7 Best Scopes for 500 Yards (500 Yard Scopes)

Best Scopes for 500 Yards

It is without a doubt that a quality rifle scope improves shooting precision. This is irrespective of the kind of firearm you are using or how far you are shooting. In this post, our focus will be on the best scopes for 500 yards available on the market today.

500 yards is a common range for shooters looking to fine-tune their shooting skills at longer distances. At this distance, you need a scope that is built with high-quality glass and plenty of magnification. On top of that, the scope should have well defined hash marks on the reticle for precision aiming.

However, knowing which scope to buy is no always a walk in the park. The fact is there is a plethora of rifle scopes that can be used for long-range shooting up to 500 yards and you have to make your selection from them. This is often a daunting task especially if you are new in the realm of optics.

To help, we have done our homework and put together a roundup of the best scopes for 500 yards. Built for long range use, these rifle scopes are exceptional in terms of performance, reliability and value. Let’s take a look.

Best Scopes for 500 Yards- Top Picks

  1. Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56mm Rifle Scope

Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56mm Rifle Scope



Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56mm Rifle Scope is by far one of the best scopes for 500 yards. Mounting it on your rifle will awaken a whole new beast and provide unmatched precision and performance at long ranges.

This rifle scope is engineered and built to last. With the 6061-T6 housing and the large 35mm body tube, it is able to withstand the harshest recoil without loosing zero. Furthermore, it has scratch resistant optical coating which provides extra protection in the field.

Another facet that makes it ideal for long range shooting is high speed power selector with integrated throw lever. This feature makes it easy to change the magnification from any position. Other than that, the scope comes with a fast focus eyepiece and precision side focus for convenient adjustment.

Other essential features included are first focal plane illuminated reticle, lens shade and generous eye relief across the whole 5-25x magnification.


  • Matte finish
  • First focal plane reticle
  • Side focus parallax adjustment
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • High-speed power selector
  • 35mm body tube
  • Scratch resistant optics
  • 5:1 zoom ratio


  • Lighted reticle
  • Good eye relief
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Excellent build quality


  • Costly
  1. Vortex Viper PA 6.5-20x50mm 30mm Tube Rifle Scope

Vortex Viper PA 6.5-20x50mm 30mm Tube Rifle Scope



Vortex Viper PA 6.5-20x50mm Rifle Scope is built with the avid long-range shooters in mind. It has a variable 6.5-20x magnification power for use at medium to long ranges, and a large 50mm aperture that makes the magnification useful even at the highest level.

The versatile magnification is offered in the second focal plane reticle. The reticle is Dead-Hold BDC and it maintains the same ideally-sized appearance with change in magnification. Other than that, the scope features fast focus eyepiece which allows quick and easy reticle focusing.

Construction-wise, the scope has a rugged construction to withstand recoil and impact. The body is anodized to provide low glare matte finish in bright light. Furthermore, the optical tube is O-ring sealed and purged with argon gas to provide a lifetime of performance in all weather conditions.

To top off everything else. The Vortex Viper PA 6.5-20x50mm Rifle Scope is outfitted with XD lens elements and XR fully multi-coated optics which work together to enhance image resolution, color fidelity and edge to edge sharpness.


  • 30mm diameter
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Aircraft grade aluminum housing
  • Armortek lens coating
  • Capped reset turrets
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • XD lens elements
  • Precision-force spring system
  • Precision-glide erector system


  • Lightweight construction
  • Good value for the price
  • Broad magnification range
  • Rugged and reliable construction


  • Poor eye relief
  1. Athlon Optics Neos 6-18x44mm Rifle Scope

Athlon Optics Neos 6-18 x 44 mm Rifle Scope



Third in our list of the best rifle scopes for 500 yards is Neos 6-18x44mm Rifle Scope from Athlon Optics. This rifle scope is here to increase your success in the hunting field and shooting range. It is reasonably affordable but well made to meet all your shooting needs.

The build quality of the scope is impressive. It has a one-piece aluminum tube construction which guarantees durability and longevity. Furthermore, it is nitrogen purged to prevent internal fog build up and IPX-7 rated to be fully waterproof and dust proof.

Optically, the scope features a massive 44mm objective lens which enhances low light performance. It also boasts fully multi-coated optics to effectively reduce reflected light and provide bright and clear image views.


  • 50 MOA adjustment range
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • 1-inch tube diameter
  • Fully waterproof, fog proof and dust proof
  • 6-18x variable magnification
  • Matte finish
  • 25 MOA adjustment click value


  • Budget friendly
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Bright and clear optics


  • Narrow eye relief
  1. NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Rifle Scope

NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Rifle Scope



When it comes to performance and value, it is hard to go wrong with the NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Rifle Scope. It offers exceptional precision at extended ranges in virtually all lighting conditions.

The versatile 5-20x magnification power is useful even at the highest settings. This makes it easy to acquire targets at medium to long ranges. Further, the scope has superior quality glass elements which guarantee unmatched resolution and color finesse.

Another defining feature of this rifle scope is construction quality. It is built in a 30mm tube for strength and rigidity. The body is machined in 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum which is able to withstand the harshest abrasion. Besides, it has metal dials with weatherproof caps.

In addition to all these benefits, the NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm Rifle Scope comes with European style fast focus eyepiece for quick and straightforward diopter adjustment.


  • 30mm main tube
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • European style fast focus eyepiece
  • 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum housing
  • ZeroSet function
  • 5-20x total magnification
  • 80 MOA adjustment range


  • Bright and clear optics
  • Generous eye relief
  • Solid construction
  • Stunning low light performance


  • Heavy
  • Big budget
  1. Burris Xtreme Tactical 5-25x50mm Rifle Scope

Burris Xtreme Tactical 5-25x50mm Rifle Scope



Burris Xtreme Tactical 5-25x50mm Rifle Scope is designed for long-range shooters looking to ramp up their accuracy when taking shots at extended distances. It is suitable for use in all environments under any lighting condition.

