Best Commercial Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners

Best Commercial Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners

Mowing the lawn is an unavoidable chore if you have a yard. There’s nothing like the scent of freshly cut grass. Of course, only sharp mower blades can properly cut the grass. Dull blades, on the other hand, are a real pain. The blunted edges not only fail to complete the task, but they also leave grass clumps in your mower.

Lawn mower blade sharpeners are the simple solution. These tools are needed to keep the blades on your lawn mower as sharp as possible.

Blade sharpeners for lawn mowers should sharpen blades quickly, last a long time, and match the style of your mower. This article will show you how to select the best commercial lawn mower blade sharpener available. Let’s take a look at what you have to work with.

Best Commercial Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners-Our Top Picks

  1. All American Sharpener Model 5002 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener for Straight and Standard Lawn Mower Blades

All American Sharpener Model 5002 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener for Straight and Standard Lawn Mower Blades


All American Sharpener Lawnmower Blade Sharpener 5002 brings dull blades back to life. It is intended for straight lawn mower blades only and should not be used on a mulching blade.

You have several mounting options when it comes to getting it ready to use. It can be bolted to virtually any surface. This lawnmower blade sharpener comes with a vice with a head for positioning the blade as well as an articulating arm for carrying the grinder.

The vice is required to maintain balance while sharpening. There is also a threaded pin included for connecting the standard angle grinder. For grinding, a 24-grit to 60-grit flapper wheel is included. Blades are sharpened in seconds and have unrivaled consistency.


  • Flapper wheel with grits from 24 to 60.
  • It is portable with a cordless grinder.
  • A grinder attachment adapter pin is included.
  • Specifically designed for sharpening straight and standard blades.
  • There are several mounting options available.
  • The vice and articulating arm have been specially designed for precise and balanced sharpening.
  • It comes with an adapter pin for easy assembly.
  • It saves you time.
  • Trailer/Truck Mounting Bracket
  1. Oregon 88-025 Lawnmower Blade Sharpener & Grinder

Oregon 88-025 Lawnmower Blade Sharpener & Grinder


The Oregon 88-025 Lawnmower Blade Sharpener & Grinder has a 1/3 HP, single-direction, standard-duty, 1750 RPM non-reversing motor and will sharpen any length cutting edge.

With this blade grinder, you can stop throwing out dull lawn mower blades and save money. Ample power in a small, low-cost package. Hardened stone for fast, smooth grinding. Reduces vibration and “walking” of the grinder.


  • 1/3 HP, 1750 RPM motor.
  • Single-direction, non-reversible.
  • Easy height adjustment and a safety switch
  • Light is not included.
  • 8″ Oregon 88-047 or 88-048 grinding stone is required.
  • The power source is manual.
  1. OMB Rotary Blade Sharpener/grinder Wall Rbg 712 Part # 11706

OMB Rotary Blade Sharpener/grinder Wall Rbg 712 Part # 11706


If you’re in the market for new lawnmower blades, try sharpening them with the handy Rotary Blade Sharpener/grinder Wall. One of my favorite features of this blade sharpener is how it attempts to keep the sharpening area tidy.

This is because the grit collector has been added, which eliminates the need for you to deal with grinding wheel dust.

The OMB Rotary Blade Sharpener /Grinder Wall is powered and wired to work with 15 amp 110-volt outlets. You can buy and replace the stone when it wears out, but the stone’s longevity will keep you away from stores for a long time.

It is slightly more expensive than others in its class, but the fact that it can sharpen a set of three blades in under ten minutes is reason enough to invest in it.

This sharpener can also grind blades of any length, from standard right-hand blades to reverse left-hand rotating flat blades.

Don’t just believe the endless hype about this blade; try it for yourself to see why it ranks high among the best lawn mower blade sharpeners.


  • Sharpening action is quick, regardless of the number of blades involved.
  • Electric revolving wheel blade sharpener
  • Has an extra grit collector for less grit dust.
  • Grinds standard/flat blades of any length.
  • Built to last
  • Not very cost-effective.
  1. RBG 7″ Professional Fast Grind Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener 712

RBG 7" Professional Fast Grind Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener 712


Sharpening lawnmower blades is a breeze with the new RBG 712 Blade Grinder. In fact, it’s never been easier to get started. You can now restore your blades to a factory flat edge and maintain the proper angle for the best cut and edge life with our preset blade guide.

By replacing traditional grinding wheels, the RBG 712 reduces work time and eliminates grinding wheel dust and wheel dressing. You can grind any length of cutting edge for both standard (right-hand) and reverse (left-hand) blades due to their unique design.

