6 Best Rakes for Pine Needles

Best Rakes for Pine Needles

Cleaning the pine needles is a common issue you could experience if you have a yard with pine trees.

Autumn leaves can be raked up with a conventional rake, but gathering pine needles that have accumulated on the ground is a very different story.

The tines of a typical leaf rake are too large to pick up little pine needles. A rake made specifically for clearing up pine needles is one of the best solutions available.

The close-set tines of a decent pine needle rake will be constructed of sturdy metal or a substance like plastic and won’t allow pine needles to pass through them.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best rakes for pine needles for you to consider.

6 Best Rakes for Pine Needles

  1. Professional EZ Travel Telescopic Folding Rake

Professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Telescopic Folding Rake


To remove debris or leaves, use the Professional EZ Travel Collection Adjustable Telescopic Folding Rake. Additionally, it works well in compact areas. The fan head and telescoping handle are both completely adjustable to achieve the ideal fit for any yard task.

The pointed tines puncture the dirt, and the handle may be extended to match the user’s height. The rake can remove heavy clumps of damp pine needles due to its aluminum alloy structure.

Storage is made simpler by the head’s ability to collapse. Because the rubber handle’s ergonomic design prevents the rake from slipping out of your hand, it is also more comfortable to hold and operate.


  • Adjustable head width
  • Adjustable length
  • Made from aluminum


  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Multi-functional
  • Excellent quality
  • It has a comfortable grip.


  • The plastic grip could break.
  1. THE GROUNDSKEEPER II Rake 55-inch



The versatility of THE GROUNDSKEEPER II Rake makes it a great tool. In addition to properly removing pine needles, it also effectively removes other debris like branches, twigs, rocks, chips, mulch, and even gravel.

It has a total of 28 steel tines that are flat and flexible so you can easily gather pine needles or leaves.

The GroundsKeeper II is incredibly strong and lightweight, with a co-polymer head that won’t shatter, a fiberglass handle, and replaceable torsion spring steel tines that are made to withstand the demands of professional use.

You can rake while standing up and relieving pressure on your back thanks to the angled, spring-loaded tines that dig in without the need for down pressure.


  • 28 steel tines
  • 55-inch yellow fiberglass handle
  • 21-inch head.
  • The no-break co-polymer head
  • Music-grade, torsion spring steel tines.


  • Simple to apply
  • It has a fiberglass handle.
  • Can rake enormous volumes
  • Lightweight


  • Made of plastic
  1. Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake

Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake, 36-Inch


Long, rounded teeth on the Midwest Aluminum Landscape Rake offer a gentle, non-gouging raking action, and its cutting edge is great for grading. It has 36 strong, long-lasting tines on a 36-inch rake.

It does guarantee exceptional performance and durability because the tines are composed of high-quality metal. A 6-inch non-slip vinyl handle makes it easy to hold and prevents the rake from slipping out of your hands in the middle of using it.

The head and handle are connected with a strong, heavy-duty structure to increase the rake’s durability. The braces provide support since they are sturdy and thick.


  • Long, rounded teeth.
  • Has a strong bracing around the head
  • Made from aluminium
  • Heavy duty double rib Construction.


  • Lightweight and rugged.
  • Simple to use.
  • High-quality.


  • It is quite heavy to use.



The ingenious technology used in the ROOT ASSASSIN RAKE’s distinctive shape makes raking and cleanup a snap. The handle of the rake can be rolled into a shovel by using the bend in the bottom half of the pole.

The polycarbonate head and thin metal handle play a large part in the rake’s featherweight 1.75 pound weight. Because it is composed of premium ABS plastic, it shouldn’t warp or shatter like some other plastic rakes might.

Most leaf rakes on the market only pick up little amounts of leaves and frequently bend and shatter when put under stress. As a result, you develop back issues and lose valuable time on tasks that ought to be simple and quick. You’ll notice a huge difference once you switch to Rake Assassin.


  • Multi-purpose design
  • Made of heavy-duty, lightweight, powder-coated aluminum.
  • Shovel shape for easy scooping up of pine needles
  • Heavy-duty plastic


  • Extremely light.
  • Handle is ergonomic and strong.
  • A strong and versatile rake


  • Some believe the rake is not as robust.
  1. ORIENTOOLS Adjustable Gardening Leaf Rake

ORIENTOOLS Adjustable Gardening Leaf Rake


The adjustable garden leaf rake from ORIENTOOLS is incredibly adaptable and simple to use. It contains 26 close-fitting tines that prevent pine needles from passing through.

