Best Hunting Sleeping Bags for Deer & Elk Hunters

Best Hunting Sleeping Bags for Deer & Elk Hunters

Lack of sleep causes grogginess and lack of concentration during the day, which can result in missed chances and unfilled tags. Finding the ideal sleeping bag for your quest is essential because of this.

You’ll need a good sleeping bag in your kit to make the trip comfortable if you’re preparing for a hiking trip and hoping to bag some Elk, Deer, Moose, or other wildlife.

We’re only going to be highlighting the best in terms of portability and effectiveness because the majority of this form of hunting takes place up in the coldest parts of the continent and during colder periods of the year.

Obtaining one of the best sleeping bags for your deer or elk hunt will put an end to cold and restless evenings for good. Whether you’re camping in the early or late seasons, spending the night in your tent should be a peaceful and relaxing experience that helps you reenergize.

Whether you want a high-end down bag or a synthetic bag that is affordable, we have what you need. Let’s get going!

Best Hunting Sleeping Bags for Deer & Elk Hunters- Our Top Picks

  1. Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) – Men’s & Women’s

Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) - Men's & Women's


The NEMO Disco 15 is our top overall hunting sleeping bag because it has extra room for side sleepers’ elbow and knee areas. Its practical, small, and intelligent design will come in handy when you bunker down in your tent and get some rest before going out to find your next freezer filler.

This bag will fend against condensation and keep campers warm far into shoulder seasons because it is filled with 650-fill hydrophobic down and is rated for 15 degrees. When it becomes a little too damp, its Thermo Gill zippers assist in releasing body heat.

By blocking drafts around your face, neck, and shoulders, NEMO’s Blanket Fold, like your favorite comforter, provides some additional material for you to cuddle up with around your face. This helps you maintain a comfortable body temperature.

It has everything you require for a restful night’s sleep in the wilderness.


  • Side sleepers have more space in the elbow and knee regions.
  • Vents make it possible to regulate temperature precisely.
  • Can zip together with Women’s Disco 15.
  • A useful inside zip compartment.
  • Perfectly cozy, and the quality looks reliable.
  • Soft, light, and portable.


  • 650-fill power isn’t super lofty
  1. Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine 15F/-9C

Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine 15F/-9C


This Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine bag, which is rated for 15 degrees, offers the adaptability for practically any expedition. With a lower testing limit of 11 degrees, it can be used for a variety of activities, from lonely desert getaways to high-altitude mountain expeditions, well into the fall when temperatures drop below freezing.

We loved how the neck baffle encircles the entire bag’s perimeter and provides security to keep your body heat trapped inside. Short, standard, long, and left or right zip versions of this bag are available. It also comes with a compression bag of its own.

The roomy foot box and 58-inch shoulder circumference make for comfortable slumber and warm toes.

Overall, if you’re a serious traveler seeking for a pack that’s light, warm, and high-quality, the Phantom is a must-have.


  • Ultralight weight
  • High Loft.
  • 850 Fill Down.
  • Circumferential neck baffle.
  • Compression Sack is included.
  • DWR finish


  • Expensive
  1. Nemo Riff Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) – Men’s & Women’s

Nemo Riff Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) - Men's & Women's


The NEMO Riff 30 will flourish in early elk and deer hunting seasons and warmer climates just like the Disco 15, which is our top pick overall for mid-seasons.

Lofty 800-fill power down insulation is encased in a long-lasting, water-resistant ripstop shell to keep you warm in temperatures as low as 30 degrees. The down also has a fluorocarbon-free, water-resistant Nikwax Hydrophobic Down treatment to keep you warm even when it gets wet.

After you turn over into the wall in the middle of the night, the waterproof, ventilated footbox prevents tent condensation, and an integrated pillow pocket stores your jacket or extra clothing to serve as a temporary pillow.

The Riff 30 features additional space in the knee and elbow areas, similar to the Disco 15, for side sleepers who dislike feeling confined in conventional mummy-style bags.

The Riff 30 is one of the top bags in the outdoor business as a result of its amazing feature set.