You can sharpen your blades in a cleaner and safer environment with the addition of our optional grit collector. Grinding wheels can be sharpened between 100 and 150 times.


  • It ensures that grinding is simple, quick, and safe.
  • It cuts down on the amount of time spent on the job.
  • Due to their unique design, they can grind any length of cutting edge for both standard (right-hand) and reverse (left-hand) blades.
  • You can keep your shop cleaner and safer while sharpening your blades by adding an optional grit collector.
  1. All American Sharpener Model 5005 Gen 2

All American Sharpener Model 5005 Gen 2


Due of its unique design, the All American Sharpener Model 5005 Adjustable Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener takes first place in the best lawn mower blade sharpeners category. When necessary, the blade sharpener’s mounting bracket can be easily bolted to most surfaces.

Sharpening can be adjusted from 15 to 45 degrees. Furthermore, the sharpener can be used with both the right and left hands to sharpen blades. There are four pins available for simple mounting.

It is portable because it has a cordless grinder. The unusual design incorporates a vice head as well as an articulating arm that houses the grinder. This arm is in charge of ensuring that proper sharpening angles are maintained at all times. This sharpener is capable of sharpening standard, high-lift, and mulching blades.


  • Adapter pins are used to secure the grinder to the articulating arm. • Sharpening is well-balanced and guided by the articulated arm.
  • Adjustment for wide-angle sharpening
  • Sharpens blades in both the right and left hand.
  • Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening Tool with an Adjustable Angle of 15°-45°
  • Sharpens mulching, straight, and high-lift mower blades. • Uniquely designed and easy to set up and use.
  • Cordless portable grinder
  1. VEVOR Lawnmower Blade Grinder

VEVOR Lawnmower Blade Grinde


The VEVOR Lawnmower Blade Grinder is made of high-quality iron metal, making it corrosion- and rust-resistant. It can sharpen mulching or standard lawnmower blades quickly and easily.

The mower blade sharpener with a flapper wheel can sharpen blades ranging in width from 7 to 14 cm. To avoid angular deviation, the crank arm is now connected by bearings.

The sharpener’s one-of-a-kind design includes a vice head for holding the mower blade and an articulating arm for attaching the grinder. The arm maintains the proper sharpening angle by holding the grinder.

This blade mower sharpener can be wall-mounted or held in a vice. Once the tool is set up, the blades can be sharpened in seconds. Once the tool is set up, blades can be sharpened in seconds.


  • Made from high-quality iron metal
  • It is corrosion- and rust-proof for long-term use.
  • It can sharpen mulching or standard lawnmower blades quickly and easily.
  • Suitable for grinding blades 7-14 cm wide
  • It is simple to set up and assemble.
  • It has an articulating arm that can be adjusted.
  1. Magna-Matic MAG-8000 Universal Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

Magna-Matic MAG-8000 Universal Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener


The MAG-8000 universal lawn mower blade sharpener is the industry’s only solution for consistently grinding the same angle along the full cutting edge of mulching and conventional edge lawn mower blades.

When it was first released in 1999, it received three US patents for its ground-breaking design, which solved the problem of sharpening curved cutting edge mulching lawn mower blades.

It can be adjusted in 5 degree increments and sharpens to angles between 25 and 45 degrees. The MAG-8000 is capable of handling blades of any length, whether right-handed or left-handed. It sharpens commercial mower blades in just 1-2 minutes.

As it can sharpen any blade, the MAG-8000 is ideal for lawn mower dealerships, professional sharpening shops, and lawn care professionals.


  • Sharpen lawn mower blades without burning them.
  • Maintain a 30 degree angle on the edge.
  • Set angles in 5 degree increments from 25 to 45 degrees.
  • Sharpen any cutting edge of any length.
  • With a single-direction motor, sharpen right or left-handed blades.
  • In just 1-2 minutes, you can sharpen a commercial mower blade.
  • Made in the United States of America
  1. All American Sharpener Model 5000 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener for Mulching and Standard Lawn Mower Blades

All American Sharpener Model 5000 Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener for Mulching and Standard Lawn Mower Blades


The All American Sharpener 5000 sharpens mulching and standard lawn mower blades quickly and easily. This sharpener can be secured in a vice or mounted on a bench top. A vice head holds the mower blade, and an articulating arm attaches the grinder.

The arm secures the grinder and ensures that the proper sharpening angle is maintained at all times. A pin with M8x1.25 thread is included in the All American Sharpener 5000 to connect a standard 4-1/2-inch angle grinder. The pin goes into the threaded port where the handle is usually held in place.

