6 Best Small Gas Garden Tiller

Best Small Gas Garden Tiller

A good gas tiller/cultivator can turn an old lawn into a productive vegetable plot, aerate the soil, kill weeds quickly, and quickly incorporate compost and fertilizer. They save you hours of valuable time and are far less taxing on your back than digging your way through your yard by hand.

They should be light in weight, have user-friendly features, be easier to manage, and perform well. Here are the top gas garden tillers without further ado.

Best Small Gas Garden Tiller-Our Top Picks

  1. Honda Mini Tiller/Cultivator

Best Small Gas Garden Tiller


Honda’s patented digging/cultivating tines deliver exceptional results in a wide range of conditions. The FG110 also has the fastest tine speed of any mini-tiller, allowing it to quickly break new ground or prepare your garden.

The Honda GX25 has a reputation for being a breeze to start. Straight, unleaded gas powers this dependable mini 4-stroke engine. There’s no need to mix the two.

The FG110 will till 9 inches wide if you use the standard tine configuration. Remove the outer tines to till only 6 inches wide in tight spots. Without causing damage to the plants, till within 1 inch of them. The two-position transport wheels adjust for smooth or rough terrain. The wheels can be easily removed when you’re ready to start tilling.


  • Easy starting Honda mini 4-stroke engine
  • Less than 29 lbs
  • 9-inch tilling width
  • Patented Honda hybrid tines for unsurpassed performance
  • Fastest tine speed – 294 RPM
  1. TAZZ 35351 Garden Cultivator

TAZZ 35351 Garden Cultivator


The soil can be weeded, fertilized, mulched, and aerated with this cultivator. It’s designed to work in any pre-tilled soil. This 33cc 2-cycle cultivator is designed to maximize your ability to tackle soil turning tasks while remaining lightweight.

The Tazz cultivator can easily be wheeled to and from gardens thanks to the onboard transport wheels. While cultivating, the wheels can be moved up and down to adjust the depth of your tilling.

This cultivator is easy to maneuver around landscaping and delicate plants thanks to its lightweight design and overhand handlebars. It is easy to transport and maneuver around delicate plants due to its small size and light weight.


  • 33cc 2-Cycle Engine
  • Adjustable Transport Wheels
  • Overhand Handlebars
  • 6″-10″ Adjustable Tilling Width
  • 8″ Max Tilling Depth
  1. Mantis Gas Powered Cultivator

Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator


The Mantis 4-cycle Plus Tiller is only 24 pounds, easy to start, quiet, and does not require fuel mixing. It’s one of the tiniest tillers available. This lightweight powerhouse is tough enough to till through sod and compacted dirt while being easy to carry, start, and use, thanks to a Honda premium 4-cycle engine.

Forget about traditional tillers; this time-saver has ergonomically flared soft, sure-grip handles that provide fatigue-free operation. With infinite speed, you can crank up the power when you need to, or work more gently when the situation calls for it. It’s no fun digging by hand or renting a massive, difficult-to-manage behemoth tiller! Live the garden of your dreams!

The Mantis Tiller is up to the task of busting established sod and compacted dirt, as well as digging a planting hole. The curvy tines (blades) can till a depth of 10 inches. You can then precision-weed around delicate plants and seedlings with a simple flip of the tines.

The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator is convenient, versatile, and durable, with folding handle bars that make it easy to store in a garage or tool shed. The ability of such a light tool to deliver heavyweight performance is due to an innovative transmission design.


  • Comes with a handy carrying handle
  • Handle Bars fold down for easy storage
  • 2-year limited Warranty
  • Come with standard kickstand
  • Powerful Honda 4-cycle (gas only, no fuel mix required) 25cc engine spins the tines twice as fast as other tillers
  • Weighs just 24 pounds. Tine speed up to 240 rpm
  • Finger controlled throttle for infinite speed control and ease of operation
  • The compact 9 inch width allows the tiller to get into tight spaces around your yard
  • The unique, curvy tines can be used to till down 10 inches deep
  • Includes handy kickstand for steady placement
  • Folds for easy transport and storage
  1. Earthquake 31452 MAC Tiller Cultivator

Earthquake 31452 MAC Tiller Cultivator


The Earthquake MAC is ideal for weeding, mixing, and aerating your garden or flower bed soil and weighs only 24 pounds. When not in use, its stable upright “parking” stance allows for compact storage. The MAC is prepared to resume its responsibilities. The grips and handlebar tubes are positioned for maximum control. This allows you to focus on getting rid of weeds rather than plants.

The rigid U-Turn handlebar reduces vibration and gives you more confidence in the garden. The MAC gives gardeners a clearer line of sight near and around plants than wheeled units, making it a better choice for cultivators.

