Best Motorcycle Rain Suits And Gear

 Best Motorcycle Rain Suits And Gear

It’s important to wear appropriately, understand traction, have clear vision, and be visible if you want to ride safely in the rain.

It is likely that you will experience the rain at some time if you ride a motorcycle frequently, whether for leisure or commuting. A solid pair of high-quality rain gear should be included in your kit bag so you can prevent being completely saturated once you find yourself in this position.

Rain gear and suits available in a variety of styles and price points. For weekend warriors on the go, some are just ok. However, a high-quality rain suit and other clothing will provide comfort and freedom from the forecast for motorcycle riders who wish to save a little money for the future.

You could discover that some of the best rain gear and suits are occasionally not the most expensive.

 Best Motorcycle Rain Suits And Gear-Our Top Reviews

  1. Joe Rocket Men’s Motorcycle

Joe Rocket Men's Motorcycle


One of the top motorcycle rain suits available is the Joe Rocket RS-2 Men’s Motorcycle Rain Suit (Black/Hi-Viz, Large). It is waterproof because of its distinctive construction, which includes a PVC backing and a polyester waterproof shell.

This rain gear for motorcycles has a full-length zipper, a velcro storm collar, and flap.


  • Waterproof
  • PVC backing
  • Full-length Zipper
  • Gusset expanders
  • Ventilation


  • There are two huge outside pockets.
  • On the back, there is changeable ventilation.
  • Inner collar is lined with soft corduroy.


  • Some riders may find the collar too wide.
  1. Nelson Rigg Aston Motorcycle Rain Suit 2-Peice

Nelson Rigg Aston Motorcycle Rain Suit 2-Peice


One of the top motorbike rain coats available on the market, this one is completely waterproof. This rain gear for motorcycles includes a PVC backing and a soft Polyester outer shell.

The jacket has a self-closing full-length zipper and is both breathable and robust. Nylon is used to line the sleeves.

This motorcycle rain gear, which is among the best available, has three sizable storage outer waterproof compartments.

Additionally, there is another waterproof zippered pocket that can be utilized as a vent comfort stretch.

Self-fastening tabs on the suit increase comfort and fitness. You receive pants with watertight thigh pockets. This suit, which is among the best motorcycle rain gear available, is heat resistant and will protect the rider’s legs if they come into contact with hot components.


  • Heat Resistant.
  • System of ventilation.
  • Reflective piping
  • Integrated seat panel for strength and sliding reduction.


  • Visibility is improved with reflective piping.
  • Waterproof to the core.
  • Suspender straps can be adjusted.
  • Large waterproof pockets
  • Belt adjusters that are elasticized.
  • Cuff is adjustable.
  • Boot stirrups and an elasticized ankle cuff
  • The inside collar is silky and includes a hood.


  • The sleeves can be too big, especially if the correct size is not chosen.
  1. Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Motorcycle Riding Rain Suit

Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Motorcycle Riding Rain Suit


One of the top motorcycle rain coats on the market, this Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing rain suit offers all-weather motorcycle rain gear. Because the jacket, pants, or both can be worn separately from the rest of the suit, it is detachable. The building is of the highest caliber. All weather resistance is provided by the heavy-duty nylon used to make the suit.

This jacket allows for simple movement and features a front zipper with a Velcro over-fly that can be adjusted to withstand wind and rain.

To stop the cold from seeping under a helmet, the collar is banded. The elastic waistband of the pants facilitates easy fitting. The elastic cuff and legs allow it to be worn and removed with ease over boots.


  • broad mobility.
  • waistband with elastic.
  • Durable robust nylon.
  • Lined entirely.
  • a banded Velcro collar.
  • Flexible and elastic.


  • A motorbike suit for every weather.
  • Separate; you can choose to wear just the jacket or the pants.
  • An elastic waistline makes pants easy to fit.


  • Long-term downpours might cause water to seep through the garments.
  1. Nelson-Rigg Stormrider 2-Piece Rain Suit

Nelson-Rigg Stormrider 2-Piece Rain Suit


The two-piece Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit is completely waterproof. Features a full length zipper with hook and loop storm flaps, a PVC backing, a soft polyester outer shell, and two sizable exterior pockets with gusset expanders.

