Best Scopes for 350 Legend (Winchester XPR 350 Legend)

Best Scopes for 350 Legend (Winchester XPR 350 Legend)

A great riflescope for the 350 Legend cartridge gives the quick response and outstanding performance you need to get the most out of your hunting trip.

It must be robustly constructed to survive the harsh handling experienced outside and strong enough to withstand the significant recoil generated by this cartridge.

Additionally, the scope should have dependable waterproof and fog-proof functionality in addition to superb optical clarity.

You need a high-quality sight for the 350 Legend in order to make great shots with this straight-walled cartridge.

Finding the ideal scope for a 350 Legend, however, is no easy task given the wide variety of scopes on the market today.

In order to find the greatest fit for your 350 Legend, we have reviewed the top scopes currently on the market. Let’s get going.

Best Scopes for 350 Legend- Our Top Picks

  1. Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope

Vortex Crossfire II Straight-Wall 3-9x50mm 1in Tube Second Focal Plane Rifle Scope



Combine your rifle with a sight designed to enhance the performance of the vintage 350 Legend to get the most out of it. Great value may be found in the Crossfire II 3-950 Straight Wall BDC Riflescope.

It has a variety of great features that every hunter needs in the field. It is easy to use and integrates flawlessly with the 350 Legend.

It has an adjustable 3-9x magnification that is perfect for different-range hunting. It offers a broad field of view for easy target identification and a long eye relief for speedy target acquisition.

It also has a fast-focus eyepiece for quick and easy reticle focusing, as well as completely multi-coated lenses that deliver beautiful, clear, and razor-sharp picture views.

The aircraft-grade aluminum used in the manufacturing of this riflescope is of high quality. It is strong, shockproof, and recoil-resistant to withstand the powerful recoil produced by this cartridge.

Additionally, it is sealed with O-rings to keep dirt and moisture out and is purged with nitrogen when it’s cold or raining to avoid internal fog buildup.


  • SFP Straight-wall BDC MOA reticle
  • Magnification: 3 – 9 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Exit Pupil: 5.56 – 16.67 mm
  • Field of View, Linear: 32 – 12.9 ft at 100 yds
  • Long eye relief: 3.8 in
  • 1-inch tube
  • Durable yet lightweight design
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Finger adjustable capped reset turrets
  • Easy to reset to zero after sighting in
  • Anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses

What we like about this scope

  • Long eye relief and an extremely accommodating eye box.
  • Anti-reflective.
  • Fully multicoated lenses.
  • performance that is sturdy and resilient.
  • Performance that is fog- and water-proof.

What we don’t like

  • Lack of illumination
  1. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope



Optics experts will recognize Leupold. For the 350 Legend, Leupold’s top entry-level scope is the VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope. This riflescope offers a variety of premium features that are both high-performing and a fantastic value.

The VX-Freedom 350 Legend riflescope is best characterized by its unwavering performance and unrivaled versatility.

Suitable for both close-range and long-range shooting, this Leupold scope has a flexible 3-9x magnification range. Leupold’s cutting-edge optical technology, which ensures superb image clarity, is the foundation of the device.

Additionally, it offers the best-in-class glare reduction so you can easily hunt in the sun.

Additionally, it includes Leupold’s CDS dial, which makes it easier to set the dial to the precise ballistic and climatic conditions. Additionally, it has a conventional eyepiece lock ring that enables you to secure the focus position that is most comfortable for your eye.

Its construction using aluminum, which increases its strength and internal longevity while keeping it lightweight, is the cherry on top.


  • Magnification: 3 – 9 x
  • Second Focal Plane (SFP)
  • Versatile 3:1 zoom ratio
  • Tube Diameter: 1 in
  • Custom Dial System CDS
  • Field of View, Linear: 33.1 – 13.6 ft at 100 yds
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
  • Exit Pupil: 4.7 mm
  • Eye Relief: 4.2 – 3.7 in
  • 1/4 MOA Adjustment
  • Fixed Parallax
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Traditional eyepiece lock ring
  • Leupold’s advanced optical system
  • Made in the USA

What We Like

  • Superior glare reduction.
  • Fogproof and totally waterproof.
  • Fast target acquisition using a duplex reticle.
  • Scuff-resistant lenses that meet military standards.
  • Superior performance in dim light.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight construction.
  • Easily mounted, sighted, and fired.

What We Don’t Like

  • No Illumination
  1. Hawke Sport Optics Endurance 3-12x56mm Rifle Scope

Hawke Sport Optics Endurance 3-12x56mm Rifle Scope


This rifle scope from Hawke Optics is ideal if you want a long-range scope for your 350 Legend.

