7 Best Heavy Duty Greenhouse Kits

Best Heavy Duty Greenhouse Kits

A quick and simple option to creating a greenhouse from scratch is to buy a greenhouse kit. Additionally, it is the ideal technique to extend your growing season or grow exotic plants that would not otherwise flourish in your local area.

A greenhouse kit beautifies your outdoor area while also shielding your plants from the weather. The growing season may typically be extended by greenhouses, allowing you to consume the produce you are farming for as long as you choose.

When purchasing a greenhouse kit, be sure to consider the finished size, design, material, ventilation options, and any optional extras that may come with the building.

Choosing the best heavy duty greenhouse kits might be difficult because there are so many options available. The good news is that there is a choice to fit practically any gardener’s greenhouse budget and tastes because to the huge diversity.

There are several strong, durable options available. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the top-knotch ones, so use this as your guide.

Best Heavy Duty Greenhouse Kits-Our Top Recommendations

  1. VEIKOU Greenhouse for Outdoor Heavy Duty Polycarbonate

VEIKOU Greenhouse for Outdoor Heavy Duty Polycarbonate


This conventional greenhouse kit puts ventilation first to provide your plants with the best atmosphere for growth. It’s also simpler to construct than it appears, requiring only a few panels and a frame.

To make it simpler for you to walk into the greenhouse on a daily basis, they modified the entrance to a swing-out locking style.

This heavy-duty walk-in greenhouse kit’s structure is constructed of thicker, powder-coated, grey aluminum that is rust- and weather-resistant and more durable to withstand all types of weather.

The thicker polycarbonate panels with diffused patterns can give your plants more warmth inside so that frost damage can be avoided and so that there is adequate light for the plants to flourish.

It has a slanted barn rooftop design, which can significantly increase the product’s wind resistance. Plants can be protected from cold, rain, overheating, and pets using greenhouse panels made of UV-resistant polycarbonate, which also has a significant impact resistance.


  • Simple to put together
  • Weather- and corrosion-resistant frame
  • Affordable and accessible in a range of sizes


  • Windows frequently fly open in strong winds.
  1. Palram – Canopia Hybrid 6′ x 4′ Greenhouse

Palram - Canopia Hybrid 6' x 4' Greenhouse


This greenhouse kit from Canopia by Palram is the finest option for any gardener searching for a useful and long-lasting greenhouse because it is sturdy, roomy, and exquisitely built.

With aluminum frames and walls made of UV-protective polycarbonate, it builds a genuine freestanding greenhouse construction that will withstand years of inclement weather.

It has a built-in gutter system to aid with drainage during inclement weather. During the warmer months, a roof vent lets circulation into the greenhouse, and a hinged door allows for simple access and more airflow as needed.

This greenhouse is also rather simple to assemble. Since it features predrilled pieces and precut panels that are intended to fit into place in the frame, it doesn’t need any additional equipment.

This greenhouse has three frame colors to choose from: gray, green, or silver. It is incredibly attractive to look at.


  • A framework that is long-lasting, corrosion- and weather-resistant.
  • The greenhouse construction is made easier by the predrilled holes and sliding-panel mechanism.
  • Straightforward to put together.


  • Excludes any storage or additional gardening accessories
  1. ShelterLogic 70658 Greenhouse

ShelterLogic 70658 Greenhouse


The ShelterLogic GrowIT greenhouse-in-a-box makes the labor-intensive task of building a sizable greenhouse considerably simpler. This greenhouse is large enough to accommodate a variety of plants.

The ripstop, translucent polyethylene cover is installed on top of the frame. In order to survive bad weather, the cover is made to fit tightly to the frame.

It boasts a strong powder-coated steel frame that can withstand its substantial size, and ShelterLock stabilizers further increase the frame’s durability and strength. Although it would not endure as long as a greenhouse with rigid panels, this one can withstand light winds and snowfalls.

The cover incorporates roll-up side panels and zippered half-moon end vents for ample ventilation. A roll-down, zippered front panel on the walk-in greenhouse allows users to enter.


  • Large enough to fit several kinds of plants.
  • Durable and weatherproof.
  • Lots of ventilation is offered via the roll-up side panels and the zippered end panel vents.


  • Some customers thought the instructions were not clear.
  • Others find it difficult to assemble the greenhouse.
  1. Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse

Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse


This Palram Snap & Grow Greenhouse simple DIY greenhouse kit is for people who would prefer to avoid the difficult constructing process.

Its walls and roof are made of nearly unbreakable crystal-clear polycarbonate, which offers 100% UV protection and over 90% light transmission.

With its SmartLock connecting system, the sturdy aluminum frame can be put together fast and with little hardware.

Even more time can be saved by construction because the split door and vent windows are already assembled. Even while it is not small, its narrow width of 72 inches makes it perfect for a backyard with limited space.


  • Easy to put together.
  • Provides over 90% light transmission and 100% UV protection.
  • Made from sturdy metal.
  • Ventilated windows and doors are pre-assembled.


  • Not equipped with shelves
  1. Outsunny Walk-in Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Outsunny Walk-in Polycarbonate Greenhouse


The Outsunny Walk-in Greenhouse is distinguished by its flexible roof, which keeps the space aired and gives the plants additional water through the use of rain gutters that are incorporated.

Although the unit is not the simplest to put together, it is quite sturdy and windproof once it is. With this 0.25-inch-thick polycarbonate wall walk-in greenhouse, you can create your own garden plant nursery.

It contains an adjustable roof vent you can use to allow in fresh air and simply control excess moisture. It lets in 90% of light and UV to stop solar damage.

