Best Sit In Kayaks Under 1000

Best Sit In Kayaks Under 1000

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. You can either paddle on soft rivers, lakes and any other water body and get to spend quality time outdoors. Kayaking is also a good way to spend time on the water with your friends or family.

Buying a sit-in kayak can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of models to choose from whose prices ranges from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you are in the hunt for the best sit in kayaks under $1000, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best  sit-in kayaks under 1000 available on the market today to help you choose right. Let’s take a look.

Best Sit In Kayaks Under 1000-Our Top Picks

  1. Pelican Sit-in Kayak

Pelican Sit-in Kayak


The Pelican Sit-in Kayak is a one-person kayak that is 10 feet long. This kayak is built for recreational use. It is easy to paddle and you can use it on different water bodies including lakes, rivers, oceans and many more.

This sit-in kayak is built with ease of use in mind. Weighing just 36lb, it is incredibly simple to transport to and from the water body. It offers excellent maneuverability and you can cover long distances with minimal effort from your side. Moreover, it comes with a built-in bottle holder near the seat to keep you hydrated all the time.

When it comes to construction, the kayak is built with a twin arched muti chine hull that provides great stability in any water body. It is built with a large cockpit for comfortable paddling and easy in and out. It also comes with an adjustable seat with a padded backrest for comfortable paddling.  To top it all, it comes with a large storage hatch where you can store your important gear.


  • Lightweight design
  • Durable construction
  • Front storage hatch with bungee cord
  • Built-in bottle holder
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Spacious cockpits
  • Twin-arched multi chine hull
  • Adjustable ERGOFORM padded backrest
  • Ideal for all paddlers regardless of their size
  1. Intex Challenger Kayak 

Intex Challenger Kayak Inflatable Set with Aluminum Oars


The Intex Challenger Kayak is one of the best sit-in kayaks for the money. It is made with durable welded material so you will get many years from it. It also comes with eye catching graphics that help enhance your safety and visibility on the water body.

This kayak is simple to inflate and deflate. It has an inflatable I-beam floor, a low-profile deck and buoyant side chambers that enhance its stability. It also comes with a removable skeg that provides exceptional directional movement and two separate air chambers.

Another good thing about this one-person sit-in kayak is that it’s designed to provide the most comfortable paddling experience. It has a large cock-pit design for comfortable in and out, and a removable and adjustable seat for snug kayaking. It also comes with a cargo net where you can store your handy necessities.


  • Closed deck
  • Inflatable I-beam for rigidity
  • Boston valves for easy inflation and deflation
  • 2 separate air chambers
  • Heavy-duty puncture-proof vinyl
  • Adjustable seat
  • Removable skeg
  • Maximum capacity: 220 pounds
  • Cargo net for storing extra gear
  • Large cockpit design
  1. Perception Flash 9.5 | Sit Inside Kayak 

Perception Flash 9.5 | Sit Inside Kayak | Rod Holders and Rear Storage


If you are looking for a sit-in kayak for fishing, the Perception Flash 9.5 suits you. It is simple to paddle for all users regardless of their skills. It also comes with adjustable foot braces to accommodate all paddlers regardless of their sizes.

Whether you are paddling in the river, lake or any other water body, the kayak provides quick maneuverability and straight tracking. It is designed with a large cockpit for convenient entry and exit, and has a cushioned backrest for comfortable paddling.

When it comes to construction, it is built with heavy-duty polyethylene that is puncture resistant. It is lightweight for easy carrying to and from the water body and compact in size for easy transportation and storage.

Besides, it comes with molded handles for simple one person carrying. Above all, it comes with a rear drain plug that allows for simple cleaning and draining,


  • Maximum capacity: 325 pounds
  • 10” rear storage hatch
  • Rear drain plug
  • Molded in rod handles
  • Cushioned seat
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dual tracking channels
  • Spacious cockpit design
  • Adjustable foot braces
  1. Emotional Guster Sit-Inside Kayak

Emotional Guster Sit-Inside Kayak


Next on our list is the Emotional Guster Sit-Inside Kayak. It has maximum capacity of 275lbs. It is simple to paddle on any water body and comes with a perfect hill design that provides excellent speed and maneuverability.