Its broad 3-12x zoom range makes it appropriate for shooting targets from close or a distance.

The scope is sturdy enough to last for many years in the field. It has a 30mm tube made of superior aluminum.

It is portable thanks to its small size and light weight.

Additionally, it includes completely multi-coated lenses that maximize light transmission for the creation of bright, clear images as well as a fast-focus eyepiece for simple reticle focusing.

The better low-light performance of this scope is another outstanding feature.

It has an illuminated reticle for quick and accurate shooting in dim light.

For use in various settings, the reticle features 6 different brightness levels.

The scope’s large field of view, 100-yard parallax-free range, waterproof and fog-proof construction, and ability to be used in adverse weather conditions are all added bonuses.


  • Illuminated reticle
  • Second Focal Plane (SFP)
  • 100-yard parallax-free range
  • Solid 30mm main tube
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Red LED illumination
  • 1/4 MOA adjustments
  • Exit Pupil: 4.6 – 18.6 mm
  • Field of View, Linear: 41.5 – 10.4 ft at 100 yds

What We Like

  • Body that is thin and light.
  • A sturdy aluminum housing.
  • Reticle with illumination.
  • 4-inch long eye relief.
  • Capped turrets with a lower profile.
  • Both fog and water resistant.
  • Full multi-coating on the optics.

What We Don’t Like

  • None
  1. SightMark Core HX 3-9×40 VHR Venison Hunter Rifle Scope

SightMark Core HX 3-9x40 VHR Venison Hunter Rifle Scope



The SightMark Core HX 3-940 VHR Venison Hunter Rifle Scope is a great scope for hunting deer, hogs, foxes, and other small game.

It combines well with the 350 Legend to deliver exceptional performance in the hunting environment.

The scope’s unrivaled durability comes from its construction with aircraft-grade aluminum.

It is robustly constructed to withstand whatever abuse you dish out. In addition, it has IPX7 waterproofing for use in damp and rainy environments, as well as being dustproof, fog proof, and shockproof.

Additionally, the scope has a variable 3–9x magnification that may be used for both close- and far-range game hunting.

A rangefinding reticle made specifically for whitetail deer is included.

The scope also includes a matte finish that conceals the hunter’s position when hunting in broad daylight and a lengthy eye relief for comfortable glassing.

To top it all off, it has capped, resettable turrets with 0.25 MOA elevation and windage settings.


  • Variable 3-9x magnification
  • Reticle: 350 Legend BDC
  • Long eye relief-4 – 3.7 in
  • Resettable, capped MOA turrets
  • Hard, anodized finish
  • Solid 1-piece tube
  • Rangefinding reticle
  • 25 MOA adjustments
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • IPX7 waterproof

What We Like

  • Aluminum structure of aircraft-grade.
  • Capped, resettable turrets.
  • Range finding reticle.
  • First Focal Plane (FFP).
  • Fogproof, shockproof, and dustproof.
  • Lightweight construction.

What We Don’t Like

  • Weaver attachment only
  1. Burris Scope Fullfield 3-9×40 E1 Rifle Scope

Burris Scope Fullfield 3-9x40 E1 Ballistic Plex 350 Legend 1in Tube SFP Rifle Scope



This is the best Burris 350 Legend scope. This scope’s 3-9x variable zoom power makes it excellent for hunting at various ranges.

When you purchase this scope, you will have unrivaled durability.

It is built with high-quality components to withstand whatever you throw at it. The single-piece solid tube can tolerate stress, vibration, and recoil.

Furthermore, the scope is waterproof and nitrogen-filled to provide dependable fog-proof functioning.

The scope’s superb optical performance is another asset.

High-grade optical glass that offers exceptional brightness, clarity, and long-lasting durability is what it brings to the table.

Additionally, it has Index-matched, Hi-Lume multicoating, which improves low light performance and reduces glare. This increases your likelihood of success when hunting in challenging circumstances.

And to top it all off, the scope is lightweight (just 13 oz), so carrying it about won’t be a problem.


  • Variable 3-9x magnification range
  • Solid single-piece tube
  • Second focal plane Ballistic Plex reticle
  • Tube Diameter: 1 in
  • Exit Pupil: 5 – 13 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.1 – 3.4 in
  • 1-inch main tube diameter
  • High-grade optical glass
  • Index-matched, Hi-Lume multicoating
  • Quality, precision-ground lenses

What We Like

  • Reticle with astounding accuracy.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Fantastic clarity and brightness.
  • Windage and elevation turrets that adjust by finger.
  • Low-light performance using Hi-Lume multicoating.
  • Outer tube that is one solid piece.
  • Both fog and water resistant.

