6 Best Pool Skimmers for Above Ground Pool

Best Pool Skimmers for Above Ground Pool

A skimmer is a must-have equipment to keep your pool water fresh, clean and healthy. If you are fortunate enough to have an above ground pool in your home and looking for the best pool skimmers for above ground pool, look no further.

Whether you use your pool regularly or not, having a pool skimmer is important. These invaluable tools are here to simplify the task of pool maintenance. They clean surface dirt and debris efficiently and ensure that your pool stays clean and ready for use.

However, the task of knowing which pool skimmer to get for your above ground pool is not often a walk in the park. This is due to the plethora of options available on the market today.

We have done our homework and put together a comprehensive guide on pool skimmers for above-ground pools to make your selection process less taxing.

But before we take a look at these skimmers in detail, lets start with the benefits that come with investing in the best pool skimmers for above ground pool.

Benefits of Pool Skimmers

Pool skimmers over a wide range of benefits for above ground pools and these benefits include:

Ease of Maintenance

This is the primary benefit of buying a pool skimmer. It will reduce the overall maintenance needed to keep the pool in good and healthy condition

Easy Debris Removal

Buying a pool skimmer gives you an edge when it comes to debris removal. As a result, you are able to enhance the overall appearance of the pool

Better Pool Circulation

The best pool skimmers for above ground pool not only remove debris, but also improve the pool’s circulation system. With better pool circulation comes more consistent water temperature all through.

Algae Determent

Debris on the surface of a pool promote algae growth. Removing the debris with a skimmer prevents algae build up, minimizing the need for shock treatment to kill the algae.

Best Pool Skimmers for Above Ground Pool

  1. Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Cleaner

Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Cleaner


Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Cleaner is hands down one of the best pool skimmers for above ground pool. It requires an Inter filter pump with a minimum flow rate of 800gph (3,028 L/hr)

The selling point of this tool is ease of installation. It is specially designed for use with metal frame pool where it is easy to mount and set. Besides, there are two adjustable brackets included to ensure easy attachment to the filter pump.

Furthermore, the skimmer is crafted with long term durability in mind. It is made out of durable polypropylene plastic that is not affected by pool chemicals. And with the correct installation, it catches leaves and debris before that can sink to the bottom of the pool.


  • Durable polypropylene plastic construction
  • Strainer basket
  • 2 adjustable mounting brackets
  • Connector hose


  • Affordable
  • Ease of installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Reliable performance


  • Poor suction
  1. U.S Pool Supply Premium Surface Skimmer

S Pool Supply Premium Above Ground Pool Surface Skimmer


U.S Pool Supply Premium Above Ground Pool Surface Skimmer has all the modern features you would expect in a pool skimmer. It comes at a price that is easy on the wallet, but it doesn’t compromise quality and functionality.

Made of polypropylene plastic, the skimmer is durable enough to not be affected by pool chemicals. It includes two adjustable mounting brackets for easy mounting on the sidewall of above ground pools. On top of that, it comes with a connector hose, an adapter and installation guide for installation right out of the box.

Not only is this pool skimmer easy to install, but also easy to clean. The strainer basket is removable to allow fast debris removal and cleaning. It is also important to note that this skimmer operates best with a filter pump.


  • Removable strainer basket
  • 2 adjustable mounting brackets
  • Durable polypropylene plastic construction
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Connector hose


  • Quick, hassle-free installation
  • Budget friendly
  • Durable
  • Fast cleaning


  • Suction and connectivity issues
  1. Intex Deluxe Swimming Pool Skimmer

Intex Deluxe Wall-Mounted Swimming Pool Surface Automatic Skimmer


When it comes to value and performance, it is hard to beat Intex Deluxe Wall-Mounted Swimming Pool Surface Automatic Skimmer. It makes a great addition to any outdoor above ground pool when it keeps it clean and free of any debris.

The pool skimmer attaches to filter pump for automatic skimming. It comes with a removable strainer basket that pulls out for easy cleaning. Furthermore, this skimmer mounts easily onto the sidewalls of the pool with the adjustable bracket included.

What’s more, this tool has decent suction pool and requires an Intex filter pump with a minimum rate of 800 gph. It is also constructed out of durable polypropylene plastic which isn’t affected by pool chemicals.


  • Automatic skimming
  • Removable strainer basket
  • Adjustable brackets
  • Polypropylene plastic construction


  • Not affected by pool chemicals
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Durable
  • Decent suction


  • Stability issues
  1. Lark Outdoors Swimming Pool Surface Cleaner

Lark Outdoors Above Ground Swimming Pool Surface Cleaner


Coming fourth in our list of the best pool skimmers for above ground pool is the Lark Outdoors Above Ground Swimming Pool Surface Cleaner. This is a tool that makes pool cleaning and maintenance a walk in the park.

It is designed and built to mount easily to simple set ring pools or frame pools. Furthermore, it attaches to filter pump for automatic skimming. And with proper installation, it catches all leaves and debris to keep the pool clean and crystal clear.

When it comes to construction, this pool skimmer is built with polyvinyl chloride, a material that is not just durable, but also resistant to damage by pool chemicals. A removable strainer basket is also included to enable ease of cleaning.


