5 Best Air Rifles for Coyotes (Coyote Air Rifles )

Best Air Rifles for Coyotes

Looking for the best air rifles for coyotes? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Air rifles can be a humane and successful solution for pest management or hunting when dealing with coyotes. These guns are noted for their high accuracy, silent operation, and lesser power when compared to traditional firearms.

However, the best air rifle for coyotes is determined by a number of factors, including intended use, budget, and personal preferences.

Before delving into specific models, it’s critical that you research the laws and regulations in your area regarding air rifle use for coyote hunting. Some places may have caliber and power limitations, therefore always follow local rules.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Best Air Rifles for Coyotes

  1. Umarex Hammer .50 Caliber  Air Rifle

Umarex Hammer .50 Caliber PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle


First up is the Umarex Hammer, which is among the best air rifles for coyotes.A formidable and cutting-edge air rifle made for heavy-duty uses, the 50 Caliber PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle is a viable choice for greater game hunting.

The Hammer’s high muzzle energy allows it to be used for shots at a greater distance and provides enough kinetic energy for morally righteous and merciful killings.

Thanks to its incorporated suppressor, the Umarex Hammer operates more quietly than other firearms by reducing noise produced when shooting.

The rifle has an adjustable cheek rest and buttstock, allowing users to tailor the weapon’s fit for maximum comfort and shooting positions.

The Hammer includes Picatinny rails for attaching attachments such as scopes, bipods, and other optics, giving users more options when setting up their rifle.

As you can see, the Hammer is a powerful big-bore airgun that is simple to handle, shoot, and carry, and is well worth the investment.


  • PCP Technology
  • Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger
  • Dual-Air Reservoir System
  • Adjustable Cheek Rest and Buttstock
  • Picatinny Rails


  • High Caliber Power
  • Durable Construction
  • High Muzzle Energy


  • Price
  • Weight
  1. Benjamin Bulldog .357 PCP Hunting Rifle 

Benjamin Bulldog .357 PCP Hunting Rifle


The Benjamin Bulldog.357 PCP Hunting Rifle is a strong and capable air rifle made for hunting big game, which makes it an excellent choice for coyote hunting.

The Benjamin Bulldog has a greater stopping force and kinetic energy than other air rifle calibers because it is larger.This makes it one of the best air rifles for coyotes.

The Bulldog’s Pre-Charged Pneumatic technology ensures precision and dependability with every shot by delivering consistent power.

In addition to improving user ease, the reversible sidelever bolt action design enables smooth and rapid reloading, guaranteeing a quicker follow-up shot when necessary.

With its sound suppression system, the Bulldog produces less noise while firing than other handguns, making it a quieter operation overall.


  • .357 Caliber
  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic Technology
  • Reversible Sidelever Bolt Action
  • Adjustable Two-Stage Trigger
  • Sound Suppression Technology


  • Powerful Caliber
  • Durable Construction
  • Accuracy
  • Compact Design


  • Weight
  • Price
  1. Seneca Double Shot .50 Cal Air Rifle

Seneca Double Shot .50 Cal Double Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle


Another option is the Seneca Double Shot . 50 Cal Double Barrel Shotgun Air Rifle which is a unique and powerful air rifle that resembles a double-barrel shotgun.

The double-barrel design enables users to load a variety of projectiles, including round balls and shotshells. Its adaptability allows it to be used in a variety of hunting circumstances.

The combination of the.50 caliber and the double-barrel construction results in powerful and forceful shots, which may be useful for bringing down larger pests.

The Seneca Double Shot has unique features, excellent manufacturing and finish, and is well worth the money.


  • Smoothbore Barrels
  • Double-Barrel Configuration
  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Technology
  • Dual Air Reservoirs


  • Powerful Shots
  • Versatility in Ammunition
  • Manual Safety


  • Single Shot at a Time
  • Weight and Size
  1. Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle (Samyang )

Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle air rifle (Samyang )


Samyang’s Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle is a potent and adaptable air rifle with big-bore capabilities.