What We Don’t Like

  • Non-Illuminated
  1. BSA Optics Sweet .350 Legend 3-9x40mm AO Rifle Scope

BSA Optics Sweet .350 Legend 3-9x40mm AO Rifle Scope


The BSA Optics Sweet 350 Legend AO Riflescope is an additional top-notch low-cost scope for the 350 Legend. The 350 Legend cartridge is the only one for which this sight was created.

It has completely coated lenses that boost light transmission when hunting in low light conditions and innovative optical technology that ensures exceptional visual clarity from dawn to dusk.

The scope is sturdily constructed to withstand the challenging hunting environment. It may be used in both good and bad weather circumstances because it is completely waterproof and fog proof. It also has an aluminum tube measuring 1 inch in diameter. This robust design increases durability while minimizing extra weight.

Additionally, this scope has a flexible 3x to 9x magnification range that works well for close- and mid-range applications. The parallax setting spans from 7.5 yards to infinity to guarantee precise hunting even at great distances.

A 30/30 duplex reticle, two-piece Weaver-style mounts, and a roomy eye relief are among its other standout characteristics.


  • 1 inch tube
  • Field of View, Linear: 34.2 – 11.5 ft at 100 yds
  • 3 ballistically calibrated turrets for 150gr, 170gr, and 180gr rounds
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
  • Magnification: 3 – 9 x
  • 1/4 MOA
  • Tube Diameter: 1 in
  • Eye Relief: 3 in
  • Variable 3-9x magnification
  • 3-inches eye relief
  • Two-piece weaver style mounts

What We Like

  • Aluminum structure that is sturdy.
  • Light-weight style.
  • Completely coated lenses
  • Adjustable objective.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Resistant to recoil and shock.
  • Developed specifically for the 350 Legend cartridge.

What We Don’t Like

  • No-illuminated

See also:

Best Scopes for 350 Legend Buyer’s Guide

  • Magnification

When choosing a scope for 350 Legend, you should first think about magnification. How far you want to shoot will determine the optimal magnification.

If you plan to hunt game at near and far distances, go for a low-power scope with no more than 9x. Consider obtaining a scope with more than 9x magnification if you want to shoot deer from a distance.

  • Durability

Any scope’s dependability and durability are determined by the quality of its construction. Make sure your scope is constructed with high-quality materials if you want it to last for a long time. A robust material like aluminum, magnesium alloy, or any other should be used to make the scope.

Additionally, check to see that both ends of the scope are sealed. Dust, debris, and moisture that can harm the optics will be kept out thanks to this. Additionally, search for a scope that contains either argon or nitrogen gas. When you go between areas with significant temperature and humidity variations, the internal lens won’t fog up this way.

  • Reticle

For varied hunting and shooting uses, numerous scopes feature reticle designs. Your optimum reticle choice, which can range from ballistic reticles to Mil-Dot reticles, will mostly rely on your hunting distance and personal preferences.

Ballistic reticles are designed to account for bullet drops through particular velocities, while Mil-Dot reticles are ideal for range finding. Make sure your scope has a reticle appropriate for the intended application if you want to get the most out of it.

  • Turrets

The simplicity of use and functionality of your scope are determined by its turrets, which you should also take into account. You can get the ideal windage, elevation, and parallax adjustment ranges with the aid of a scope with good turrets.

This will make it simple for you to focus on the specifics of your intended target. You can also correct parallax when photographing long distances with parallax adjustment.

Scopes for 350 Legend FAQS

Which 350 Legend scope would you recommend?

Your needs whether hunting or shooting with this straight-walled cartridge will determine which rifle scope is appropriate for your 350 Legend. It must be built to last and have strong optics, a wide zoom range, and a powerful zoom range. Furthermore, it should be able to focus on things up to 300 yards away.

The 350 Legend’s accurate range is how far?

The 350 Legend has a 250-yard range of accuracy. The effective range of your rifle will change based on the environment and the weather, though. Your hunting abilities will also affect the accuracy.

How Does a 350 Legend Ballistics Work?

The 150gr, 160gr, and 180gr sizes of the 350 Legend are available. Maximum velocities for bullets of 150, 160, and 180 grains are 2,325 fps, 2,225 fps, and 2,100 fps, respectively.

It is suited for close- and mid-range applications because to its high velocity. Any of the three rounds can be used to hunt deer up to 250 yards out with a good rifle and the right ammunition.


The process of selecting the best scope for a 350 Legend shouldn’t be tedious or uncomfortable. As you can see, there are numerous scope options available.

All of the abovementioned scopes are top-notch, dependable, useful, and provide exceptional performance when hunting. You can try any one of them out and be sure to receive excellent value for your money.