  • Automatic skimming
  • Polyvinyl chloride construction
  • Removable strainer basket
  • Compatible with Lark and Summer waves swimming pools only
  • Round shape


  • Good suction
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Works great


  • Limited to certain swimming pools brands
  1. Poolvio Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit

Poolvio Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit


The task of keeping your swimming pool dirt and debris free is made easier with Poolvio Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit. It includes one 14-inch vinyl liner pool brush, a 50” telescopic aluminum pole and one mesh poll middle aluminum frame skimmer net that is ultra-fine.

The 10-inch pool cleaning brush is made with high-quality ABS plastic. You can use it to scrub any pool and not cause any damage to the pool liners. Besides, it has a trouble-free and safety EZ clip to protect your fingers from getting pinched when you are attaching or removing the telescopic pole.

Furthermore, the telescopic pole is just as durable as the cleaning brush. It is made from aluminum so it is both durable and sturdy. Even better, it is adjustable in length from 20” to 50” to ensure that you clean every angle in your pool without strain.


  • 10-inch pool cleaning brush
  • Ultra-fine mesh net
  • 20-50” telescopic pole
  • EZ clip
  • Premium nylon bristled brush
  • Reinforced frame


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable length
  • Inexpensive
  • Works very well


  • The sturdiness could be better
  1. Berlune Pool Skimmer 

Berlune Pool Skimmer Guard Pool Skimmer


Lastly in our list of the best pool skimmers for above ground pool is Berlune Pool Skimmer Guard Pool Skimmer. This is a practical and functional swimming pool skimmer ideal for both inground and above ground pools lined with vinyl or fiberglass.

The skimmer is exceptional in keeping the pool clean and debris free. This helps keep the pumps and filters working at their maximum capacities for longer lifespan. It also saves you the time you would take to manually skim a pool that is full of leaves and debris.

Another thing that makes this pool skimmer ideal for above ground pools is ease of installation. It has a quick and straightforward installation process with no tools needed. Other than that, it boats a strict mesh design to ensure the filtration of impurities under the condition of water flowing through.


  • Unique wire and mesh design
  • Pool skimmer shied
  • Easy installation
  • Compatibility with inground and above ground pools


  • Straight forward installation
  • Decent performance
  • Good quality
  • Fair price


  • Not rustproof

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Types of Pool Skimmers

There are several types of pool skimmers available on the market today. Each type is designed to serves unique needs which makes it different from the other. The most common skimmers we have today include:

Manual Pool Skimmers

If you are looking for an inexpensive pool skimmer that serves basic functions, manual pool skimmers are the way to go. A manual pool skimmer consists of a telescoping pole that has a net or basket attached to its end.

With this type of pool skimmer, you have to manually skim the pool surface to remove the leaves, dirt and debris. This makes them ideal for the small pools where less labor is needed to do the cleaning.

Automatic Pool Skimmers

An automatic pool skimmer is an advancement of manual pool skimmers. These skimmers are automatic so they don’t require any manual labor.

They move all around the pool on their own and are powered by either electricity or solar energy. To draw in debris, these tools use suction or a venturi effect. Once they collect the debris, they filter it and put it in the bag. And with the automatic operation, these skimmers are ideal for larger pools where manual skimming would be impractical.

Floating Pool Skimmers

A floating pool skimmer is a device that is designed to float on the pool and move around its surface driven by either the water waves or wind. These pool skimmers come with a net or container for collect the debris. While they lack the efficiency of automatic skimmers, they make an excellent tool for small above-ground pools as they are less laborious and more cost effective.

In-wall Skimmers

Last but not least, we have the in-wall skimmers which are integrated into the structure of the pool. In most cases, these skimmers are use in in-ground pools. The skimmer is positioned in the pool walls to help to trap leaves and remove any debris from the water. After the debris is collected, it is sent to the pool’s filtration system.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Pool Skimmers for Above Ground Pool

Whether you are buying a pool skimmer for above ground pool for the first time or looking for an upgrade, here are a few things to take into account before you settle on any specific tool.

Filtration Efficiency

Filtration efficiency in pool skimmers is what sets apart a great skimmer from a cheap one. We recommend that you get a skimmer that has high filtration efficiency possible. This way, it will work optimally and keep the pool clean all through.


The durability of the best pool skimmers for above ground pool varies from one tool to the other. Generally, the material used to make the skimmer determines its overall durability. So, go for a tool that is made with the most durable materials. Skimmers that are resistant to UV rays and pool chemicals are also preferable.

Debris handling Capacity

Another thing to consider is the debris handling capacity of the pool skimmer. It varies from one skimmer to the other and a tip is to get a skimmer with a large debris handling capacity. The larger the debris handling capacity is the less frequent you will be required to empty it.

Capacity of the Pool

It is also important to take into account the capacity of your pool. The larger the above ground pool you have, the more powerful of a skimmer you need. This will ensure effective removal of all the leaves and the debris to keep the pool clean all through.


Finding the best pool skimmers for above ground pool doesn’t have to be a taxing task. When you are well informed about the size, capacity and nature of your pool, it becomes an easy thing to find the right skimmer. Hopefully, you have found our article to be of great help and you can now make an informed purchase.