Because the wheels have been removed, the MAC is lighter than its wheeled counterparts, allowing for even more maneuverability and control. Thanks to a US-based support team and an industry-leading 5-Year Warranty, this cultivator will last for years.


  • 33cc 2-Cycle Viper Engine
  • Lightweight
  • Overhand Handlebars
  • Adjustable Tilling Width (6-10″)
  1. Tazz Front Tine Tiller/Cultivator

Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front Tine Tiller/Cultivator


The Tazz 2-in-1 Tiller is a garden tool with unrivaled versatility. In the spring, use it as a tiller to prepare large seed beds for planting or to expand existing gardens. Slim down to cultivator mode during the growing season to groom soil in and around narrow rows and delicate plants.

The 79cc Viper engine in the Tazz 35310 2-in-1 Front Tine Tiller/Cultivator starts up easily with a smooth pull recoil and delivers plenty of power to till through all types of soil conditions. Rugged durability is provided by components such as a bronze gear transmission and forged steel tines, which are built to last season after season.

Unlike other compact front tines, the Tazz 2-in-1 is designed with balance in mind. The low center of gravity of the 2-in-1 provides it with ground-hugging stability and unparalleled user control. Due to the compact and centered footprint and lightweight design, you can easily turn on a dime at the end of a row.


  • 79cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine
  • Removable Side Shields and Outer Tines
  • Adjustable Tilling Width (11″, 16″, 21″)
  • 11″ Max Tilling Depth
  1. Troy-Bilt Gas Cultivator

Troy-Bilt 21AKC29A766 TBC29 EC Gas Cultivator


The Troy-Built TBC29 EC Garden Cultivator will keep your garden soil prepped year after year. The 29cc 4-cycle engine in the TBC29 EC is designed to cultivate flower beds and vegetable gardens for the best lawn care.

The powerful 4-cycle engine drives the six premium eight-bladed tines through a die-cast 40:1 gearbox. The tines can be adjusted to cultivate rows that are 6 inches wide, 9 inches wide, or 12 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

Premium tines have been engineered into the unit to dig, tear, and turn soil to keep your plants green year after year. The Troy-Built TBC29 EC is designed to be lightweight and compact for convenient storage.

In small, congested spaces and plots, the two wheels allow for easy maneuverability and user operation. The Garden Cultivator features JumpStart Technology for a quick and painless start. A 2-year limited warranty is included.


  • 6-12-inch adjustable tilling width
  • 4 forward-rotating 8-inch steel tines
  • Equipped with 6 Premium Steel Tines
  • Designed with variable-speed throttle control with a durable steel shield
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Equipped with JumpStart Technology for an easy, frustration-free quick start
  • Sturdy Plow handle and hand grips offer the operator more comfort

See Also:

Best Small Gas Garden Tiller Buyer’s Guide

Weight and maneuverability

The ease of use of a tiller should be considered. You’ll need tillers that can be easily picked up and turned around. Small ones, weighing between 25 and 100 pounds, are usually the best. They are simple to handle and do not put a strain on the hand.

Source of power

In two-cycle engines, oil and gasoline must be mixed, which can be a pain. In four-cycle engines, unleaded gas is used, eliminating the need to mix fuels. There are a variety of electric mini-tillers available. As soon as you plug them in, they’re ready to use. They are quiet, simple, and dependable, even if they aren’t always as powerful as gasoline-powered machines.

Tines design

Tillers with front-tine tines and back-tine wheels are called front-tine tillers. The problem with these tillers is that their wheels compact the freshly tilled ground. Compaction isn’t an issue with rear-tine tillers because the tines are in the back and the wheels are in the front. Counter-rotating machines have tines that rotate in opposite directions. All have advantages and disadvantages, but rear-tines are found on the majority of machines currently on the market.

Type of blade

You can have three different types of blades on your tiller, each with a different effect on the soil you’re tilling. The standard design for tiller blades is the Bolo, which is built to drive deep into the soil and break it apart. If you’re trying to till through a thick plantation, the slasher blade is the right tool for the job. Then use a pick and chisel to chisel through the toughest, rocky terrain you can find. In some form or another, most tillers come with all three types.

Best Small Gas Garden Tiller FAQS

Are small tillers worth it?

Due to their light weight, small tillers are easier to handle and more user-friendly than larger machines. In addition to being more maneuverable, small tillers are also easier to store. When not in use, many models have folding handles for compact storage, allowing them to take up less space.

What is better front or rear tine tiller?

The rear tine tiller is more powerful than the front tine tiller, has wider tines, and digs deeper. As a result, it can slice through compacted earth and soil more easily. It will slash through newly created, never-tilled soil.


Ordinary tillers are significantly smaller and less powerful than proper tillers. You get the tilling experience you need without having to drag such a large tool across your grass with a miniature version that is powerful and dependable.

We hope you found our review to be informative and useful.