When used in your garden and vegetable garden, this garden rake’s high-quality plastic construction is highly strong and robust and won’t damage the roots of other plants.

Additionally, it has a 66-inch long, strong handle that enables you to reach farther. Because the handle is also adjustable, raking won’t be as difficult for you and your back.

This leaf rake is incredibly portable, as well as simple and easy to use.


  • 22 tines that are solid and close.
  • Long adjustable handle for further reach
  • Simple telescoping


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to store
  • Multifunctional


  • May break when handling bulky items
  1. Amazing Rake Back Saving Garden Rake

Amazing Rake Back Saving Garden Rake


The 60-inch telescopic handle of the Amazing Rake Back Saving Garden Rake allows it to scoop, rake, and pick up yard waste as well as leaves, pine needles, trimmings, and damp objects.

Polypropylene copolymer materials that resist rust are used to make it. The rake’s plastic design makes it lighter than 3 pounds, making it easier to handle than traditional rakes.

Amazing Rake is a wet and dry leaf rake that will withstand all of your yard work for years.


  • 60-inch telescopic handle
  • 3-in-1 back saving yard tool.
  • Made of rust-resistant copolymer Polypropylene materials


  • Used for a range of landscaping tasks
  • Weighs less than 3 pounds


  • Plastic structure is not as long-lasting as metal building.

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Best Rakes for Pine Needles Buying Guide

Certain factors must be considered while selecting the best rake for pine needles to assist you choose from the countless options on the market. They are as follows:

  • Comfort

Typically, raking puts a strain on the muscles. Examining the rake’s size is one way to prevent instances of early exhaustion, sore backs, and troubled hands.

The top manufacturers are now producing rakes with cutting-edge designs that offer more comfort and better control while making the entire process simple.

An ergonomically constructed rake will enable you to complete the work of raking more quickly and possibly with fewer aches and pains than with other approaches.

  • Handle

The comfort and toughness of a rake are dependent on the length, material, and grip of the handle.

There is a danger that the handle will cave in if it is constructed of common wood. It’s possible for fiberglass to crack and break.

Cheaper plastic handles are usually just meant for temporary use and won’t last as long. The most widespread and long-lasting materials are steel, aluminum, and hardwood.

Another element is length. A longer-handled rake eliminates the need to stoop when raking, relieving back strain.

Another typical characteristic of the handles is a cushioned grip, which makes using the rake for extended periods of time more pleasant and reduces the risk of hand blisters.

  • Rake Head

When choosing a decent pine needle rake, the head design is essential. To ensure it will efficiently collect enough debris with each pass, the head should be between 22 and 24 inches wide.

An adjustable rake might be a good option if your yard has a lot of obstacles and small spots that need to be raked.

Make sure to choose a size that is convenient to navigate and store at home.

  • Tines

Rake tines must be strong and flexible to handle thick pine needles in your yard, whether they are dry or wet.

Metal tines are frequently chosen because of their flexibility and toughness. If rust does not develop, metal tines will often endure a long period.

Although not as efficient or long-lasting as steel tines, some pine needle rakes contain high-quality plastic tines that will do the job.

Best Rakes for Pine Needles FAQs

What is the fastest way to pick up pine needles?

To remove pine needles most effectively, rake, blow with a leaf blower, sweep, vacuum, or power wash them.

Can a gardener use a leaf vacuum on pine needles?

Pine needles can be lifted up by some leaf vacuums since they have strong enough suction, but they won’t work well if the pine needles are damp from rain.

What are some options for the pine needles once I rake them?

The pine needles can either be used as mulch, which is a more environmentally friendly alternative, or they can be put out on the curb as trash.This organic mulch is attractive, aids in weed prevention, maintains soil moisture, and shields plants from harsh weather.

While pine needles can be composted, the process is slow, and it is advisable to do so in small amounts.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things you should know before selecting the best rake for pine needles. To make your purchase as simple as possible, we have made every effort to collect as much information as we can.

We really hope that this buying guide was useful to you. Best of luck and happy cleaning!