditions. When it comes to the scope’s housing, look for a model that built using hardened aluminum alloy. Such a scope is not only durable, but also shockproof and recoil resistant. Also look for a scope that’s made using germanium lenses as they are sturdier than ordinary lenses.

Extra Features

It’s no secret that thermal scopes are expensive investments that people make. Therefore, it’s best to get a model that offers the best value for your money. Look for a model that offers high tech features such as E-compass, built-range finder, GPS location, ballistic calculator, HD video recording, fast refresh rate and Wi-Fi streaming.

FAQs on the  Best Thermal Scopes under 3500

  • What is a thermal scope?

A thermal scope is thermal imaging device that comes with an aiming reticle and a compact thermographic camera. It detects radiation from an object and then creates an image out of it. Thermal scopes do not require visible light to provide an image, so they are ideal for use during the day and at night.

  •  Night Vision Vs Thermal Scopes- What’s the Difference?

Infrared sensors detect radiation from an object and create an image with a thermal scope. It does not require visible light to produce an image, therefore it may be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Night vision, on the other hand, relies on ambient light to distinguish objects at a distance. The moon and stars offer adequate light for night vision scopes at night.

  • What is a good thermal scope for the money?

A decent value thermal scope is one that matches both your budget and shooting requirements. If you’re on a tight budget, there are a slew of entry-level thermal scopes available for under $1500.


We hope that this data has aided you in making the best purchase decision possible. A decent thermal scope is required to ensure that every shot you fire is accurate. Use the shopping advice above to pick any model to help you enhance your shooting skills.