Best Nightforce Scopes for Benchrest Shooting

Best Nightforce Scopes for Benchrest Shooting

Benchrest shooting is one of the most difficult disciplines to master because it requires shooting your rifle from a bench or table while using a front rest and sometimes a butt support.

On paper targets placed at 50, 100, 200, and 300 yards, competitors aim to put a number of rounds – typically five or ten shots – into the smallest possible group.

The width of a group is measured from the center of the two widest shots in the group to the center of the two widest shots in the group.

High-end optics play an important role, with many competitors spending hours experimenting with various optics to find the best combination for their firearm. A good quality scope is one of the best assets for this competition, and Nightforce is a force to be reckoned with in this department.

Nightforce is a leading provider of hunting and shooting optics in the United States. They’re custom-engineered with proprietary designs to provide shooters with the best light diffusion, color correctness, visual sharpness, magnification, and more.

Without further ado, here is our comprehensive review of two of our favorite Nightforce benchrest scopes.

Best Nightforce Scopes for Benchrest Shooting- Comprehensive Guide

  1. Nightforce BR 12-42X56 NPR2

NightForce 12-42x56mm Precision Benchrest Illuminated Rifle Scope,


Since 1992, Nightforce riflescopes have set more world records in long-range benchrest competition than any other scope on the market, including several world records in.50 BMG 1000 yard benchrest. Both Precision Benchrest models feature an illuminated reticle with external adjustment, true.125 MOA click values, and a wide range of internal adjustment.

The predator hunter and benchrest competitor both benefit from an unobstructed field of view and precise MOA reference markings. At close and long ranges, it’s simple and effective. The turrets on the target are calibrated in true. After sighting in, the 125 M.O.A. (1/8 click) values can be re-indexed to zero.

Precision Benchrest 12-42×56 has the most impressive features in the industry. The resolution required to distinguish fine detail at extremely long distances is provided by a 56 mm multi-coated objective lens. An adjustable objective allows you to adjust parallax from 25 yards to infinity with extra-fine focus.

A coil spring plunger return system is included with both Precision Benchrest riflescopes to improve tracking accuracy. The eyepiece allows for quick reticle focusing, and the glass-etched illuminated reticle ensures that image/reticle contrast is optimal in almost any lighting situation.


  • Magnification: 12x – 42x
  • Objective lens: 56mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane (SFP)
  • Field of View, Linear: 2.3 – 6.7 ft at 100 yds
  • Main (Center) Tube Diameter: 30mm
  • Objective Tube Diameter: 69mm
  • Eyepiece Tube Diameter: 40.5mm
  • Lens Coatings: Broadband Multi-coated
  • Reticle: Illuminated NP-R2
  • Reticle Image Plane (Magnifying): Second, Non-Magnifying
  • Exterior Finish: Matte Black
  • Windage & Elevation Adjustments (MOA): .125 MOA Elevation & Windage
  • Eye Relief: 2.9 in
  • Parallax Correction Control: Adjustable Objective, 25 yards to Infinity
  • Diopter Adjustment: + / – 5
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy


  • Elevation and windage click values are true.125 MOA click values.
  • A precision rifle scope that provides the best light management and resolution.
  • In a variable power scope, there’s never been anything like it.
  • Time and time again, world record performances have been set.
  • Speed and accuracy in all situations
  • Perfection has been rigorously tested.
  • Two to three times thicker than other scopes, made of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Completely waterproof and resistant to the elements
  • Three to four times the spring pressure of other scopes thanks to a proprietary titanium beta erector spring.
  • Both positive and negative forces are tested at 1,250 Gs for recoil and impact.
  1. NightForce Precision Benchrest 8-32x56mm Rifle Scope

NightForce Precision Benchrest 8-32x56mm Rifle Scope


Shooters interested in competing in long-range precision benchrest events or conducting independent bullet/load development ballistics research will benefit from the NightForce Precision Benchrest 8-32x56mm Rifle Scope. These scopes are designed for rail rifles or heavy-class bench rest target rifles that can drill single rough holes in paper from a distance of up to 200 yards.

It retains the second focal plane system (SFF), and the subtensions display a consistent crosshair against an expanding target as the power is increased. This scope’s main tube is 30mm in diameter.