This suit boasts a hooded inner collar made of soft corduroy and cooling vents under each arm. The elasticized waist of the pants and adjustable cuffs with hook and loop tabs make for a comfortable fit. For nighttime riding, highly visible reflective striping is present on the jacket and pants.


  • Soft polyester outer shell with PVC backing
  • Jacket has full-length zipper
  • Soft corduroy inner collar with hood
  • Elasticized waist
  • Oversized zipper gussets
  • elasticized boot stirrups


  • 100% waterproof rain suit
  • Cooling vents under each arm.
  • Reflective striping on both jacket and pants for night riding
  • Large outer pockets and cooling vents under each arm
  • Ventilation system allows air circulation


  • Sizes are a little iffy.
  • We wish a travel case or bag were included.
  1. Milwaukee Leather MPM9510 Men’s Black Water-Resistant Rain Suit with Hi Vis Reflective Tape

Milwaukee Leather MPM9510 Men's Black Water-Resistant Rain Suit with Hi Vis Reflective Tape


Reflective taping is used on Milwaukee Leather Black Water-Resistant Rain Suits to improve visibility. The suit is breathable and waterproof. The entire length of both pant legs are likewise fully zippered.

The heat guards on the inner of the lower legs are another good feature of this suit. While riding, this will assist protect both the suit and your legs. In order to prevent you from slipping when it rains harder, the backs of the legs and the seat have grip pads.


  • 100% Oxford Nylon
  • Heat Guard on Bottom of Leg + Back Leg Seat Grip Pads
  • Milwaukee Leather Performance Apparel
  • Day Night Reflective Tape on Chest, Arms and Back
  • Cotton lining
  • Zipper closure


  • Lightweight & Water Resistant
  • Both the jacket and pants have reflective taping for increased visibility.
  • It is sized and designed to easily fit over your regular riding leathers.
  • Rolls up nice and tight so that it stores easily and without taking up valuable space.


  • The material is prone to fragility.
  • Given that the leg cuffs are elastic, they could not fit over your boots.
  1. Joe Rocket Survivor Men’s Waterproof 1-Piece Motorcycle Riding Suit


Joe Rocket Survivor Men's Waterproof 1-Piece Motorcycle Riding Suit


A stylish piece of motorcycle gear, the Joe Rocket Survivor Men’s Waterproof 1-Piece Motorcycle Riding Suit features a waterproof outer shell rather than a waterproof liner. A mesh strip that zips together behind the main zipper serves as the suit’s effective ventilation system.

The Survivor Suit is made of Joe Rocket’s own RockTex 600 material, which is said to be a polyester and nylon blend on the label. The fabric feels substantial, and the stitching appears to be very even and straight.

The majority of the zippers used on the Survivor suit are waterproof sealing models from YKK. For added abrasion protection, there is an additional layer of RockTex material on the major impact points (shoulders, elbows, and knees).


  • Waterproof treated Rock Tex 600 outer shell
  • E. rated armor in shoulders, elbows and knees
  • YKK zippers
  • Articulated expansion waist
  • Double layer Rock Tex 600 on shoulders, elbows and knees
  • 14-point Sure Fit™ custom adjustment system at waist, chest, upper legs & ankles


  • Removable spine armor
  • Melt resistant material on lower leg area
  • Removable Insulated full suit liner
  • Waterproof lined pockets
  • Triple closure outer pockets
  • Big Air ventilation system patent pending
  • Reflective stripe & logo


  • Won’t keep you entirely dry in a downpour.
  • Lack of hip guards.
  1. FROGG TOGGS Men’s Classic All-Sport Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit

FROGG TOGGS Men's Classic All-Sport Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit


The Men’s Classic All-Sport Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit from FROGG TOGGS is made of a breathable, non-woven fabric that is lightweight, windproof, and waterproof.

The open-waist, full-length parka jacket with an adjustable, detachable hood. The zipper has elastic cuffs and a storm flap that snaps down. The elastic waist of the pants is adjustable, and the leg openings are also.

This suit is well-made and strong. The drawstring elastic waist pants are long enough to cover your boots and are simple to pull over your riding attire. The Classic non-woven jacket and pants are both well-fitting and waterproof. For all outdoor activities, the All Sports Suit offers stylish outerwear.