  • For side sleepers, there is more space at the elbow and knee.
  • Temperature regulation is made possible by vents.
  • Innovative and practical, pillow pocket.
  • Lightweight and incredibly compressible.


  • None at the moment that we can come up with
  1. Big Agnes Women’s Torchlight UL Expandable Down Mummy Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Women's Torchlight UL Expandable Down Mummy Sleeping Bag


Thanks to the non-catching zippers on each side, the Big Agnes Torchlight UL backpack is as near as it comes to having a bespoke design created particularly for you.

A 10-inch side panel that zips up the entire length of the bag can be used by the user to customize the fit to their preferred sleeping position. Simply open the zipper if you require a bit more space or prefer to sleep on your side. It is lightweight enough to be carried on a long hike or ride.

The mesh internal pockets retain gadgets and other small items to keep near (and toasty) at night, while the interior loops allow for a bag liner. Additionally, it is stuffed with water-repellent DownTek down, keeping you warm and comfortable in a variety of temperatures.

For individuals who prioritize comfort above all else, this bag is ideal. It has the ability to both widen and encircle your body. It nevertheless packs down effortlessly and is tiny enough to take out into the woods despite having all these advantages.


  • Featuring expanding side panels, highly adjustable.
  • Pockets for extras.
  • DownTek waterproof down.
  • The material is smooth and soft.


  • Heavy and bulky
  1. The North Face Cat’s Meow 20F / -7C Backpacking Sleeping Bag

The North Face Cat's Meow 20F / -7C Backpacking Sleeping Bag


We wanted to offer some of the best low-cost solutions available because not all elk and deer hunting sleeping bags have to be exorbitantly priced. The North Face Cat’s Meow, a 20-degree synthetic bag that has established itself in the outdoor community, is one of them.

The Cat’s Meow is a functional bag with a completely insulated hood, recycled fabric, and a water-repellent finish. Shock cords that are included into this useful design stop sleeping pads from “wandering” through the night.

For added comfort and to stop heat loss, this sleeping bag is constructed with a fitted hood, draft collar, and zipper baffle. The bag is attached to a sleeping pad with pad loops, and a vaulted footbox provides loft beneath the feet for further warmth.

This durable sleeping bag is a camp essential thanks to its warm yet lightweight synthetic insulation.


  • Good craftsmanship
  • Ultra – strong fabric.


  • Not as lightweight or effective as down bags
  1. OneTigris Down Sleeping Bag,32°F Cold Weather Mummy Sleeping Bag OneTigris Down Sleeping Bag, Survival Gear, 32°F Cold Weather Mummy Sleeping Bag for Camping Hiking Backpacking


90% down filling is used in this OneTigris 32-degree bag. As a result, despite costing less than $100, the bag is lighter and smaller than you might anticipate. We think that’s great.

The sleek camo ripstop nylon outer shell of this bag is an additional plus. Although the camouflage’s stealthiness won’t matter inside your tent, it should be useful at camp when airing out the bag while attempting to avoid detection. This appears to be a reliable hunting sleeping bag, according to many reviews.

We have the right sleeping bag for you, whether you’re searching for a warm option for your upcoming mountain camping trip or a lightweight option for your upcoming backpacking adventure.


  • Very affordable
  • Two YKK zippers for convenience.
  • Quite portable and small for its cost.
  • Cammo shell


  • Some people say the stuffing falls out too quickly, and others wonder about the cotton layer.
  1. Guide Gear Sportsman’s Sleeping Bag 

Guide Gear Sportsman’s Sleeping Bag with Arms for Adults Cold Weather, Hunting, Camping, Hiking Accessories


The adult sleeping bag from Guide Gear has built-in arms for greater mobility and flexibility. Warm up and get ready before you take that shot.

The camping bag has insulation made of 80-gram polyester fiberfill that keeps you warm at 30°F. Ideal for staying warm in a hunting blind or for camping outside throughout the winter.

The built-in hood and drawcord at the neck of the winter sleeping bag keep you warm and insulated in freezing climates.

You may have just discovered the multi-purpose piece of gear you’ve been hunting for to keep you toasty both at camp and out in the field.