The rain gutters that are incorporated help to catch natural rainwater. To start collecting water and become more self-sufficient, connect a hose to your greenhouse.


  • Very sturdy and windproof material.
  • High light transmission and robust construction.
  • Includes rain gutters that supply the plants with additional water.
  • A roof that can be adjusted to provide various ventilation angles.


  • Difficult to construct and inadequate directions
  1. Exaco Junior Orangerie J-ORA 116 Square Foot Greenhouse

Exaco Junior Orangerie J-ORA 116 Square Foot Greenhouse


Buy this Exaco Junior Orangerie Greenhouse kit if you want a traditional greenhouse with glass walls.  The kit includes a strong, lightweight aluminum frame that won’t rust with time, making it simpler to install.

Rubber seals are used to join the tempered glass panels, which are four times more durable than conventional glass, to the aluminum framework.

The greenhouse kit also includes two roof vents with automatic openers that open and close the vents in response to temperature and a sliding glass door to keep out animals. This is a wonderful choice if aesthetics are important to you.


  • Tempered glass, which is four times stronger than standard glass, is used in the panels.
  • Strong, lightweight, and rust-proof metal frame.
  • Fashioned after Victorian architecture.


  • This greenhouse will require extra time to assemble because it is larger than average.
  1. Quictent Upgraded Portable Greenhouse

Quictent Upgraded Portable Greenhouse


The Quictent hoop-style greenhouse has doors on both ends and a double-layer transparent polyethylene roof. 85% of the sun’s energy can travel through the transparent polyethylene while ultraviolet rays that might harm plants are blocked.

All ten windows feature gauze mesh to keep objects out when venting, and all sides Velcro on the windows may seal off the greenhouse and maintain the interior temperature in the winter.

Winter snow is shed by the rounded top, and any snow accumulation is supported by three rows of crossbars. The cover is warranted for six months, while the poles are covered by a one-year warranty.


  • Robust frame that improves the snow and wind resistance.
  • Ensure sufficient ventilation.
  • Dependable and top-notch client support.


  • Some claim that the instructions were inadequate.
  • Get more tie-down supplies; otherwise, it will blow away.

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Buying Guide for the Best Heavy Duty Greenhouse Kits


Although the frames of most greenhouses are composed of steel or aluminum, plastic film, polycarbonate panels, or glass are frequently used as paneling. Each substance has advantages:

Due to its resistance to breaking, polycarbonate is more robust. It also offers greater UV protection and light diffusion. The transparency of this substance is limited, though.

Although glass is lovely, it is both brittle and inefficient for heating. For it to be useful, it needs to have double- or triple-strength. Requires a stronger frame, base, and smaller, more frequent panes. It also doesn’t disperse light, can burn plants, and doesn’t diffuse light.

Although it can shred or tear and performs poorly in strong winds, plastic is the cheapest film and it retains heat effectively.


If you experience cold, snowy winters, you must use a hard, well-insulating material like glass or multiple-walled polycarbonate sheets. A rigid material is also necessary if there are frequently strong winds. In these circumstances, wood and metal frame perform better than plastic.


Any greenhouse must have adequate ventilation in order to control the humidity and temperature within. Look for a greenhouse with a window or vent, or one that has adjustable temperature control, at a substantially greater price.

Resistance to weather

Depending on where you live and how you intend to utilize your greenhouse, this aspect can be crucial. It is important to seek for a product that has a good wind-resistance and snow load capacity if you intend to leave your greenhouse up all year.

Many cheap plastic greenhouses frequently collapse under the weight of snow because they can’t withstand strong winds.


This has a significant impact on the greenhouse you select. You might not need anything large if all you’re doing in your little yard is growing a few plants for transplanting elsewhere. The capacity to sow seeds and have a nursery for your young plants until it’s time for transplanting during the growing season is provided by a larger greenhouse, however, if you have more than an acre or so  of land.


A greenhouse alters how your property and the surrounding area seem. Whether it’s a gothic arch in the backyard or a lean-to extending from the back of a brick house, the right design may offer charm and functionality. On the other hand, whether your greenhouse is small and portable or you’re adding a huge greenhouse to a place already used for farming, aesthetics might not be a concern.

Best Heavy Duty Greenhouse Kits  FAQs

What are the strongest greenhouse panels?

Polycarbonate, a stiff plastic that is virtually as transparent as glass, is one of the strongest greenhouse covers. It is readily cuttable and installable and comes in flat twin-wall and corrugated single layer thicknesses.

What is the best greenhouse kit for high winds?

High density polyethylene and polycarbonate are two excellent choices. Polycarbonate greenhouse panels provide better insulation than glass and are resistant to shattering. Twin wall polycarbonate is something to take into consideration for especially windy places.

What type of greenhouse is most expensive?

The priciest choice is galvanized steel, which is more durable and long-lasting than aluminum but costs more. When designing a greenhouse, wood frame may be used in some instances to produce a particular aesthetic. However, metal is more durable outside.


When sunlight enters a greenhouse, the heat is subsequently trapped within to provide a warm, stable atmosphere ideal for plant growth. While home gardeners are capable of designing and constructing their own greenhouses, greenhouse kits make the process simpler by offering precut pieces and assembly instructions.

The greatest greenhouse kits, as you have seen, are well manufactured, well designed, and constructed from premium materials with ventilation systems to provide a consistent growing environment. Additionally, they are user-friendly, reasonably simple to install, and long-lasting. We hope you discover one that satisfies your needs.