The Dragon Claw comes in a number of caliber configurations, including.50 and.45. When hunting larger wildlife, such as coyotes, these larger calibers offer the required stopping power.

With the twin air tank design, you may get more shots per fill because of the increased overall air capacity. Long-term hunting sessions may benefit from this.

Primarily designed to handle the hardships of hunting in a variety of locations, the Dragon Claw is made with durability in mind.

Pellets and spherical balls are among the ammunition types that the weapon is capable of firing. Because of its adaptability, users can hunt in a variety of environments.


  • Dual Tank System
  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Technology
  • Adjustable Power Settings
  • Versatility in Ammunition


  • Durable Construction
  • Effective Range
  • Quiet Operation


  • Weight
  1. Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore QE SL Air Rifle 

Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore QE SL Air Rifle air Rifle


Lastly, a potent big-bore air rifle suitable for coyote hunting is the Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore QE SL Air Rifle. It is made for hunting larger wildlife.

There are several major calibers of the Hatsan Carnivore, including.30,.35,.45, and.50. These calibers are good for coyote hunting since they have a lot of stopping force.

For better accuracy and shot control, the Quattro Trigger system has a customizable two-stage trigger. The trigger pull can be altered by users to suit their tastes.

The rifle’s sound signature is reduced and the report is decreased thanks to QuietEnergy technology. This can be useful for a more covert hunting strategy, particularly for coyotes.

Many shots can be taken on a single air charge thanks to PCP technology, which guarantees steady power and accuracy. Hunting enthusiasts who might need to get additional shots can benefit from this.

It is one of the best air rifles for coyotes since it is usually constructed with durability in mind and can endure the rigors of hunting in a variety of ways.


  • Quattro Trigger System
  • QuietEnergy (QE) Technology
  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Technology
  • Detachable Air Cylinder
  • Adjustable Comb and Butt Pad


  • Large Caliber Options
  • Durable Construction
  • Versatile and Powerful


  • Weight
  • Limited Optics Options

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How to Choose the Best Air Rifles for Coyotes

When selecting the best air rifle for coyotes, keep the following important considerations in mind:


Although air rifles in the.22 caliber are useful for taking small wildlife, many experts advise using a.25 caliber or larger when hunting coyotes. The bigger caliber improves stopping power and raises the possibility of an expeditious, merciful death.


Seek air rifles with a powerful enough power output, expressed in foot-pounds of energy (FPE). For larger game, such as coyotes, higher FPE values are often preferable. Rifles having at least 30–40 FPE are worth considering for coyote hunting.


For coyote hunting to be morally and practically sound, shot placement accuracy is essential. To improve stability, select an air rifle with a suitable scope and take into account other equipment like shooting sticks or bipods.


Air rifles range widely in price. Establish your spending limit and look for a gun that satisfies your requirements without going overboard. Remember that extra expenses like scopes and accessories need to be taken into account when creating your overall budget.

Essential Tips for Successful Coyote Hunting

Hunting coyotes demands a variety of abilities, expertise, and tactical preparation. The following are crucial pointers to improve your chances of having a successful coyote hunt:

  • Know the Laws and Regulations

Learn about the coyote-related hunting laws and regulations in your area. Recognize the seasons, laws, and any particular limitations that apply in your area.

  • Scout the Area

Take some time to scout the hunting area before going hunting. Keep an eye out for clues that indicate coyote activity, such as footprints, scat, and unique howls. Knowing their routines and areas of influence will aid in the preparation of your approach.

  • Use Appropriate Calls

Coyotes respond to calls very quickly. Invest on mouth blown or high-quality electronic predator cries that imitate small animals’ distress noises. Fawn bleats, rodent squeaks, and distressed bunnies are examples of common calls.

  • Practice Stealth and Concealment

Coyotes are very perceptive animals with exceptional vision. When traversing the hunting area, move stealthily and hide yourself behind natural cover. To avoid being discovered by their perceptive noses, pay attention to the direction of the wind.

  • Understand Coyote Behavior

Discover the habits and seasons of coyotes, including when they mate, when they den, and what they do every day. By knowing this, you will be able to anticipate their actions and raise your chances of running into them.