  • Both affordable and efficient.
  • A lovely and toasty bag.
  • Constructed especially for hunters.
  • Camo pattern is useful.
  • Water-resistant


  • Heavy and bulky for a 30-degree bag
  1. Sierra Designs Nitro 0 Degree 800 Fill DriDown Sleeping Bag

Sierra Designs Nitro 0 Degree 800 Fill DriDown Sleeping Bag


The Nitro is a light-weight mummy with some tricks up its sleeve that revives the traditional mummy shape while being incredibly comfortable and light.

The Nitro punches above its weight class because to its straightforward design and lightweight materials, yet it still has our self-sealing foot vent for comfort.

The Nitro 0 DriDown sleeping bag is a terrific choice for people seeking a solid balance of factors because it offers excellent cold-weather performance, a more reasonable starting price, and weighs just under 3lbs.

Numerous evaluations claim that for a bag with its characteristics, this one sleeps warmer and tends to be more comfortable than similar models.


  • Comfortable to sleep on.
  • Comfortable to sleep on.
  • Outstanding quality.


  • If you’re particularly tall, this one isn’t for you because some people feel the bag’s overall height to be a little bit too short.

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Factors We Consider When Reviewing Best Hunting Sleeping Bags for Deer & Elk Hunters

Synthetic Filling vs. Down Filling

Knowing the key distinctions between down and synthetic filling before selecting your next bag is essential. You can choose the bag that works best for you and the situations you anticipate by being aware of each bag’s advantages and disadvantages.

Synthetic stuffing is frequently heavier and more expensive than down or feathers from ducks or geese. Although it has a higher weight to heat ratio than synthetic materials, once wet, it quickly loses its insulation capabilities. Usually, down stuffing is used to create the most luxurious, insulated bags.

In general, synthetic filling, also known as artificial insulation, weighs more and is less expensive than down filling. Although it has a lower warmth-to-weight ratio than down, once wet, it retains its insulating characteristics better. If you intend to camp in damp or humid conditions, we advise using synthetic bags.


It’s possible to spend a fortune on hunting. We’ve tried our best to recommend a variety of items at various price points because sleeping bags aren’t typically an exception.

Quality Materials

Your hunting sleeping bag must be constructed from high-quality materials to perform season after season, starting with the outside fabric, moving on to the insulation, and finishing with the stitching. In order to avoid failure when you need them most, we made an effort to incorporate bags constructed from high-quality materials.


You won’t benefit much from sleeping bags that are easy to tear or that allow insulation to leak through their outer fabric. That’s why we’ve tried our best to suggest backpacks from reputable manufacturers that can withstand the demanding hunting circumstances season after season.


You probably already know that the weight of your pack counts if you’re an elk or deer hunter who walks for hours into remote areas in search of the ideal campsite near the action. For this reason, we took the total weight of the sleeping bags into account while recommending them in this post.

The weight of their sleeping bag won’t matter as much, however, if you’re only a short distance from your truck when you’re camping.

Best Hunting Sleeping Bags for Deer & Elk Hunters FAQS

How does backcountry hunting vary from traditional hunting?

While some readers may have access to hundreds or even thousands of acres of private land for hunting, the majority of us do not. Backcountry hunting typically entails traveling several miles into the wilderness and camped out there for a few days in order to reach your hunting location, which is typically off the beaten (and inhabited) road and is where you will find the game you are after.

What varieties of sleeping bags are there?

The five most popular sleeping bag shapes are given below: rectangular, semi-rectangular, mummy, double, and kid-sized.

What color sleeping bag should I get?

The finest sleeping bags for traveling are therefore dark in hue. Darker hues, such as black, absorb heat more quickly than lighter ones do. You’ll save time and keep your bag in great condition with this one straightforward function.


We therefore hope you discover a bag that suits you, whether you’re an early-season camper chasing elk in pleasant weather or a late-season deer hunter shivering in temperatures well below zero.

Which of these top sleeping bags are you going to buy for the upcoming deer and elk hunting season?

I hope you choose a decision that is as comfortable, beautiful, and cozy as you could possibly imagine.