The All American Sharpener 5000 eliminates the guesswork from blade sharpening, ensuring a consistent and even grind every time. Once the tool is set up, sharpening blades takes seconds. It’s very simple to set up. Sharpener can be attached to almost any surface (bolted or clamped).

The mounting bracket for the All American Sharpener 5000 can easily be removed for storage. For portable sharpening, the mounting bracket can be mounted on a truck or trailer.


  • It’s simple to set up and use.
  • Sharpen a large number of blades quickly and easily.
  • Blades that have been used or previously ground can be restored to like-new condition.
  • Sharpening mulching blades is possible with the pivoting head.
  • Operator can easily sharpen both sections of a mulching blade at the correct angle with the pivoting head.
  • For use away from the shop, the mounting bracket can be attached to a truck or trailer.
  • Can be used to sharpen both standard and mulching blades
  • Grinding can be done with a flapper wheel ranging from 24-grit to 60-grit.
  • With the use of a cordless grinder, it is completely portable.
  • An adapter pin is included to connect most grinders to the sharpener assembly.

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Benefits of Owning a Commercial Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

  • Aids in the more efficient operation of your lawn mower, resulting in lower fuel consumption.
  • The lawn mower blades’ wear and tear is reduced.
  • The ability to sharpen in a variety of ways increases the overall utility value of the tool.
  • Any blade size and type can be sharpened with a sharpener
  • Sharpening tools can be done with existing power drills or grinders.

Types of Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners

All of the different types of lawn mowers have advantages, with each one being better suited to different situations. Consider how many times you’ll use it and how easily you’ll be able to store it when choosing the right blade sharpener.

  • Angle Grinder

Angle grinders, which are preferred by many landscaping professionals, are a little more expensive than other options, but the results are well worth it. These are the best for commercial use because they restore mower blades quickly.

A rotating disc connects with the blade edge at an angle controlled by your hand in these handheld tools. Many even have multiple handles for the ideal balance of speed and control. The majority of them use an AC power cord, but there are a few that use rechargeable batteries.

  • Drill Attachment

These are made of beveled corundum and come with a guide to help you position it precisely. It uses rapid rotations to smooth out the blade by connecting to the angle of the blade.

One disadvantage is that an inexperienced hand can easily overdo it, resulting in an unbalanced result.

  • Handheld

These files are ideal for small grassy areas and those who prefer things old school. They have an advantage because they can sharpen household knives and other appliances.

You have complete control over the outcome, it’s as green as it gets, and it still gets the job done.

Handheld sharpeners are great for tight quarters, but they’re difficult to use in larger yards.

Best Commercial Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Buyer’s Guide


There are a few things to consider when selecting a lawn mower blade sharpener. One aspect is performance. The goal of any sharpener is to achieve the finest possible blade edge. Precision is especially important if you plan to use this on your lawn edger as well.

Speed of Rotation

How much time do you want to spend sharpening your skills? Sharpening with a manual sharpener takes longer to get a good edge. You can save more time by going the electric route rather than the manual route. To achieve the desired edge, electric sharpeners use rotations per minute and horsepower. Avoid conflating speed with efficiency, as this can cause the blade to overheat and even cause injury. Select a sharpener with a speed that matches the blade’s speed.

Power Type

Because preferences vary, you may prefer a manual blade sharpener over an electric one, or vice versa. Manual sharpeners are inexpensive, but they require a lot of your time and effort. Electric ones, on the other hand, may cost more but require less effort on your part.


Sharpening a single blade is not limited to the best lawn mower blade sharpeners. The higher the capacity, the better. When you have a variety of blades, this is a great way to save money. Also keep in mind that while some sharpeners work well on large blades, they can easily destroy smaller ones. Others can effectively use a mulching blade but have no effect on a standard one. Keeping this in mind will help you save time and money in the long run.

Material for Instructions

This is the guide that determines the angle at which the sharpening takes place. This aids in maintaining the blade’s incorrect position. Most are made of plastic, which can easily break if mishandled. Before you buy, make sure the guide is strong enough to withstand the pressure of sharpening. Also, make sure the plastic you’re using doesn’t overheat or melt while you’re sharpening it.


Consider buying a sharpener that comes with a warranty for added peace of mind. Some companies include a return policy in the event of genuine dissatisfaction. This is one of the ways in which manufacturers ensure that their products are of high quality and long lasting.


Sharp blades are needed to keep the grass short, neat, and healthy, and sharpeners are available to save you the trouble of constantly replacing dull blades. After reading our in-depth review, you should be able to identify a commercial blade sharpener that meets your needs.