This kayak is made with comfort in mind. It has a ledge lock paddle keeper, foam inflation and adjustable padded seat for comfortable paddling. Moreover, it comes with adjustable foot braces suitable for all users regardless of their body height.

It has a lightweight design for convenient portability as well as front and rear handles for simple transportation. In terms of construction, it is built from high-density polyethylene which maximizes its durability. It also comes with an oval hatch beneath the deck where you can put your handy essentials.


  • Adjustable padded seat
  • Maximum weight capacity: 275lbs
  • Oval hatch for extra storage
  • Front and rear handles
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • High-density polyethylene construction
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Ledge lock paddle keeper
  1. Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in Recreational Kayak

Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in Recreational Kayak


Pelican makes high-quality kayaks and the Maxim 100X Sit-in Recreational Kayak is no different. It is feather light and simple to carry with front and rear T-handles. It has a maximum capacity of 275lbs and comes with a storage hatch with bungee a cord for keeping additional gear.

Whether you are paddling in large lakes and bays or slow-moving rivers and creeks, this one-person sit in kayak is perfect for any recreation. It has a shallow V chine hull design that tracks and paddles with ease while providing excellent stability.

Another good thing about the kayak is that it’s made to last for many years. It is crafted from a RAM-X impact resistant material that handles anything thrown at it. It also comes with an adjustable ergoform backrest and seat cushion to ensure comfortable paddling and a drain plug for easy cleaning. Overall, the Maxim 100X is an excellent kayak for the average paddler.


  • Storage hatch with bungee cord
  • Molded footrest
  • Molded footrest
  • RAM-X impact resistant construction
  • Adjustable ergoform backrest and cushioned seat
  • Bottle holder
  • Drain plug
  • 275lb/125kg maximum capacity
  • Lightweight and portable
  1. Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak


Next up is the Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 which  is highly stable and fun to use for both fishing and recreational paddling. This kayak  has a low profile that makes it less susceptible to wind and a thoughtful design that keeps it stable in moving water.

It has a maximum capacity of 400lbs/ 181kg which is quite high compared with other kayaks in this list. Also has a manageable weight for easy carrying to and from the water body and a shorter size that makes it easier to transport.

It is comfortable to paddle for any user regardless of their skills or level of expertise. Moreover, it provides ample dry storage so you can carry any handy essentials that you might need.


  • Molded side carry handles
  • Ample dry storage
  • Highly comfortable
  • Compact in size for easy transportation
  • Maximum capacity of 400lbs/ 181kg
  • Excellent stability
  1. Lifetime 90899 Payette 98 Sit-in Kayak 

Lifetime 90899 Payette 98 Sit-in Kayak (Paddle Included)


The Lifetime 90899 Payette 98 Sit-in Kayak is another top-quality sit-in kayak suitable for the budget buyers. It is one of the best kayaks for long paddling adventures. It has a large cockpit design for easy entry and exit, and a comfortable backrest that reduces fatigue during long paddling sessions.

This kayak provides great stability and extreme safety. This makes it ideal for both beginners and seasoned paddlers. It has a stable flat bottom with both stability chine rails and deep tracking channels. In terms of construction, it is made with a high-density polyethylene that is not just durable, but also impact resistant and UV protected.

Another noteworthy thing about the kayak is the lightweight design. It weighs 44 pounds only for easy transportation. It also comes with both front and rear handles for easy carrying. Other notable features that the kayak brings to the table are multiple footrest positions, shock cord straps and an enclosed compartment for storing handy essentials.