The selling point of this rifle scope is optical performance. It has a massive 50mm objective lens which guarantees great low light performance. On top of that, it is built with premium optical glass which contains index-matched Hi-Lume multi-coated lenses to boost light transmission.

This rifle scope is usable under any weather condition. Its body tube is nitrogen filled and properly sealed to be 100% fog proof and waterproof respectively. Moreover, it utilizes a one-piece tube design which makes it incredibly durable and shockproof.

To complement the solid construction, the scope has triple internal spring tension system that lets it hold zero through the harshest recoil and vibrations. Over and above that, there are numerous reticle options for you to choose from based on your preferences and shooting needs.


  • First focal plane reticle
  • Matte finish
  • Waterproof and nitrogen filled
  • Adjustable parallax
  • LED reticle illumination
  • Ergonomic side focus
  • Versatile 5x zoom system
  • Zero click stop adjustment
  • High-grade optical glass
  • Triple internal spring tension system


  • Lighted reticle
  • Advanced windage and elevation system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great magnification range


  • The glass clarity could be better
  1. Trijicon AccuPoint TR-23 5-20x50mm Rifle Scope

Trijicon AccuPoint TR-23 5-20x50mm Rifle Scope



As one of the best scopes for 500 yards, Trijicon AccuPoint TR-23 5-20x50mm Rifle Scopes comes with all the features you need to take your shooting to the next high level. It is uniquely designed to be easy to use, even for the beginners.

Trijicon is known for its rugged optics and this rifle scope is not any different. It has an aluminum body that is hard anodized against rust and scratches. Furthermore, the optical tube is waterproofed and fog proofed to perform even in the harshest weather conditions.

The optical features of this rifle scope are also outstanding. The high-end glass elements provide edge-to-edge clarity and sharpness for accurate target identification. Additionally, the scope has fully multi-coated broadband anti-reflective optics which suppress glare and enhance light transmission.

The other noteworthy features the scope brings to the table are an easy focus eyepiece and a diopter to accommodate every individual prescription.


  • 30mm tube diameter
  • Easy focus eyepiece
  • Fully multi-coated broadband anti-reflective glass
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • 40 MOA adjustment range
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • 5-20x magnification range
  • Non-reflective matte finish


  • Generous eye relief
  • Bright and clear optics
  • Holds zero well
  • Excellent build quality


  • Heavy
  1. Primary Arms 6-30x56mm Rifle Scope

Primary Arms 6-30x56mm Rifle Scope



Primary Arms 6-30x56mm Rifle Scope is another high-powered scope ideal for 500-yard shooting. It has a broad 6-30x magnification factor to get you close to the distant targets and enhance overall shooting precision.

This rifle scope offers impeccable glass clarity for accurate target identification and rapid acquisition. The reticle is put on the front focal plane and it stays true at every magnification. Even better, it is illuminated for confident aiming in low light.

When it comes to construction, this rifle scope has a shock resistant body to weather any abuse that comes its way. The housing has a durable hardcoat anodized finish that is scratch proof and anti-reflective.

Moreover, the Primary Arms 6-30x56mm Rifle Scope is waterproof, dust proof and fog resistant for all weather use. It is also built with zero-resettable turrets and precise 0.1 MIL click adjustments.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 34mm tube diameter
  • Front focal plane reticle
  • Zero-resettable turrets
  • Durable hard coat anodized finish
  • Waterproof and fog resistant
  • 6-30x magnification
  • High-quality Japanese glass
  • Precise, tactile 0.1 MIL click adjustments


  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Clear glass and reticle
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for the price


  • Heavy

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Best Scopes for 500 Yards Buyers Guide

When shopping for a 500-yard scope, consider the following factors:


Range of magnification is the first thing you should consider when looking to buy a scope for 500 yards. The further you shoot, the higher the magnification factor a scope should have. We recommend that you get a scope with at least 12x magnification power for 500-yard shooting.


The reticle a scope has can make or break your shooting at long ranges. The best scopes for 500 yards have a reticle that fits what you are doing while providing a clean and uncluttered point of aim. Scopes with Mil-Dot, Duplex and BDC are preferrable for shooting at such a range.

Strength and Durability

Buying a scope for 500 yards shooting is not something you do on a whip. Look at the strength and rigidity of the scope and pick a model that is built with strong and solid construction.

You should also look at whether the scope is operable in all weather conditions. A scope with reliable waterproof, dust proof and fog proof protection will complement the unmatched durability and be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Eye Relief

Another thing to consider is eye relief. If you are buying a scope for the first time, eye relief refers to the distance your eye has to be from the eyepiece during use. The best scopes for 500 yards have a long eye relief of at least 3.5 inches to enable comfortable and safe glassing with or without eye glasses.

Best Scopes for 500 Yards FAQs

  • What is the best magnification for 500 yards?

The best magnification for 500 yards is 15x going by the 3x rule for every 100 yards. For most people who shoot or hunt between 100 and 500 yards, a variable powered scope with 3-15x magnification is sufficient.

  • What features should I prioritize in a 500 yards scope?

There are plenty of features that make a scope good for 500 yards hunting or shooting. Prioritize features such as glass quality, low light performance and robust construction, in addition to crisp reticle and reliable turret adjustments.


Finding the best scope for 500 yards is easy when you know the feature that you want the scope to have. Each rifle scope we have mentioned comes with all the features you need to hit the 500-yard mark without strain. Factor in your needs and preference, and choose the scope that will be best for your hunting or shooting excursions.