  • Frogg Toggs’ exclusive non-woven fabric
  • Adjustable removable hood
  • Full length parka cut
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Front zip with a snap-down storm flap
  • open waist design with E-Z push cord locks
  • Adjastuble elastic waist and leg openings
  • 4- panel cut


  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Waterproof, Wind-Resistant and breathable
  • elastic cuffs to keep elements out
  • full length parka fits over pants to avoid run off transfer


  • Both the coat and the pants lack pockets.
  • The fabric has a paper-like texture rather than a textile one.
  • There is no reflective trim on the outfit.

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Considerations for Buying the Best Motorcycle Rain Suits And Gear


It’s crucial to keep in mind that visibility is frequently low when picking motorbike wet weather clothing. So that other drivers can see you, you might choose to use brighter-coloured jackets and jeans. Retro-reflective components improve visibility as well.

Always check to see how many reflective spots and stripes your rain gear has. These patches need to be placed on regions of your body that other drivers may see.

The majority of rain gear manufacturers now produce their rain gear in hi-viz colours for better visibility. It is exceedingly challenging for other drivers to miss these intense hues.

Ventilation and Breathability

To stay comfortable while riding for extended periods of time, you need a motorcycle rain suit that is both breathable and waterproof. Some suits are made completely of PVC, which keeps water out well but restricts airflow, leading you to perspire. You need clothing that will reduce internal and external dampness.

The best rain gear for keeping the rider dry is typically made of waterproof, breathable materials that wick away water from the outside.

If you choose a PVC rain suit, be sure it has enough ventilation in all of your body’s hot spots.


Rain can make your motorcycle seat incredibly slippery, making it highly risky to fall off while riding. It’s advisable to spend money on a motorbike rain suit that has either an anti-slip coating or unique panel to avoid this from happening. This way, regardless of the weather, you can feel secure knowing that you’ll be seated safely on your motorcycle.

Long-lasting water repellent (DWR)

Many rain gears are sprayed with a DWR to prevent moisture buildup on the exterior of your garment. Excess water causes your clothes to cling to your body. The long-lasting water repellent drips the water away from your garment, allowing it to easily shed. The long-lasting water repellent fades with time. When this happens, there are sprays available to apply a new coat.


Always consider how comfortable the motorbike rain gear will be for you while making your purchase. The rain suit should be easy to put on and take off, breathable, and adjustable.

In order to prevent discomfort, good rain gear should be made of decent materials. The best rain gear ought to be adequately constructed. The last thing you want in windy and rainy conditions is rain gear that begins to break down at the first sign of resistance.

 Best Motorcycle Rain Suits And Gear FAQs

  • What maintenance should I perform on my motorbike rain gear?

It is strongly advised to hand wash and dry your rain gear to maintain its waterproof integrity. It is not recommended to machine wash or dry the item because doing so could result in the coating breaking and losing its weatherproofing properties.

  • Are rain suits intended to be worn below regular clothing?

Numerous rain suits are made to be worn over everyday attire. Before choosing a rain suit, take this into consideration among other things to make sure that it will fit well over your regular clothing. You can protect yourself from the weather outside by wearing a rain suit and other waterproof clothing.

  • How do I choose the proper motorbike rain suit size?

Make sure you take your measurements while wearing the equipment you ride in. Depending on whether you’re wearing riding clothing for the summer or the winter, the size may change. To fit the jacket, measure your chest and belly. Since pants sit higher than conventional trousers do, measure from the top of the hips for pants. Also, measure the distance between your crotch and your ankles, or in seam.

  • On a motorcycle, how do you pack rain gear?

You’ll need a storage solution if you want to take your rain gear about and be ready for anything. Most rain coats, suits, and pants are lightweight and compact due to their ability to fold up into themselves. Your motorcycle rain gear can be kept in a backpack or, if your bike has a trunk or other storage area, it can be folded up and stored there.

Final Thoughts

As you are aware, no one enjoys being caught off guard during a storm, especially when operating a motorcycle. Purchase some high-quality motorcycle rain gear to be well-prepared for rain while riding. Motorcycle rain gear is made to keep you dry, cozy, and able to enjoy your ride regardless of the weather.

You won’t have to worry about the weather when you ride thanks to the best motorcycle rain suits and gear. When it starts to rain, you’ll be prepared with your lightweight, multipurpose rain suit, which will protect you from the wind, rain, and muck.