  • Chine rails for stability
  • Deep hull channels
  • Spacious cockpit with seat back
  • Multiple footrest positions
  • Stable flat platform
  • Sharp keel for greater speed and tracking
  • Paddle keeper with shock cord straps
  • Durable high-density polyethylene construction
  1. Perception Sound 10.5 | Sit Inside Kayak 

Perception Sound 10.5 | Sit Inside Kayak for Fishing and Fun


The Perception Sound 10.5 sit-inside kayak offers the best value for money. It is ideal for both fishing and general recreational paddling. It is simple to paddle, highly stable and ideal for paddling and fishing in different water bodies.

This kayak is compact in size for easy transportation. It measures 10’6” only and have a feather light design for simple carrying to and from the water body. Though compact, it has a large cockpit design for simple exit and entry.

The sit-in kayak is made with all users in mind. It features a quick-adjust footrest that works well for all paddles regardless of their size. The cushioned seat has an adjustable backrest for optimal support and comfort during long paddling sessions.

It also comes with two molded-in fishing rod holders, front and rear molded-in handles and a large storage area at the back for storing any essential gear.


  • Tri-keel hull that maximizes stability
  • Quick-adjust footrest
  • Two molded-in fishing rod holders
  • Large cockpit design
  • Compact in size and lightweight
  • Cushioned seat with adjustable backrest
  • Large storage area
  • Front and rear molded-in handles
  • 335lbs maximum capacity

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Best Sit In Kayaks Under 1000 Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for the best sit-in kayak under $1000, here are some of the few key factors you should consider in order to make the right buying decision.


When shopping for a sit-in kayak under $1000, it is important that you consider the maximum weight capacity and how heavy the kayak itself weighs. Both vary from one kayak to the other. Since most sit-in kayaks are ideal for one person use, make sure that you choose a kayak that will accommodate both your weight and your gear and not be overloaded. Overloading your kayak will compromise on your paddling efficiency.

When it comes to the weight of the kayak, look for a model that is light enough to be easy to transport to and from the water body. Lightweight kayaks are also simple to paddle and convenient to transport.


The longer the kayak, the more storage space it provides for overnight touring gear. However, longer kayaks are difficult to transport and harder to maneuver in sharp corners. Shorter kayaks are easier to turn in sharp corners and more convenient to transport and store. So, make sure that you get a kayak that works best for your needs.


The type of material used to make a kayak will ultimately determine how durable and reliable it will be. Majority of sit-in kayaks under $1000 are made with high-density polyethylene. It is inexpensive, feather light, UV resistant and abrasion resistant. Other noteworthy materials used to make kayaks are lightweight fiberglass and ABS plastic.


The comfort that a kayak provides can either make or break you paddling expedition. If you will be paddling or fishing for many hours, it’s important that you get a kayak that has a comfortable seat. It should be cushioned and have a padded and adjustable backrest for comfortable paddling. In addition, it should have a large cockpit design. This will give you greater control and added protection in rough conditions.

Hull Shape

The shape of the hull determines how stable the kayak will be. A kayak with a flat hill provides excellent primary stability but it quickly capsizes when leaned too far. On the other hand, kayaks with a shallow V and arch hulls provide great secondary stability. This makes the ideal for use in rough water conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is safer sit-in or sit on kayak?

Both styles of kayaks are equality safe. In most cases, the stability and safety will depend on the design of the kayak and other factors like the hull design and the size. Additionally, both styles are safe for recreational paddling on different water bodies.

What should you not do while kayaking?

Never exceed the weight capacity of your kayak. Overloading the kayak will compromise your paddling efficiency and put you at risk. Also, do not paddle a kayak under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To add on that make sure that you are aware of the off-shore winds that can make it difficult to get back to the shore safely.

Do kayas flip over easily?

No. Kayaks are pretty stable so they will hardly tip over. Generally, they have different base designs that maximizes stability so they are safe to use in any water body.


Hopefully, this post has given you some insight into the best sit in kayaks under $1000. Knowing what you need in a sit-in kayak helps make the selection process less taxing. Use our guide above and choose the kayak that will help you get the most out of your time on the water.