  • Use Decoys and Have Patience

Patience is essential because coyotes might be wary. Think about luring them into shooting range with decoys, like a motion decoy or a strategically placed predator decoy.

  • Optimize Your Setup

Based on your scouting, select a good hunting spot and position yourself to take advantage of the wind. For improved visibility, take up higher positions. If there are natural funnels, water sources, or areas where coyotes are active, think about setting up near them.

  • Select the Right Firearm and Ammunition

Select a rifle type and caliber that are suitable for coyote hunting. Opt for ammo designed specifically for hunting predators, as these rounds often possess unique qualities that enable fast, compassionate killings. By choosing such ammunition, hunters can ensure humane and effective outcomes in their pursuit of coyotes.

  • Practice Shooting Skills

Practice shooting in a variety of postures, such as prone, sitting, and standing. Improve your shooting technique to guarantee accurate shot placement.

  • Practice Ethical Hunting

Hunt morally by making thoughtful shots and guaranteeing swift, compassionate kills. Keep an eye on your surroundings and steer clear of residential areas and other hunting areas when shooting.

Is It Legal To Shoot Coyotes

Depending on the rules and laws governing the particular area where you intend to go coyote hunting, shooting coyotes may or may not be permissible.

Coyote hunting is allowed and regulated in many areas by state or local wildlife organizations. But it’s important to know the precise laws that apply to coyote hunting in your area and to follow them. Below are some general things to think about:

Seasons and Bag Limit:

  • Some areas have special seasons for coyote hunting, and bag limits may apply to the amount of coyotes you can harvest during a given time period. These regulations are in place to help control wildlife populations and promote sustainable hunting methods.

License Requirements:

  • Coyote hunting normally requires the possession of a valid hunting license. The sort of license necessary and any associated fees varies by state and location.

Weapons Regulations:

  • Different localities may have different rules governing the sorts of guns and ammunition permitted for coyote hunting. Always check to see if there are any caliber, firearm, or hunting method restrictions.

Non-Protected Status:

  • While coyotes are often classified as non-protected species in many regions, subject to fewer hunting restrictions than protected game animals, it is critical to check this status and comply with any applicable requirements. Being aware of local regulations ensures a responsible and lawful approach to coyote hunting

Best Air Rifles for Coyotes FAQs

Are air rifles powerful enough to hunt coyotes?

Indeed, several air guns possess sufficient force to hunt coyotes. For efficient and humane coyote hunting, bigger caliber air guns (like.25 or.30) and enough energy (foot-pounds) are advised.

Do I need a special scope for coyote hunting with an air rifle?

Yes, for coyote hunting, a high-quality scope is required. Seek for scopes that work well in low light and have clear optics with adjustable magnification. Consider elements like LED reticles to improve visibility in low light conditions. These components are critical for better performance in difficult lighting conditions.

Are there any legal restrictions on using air rifles for coyote hunting?

Regulations differ by place; therefore, it’s critical to examine local hunting rules and regulations. Understanding these guidelines ensures compliance and a safe hunting experience. Some places may impose limits on caliber, power, or hunting techniques. Always follow the precise guidelines and obtain the relevant permits or licenses.


NB: Remember to check for updates or changes in rules, as wildlife management policies might alter over time. Furthermore, for a gratifying hunting experience and to contribute to wildlife conservation, it’s crucial to practice responsible and ethical hunting. This ensures a positive impact on both the environment and your overall enjoyment of the activity.


When choosing the ideal air rifle for coyote hunting, it’s crucial to carefully consider factors like budget, caliber, power, and accuracy. While air rifles offer a quieter and more compassionate alternative to traditional firearms, they may not match the same power. Nevertheless, they come with distinct advantages. Transitioning to the specifics, it’s crucial to balance these considerations to find the most suitable air rifle for your needs.

It’s clear that there are a lot of varied and interesting possibilities as we close the door on air rifle coyote hunting. We really hope that our post helps to streamline your search!