A 56 mm multi-coated objective lens provides the resolution required to distinguish fine detail at extremely long distances. With extra-fine focus and an adjustable objective, you can adjust parallax from 25 yards to infinity.

NightForce Bench-Rests have target turrets that are calibrated in true. After sighting in, the 125 M.O.A. (1/8 click) value can be reset to zero. Precision Benchrest Scopes feature a coil plunger adjustment return system for increased tracking accuracy, a quick diopter-style eyepiece for quick focusing, and a glass-etched illuminated reticle for optimal image/reticle contrast.


  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
  • Magnification: 8 – 32 x
  • Reticle: Illuminated NP-R2
  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane (SFP)
  • Exit Pupil: 1.7 – 5.6 mm
  • Field of View, Linear: 3.1 – 9.4 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 2.95 in
  • Weight: 36 oz
  • Length: 16.6 in
  • Illumination Type: LED
  • Illumination Color: Red
  • Adjustment Type: MOA
  • Adjustment Click Value: 0.125 MOA
  • Adjustment Range: 50 MOA
  • Parallax: 25 yds to infinity
  • Finish: Black
  • Magnification Type: Variable


  • At extremely long distances, superior resolution distinguishes fine detail.
  • A coil spring plunger return system is included with Precision Benchrest scopes to improve tracking accuracy.
  • Extra-fine focus is possible thanks to an adjustable objective that adjusts parallax from 25 yards to infinity.
  • After sighting in, the target turrets can be re-indexed to zero in true.125 M.O.A. (1/8 click) values.
  • The eyepiece has a glass-etched illuminated reticle that provides excellent image/reticle contrast in virtually any lighting condition.
  • Multiple zero and hold points, as well as accurate rangefinding, are possible with MOA elevation and 5 MOA windage increments.
  • Long-range applications, such as big game hunting, are ideal.

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What Makes Nightforce Scopes Different?

  • Nightforce rifle scopes are submerged for 24 hours in a pressure tank equivalent to being submerged 100 feet below sea level, demonstrating complete waterproofing.
  • The temperature stability of Nightforce scopes is demonstrated by freezing them to -80 degrees and then heating them back up to 250 degrees in under an hour! Both high and low temperatures are used to test the scope function.
  • For recoil testing, Nightforce scopes are subjected to 1250 G (both positive and negative forces).
  • Tubes made of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that are 2-3 times thicker than industry standard scopes
  • Titanium beta erector springs with 3-4 times the pressure of other riflescope springs; never wears out over time and maintains 100% 1/4 M.O.A. repeatability throughout the adjustment range.

What are Nighforce Benchrest Rifle scopes?

Benchrest riflescopes are one of Nightforce’s most well-known product lines, with a long and illustrious history. These scopes have won more competitive shooting matches and set more long-range shot records than any other brand’s scopes, according to Nightforce.

Because of their long history, you’re probably aware that they’re best suited for competitive environments. That history, however, will come at a cost. These scopes are pricey, but they are accurate and clear enough to justify the investment.

FAQs On The Best Nightforce Scopes For Benchrest Shooting

Where are Nightforce scopes made?

All of Nightforce’s scope models are assembled, inspected, tested, and packaged in their facilities in Orofino, Idaho, and Lavonia, Georgia.

Are Nightforce Optics good?

Nightforce scopes have the best optics of any scope I’ve used, are probably the most durable, have the best ergonomics of any scope I’ve used, and are typically complicated because they’re designed for extremely precise long-range shooting.

Does the military use NightForce scopes?

Nightforce scopes are used by the military for long-range shooting. Furthermore, these scopes play a significant role in the military. Simply put, military snipers and target shooters will appreciate the Nightforce scopes.

Does Nightforce make a night vision scope?

Nightforce riflescopes are night hunting optics designed for night hunters who want to shoot deer at night using night vision scopes with high magnification and large objective lenses so that the animals can be identified even if they’re 100 yards away in low light conditions.


The list of innovations used in the production of Nightforce scopes could go on and on, but the bottom line is that a Nightforce precision riflescope will withstand almost any test you can throw at it. As you may have noticed, these scopes are among the best riflescopes available today! We wish you luck in your search for a benchrest rifle scope that meets your requirements.