Best Cellular Trail Cameras for Deer And Big Game Hunters

Best Cellular Trail Cameras for Deer And Big Game Hunters

In the past, hunters used trail cameras to keep a watch on the trees. The ability to spy on people covertly has been a tremendous gift. Wireless cameras are far superior to earlier models, just as computers, smartphones, and other devices run on silicon processors. Photos and videos get crisper and sharper. The number of fantastic features in apps keeps growing.

Instead of repeatedly creeping into the woods, you may program your wireless game camera to send pictures at the designated frequency and stay informed without having to move a muscle.

The top cellular game cameras for deer, elk, big game hunting, and home security will now be reviewed. You may be guaranteed to locate a highly rated solution that significantly enhances your hunting and scouting skills.

Legal Note: Before making a purchase, find out if these gadgets are allowed in your location by local regulations.

Best Cellular Trail Cameras for Deer And Big Game Hunters-Our Top Picks

  1. Bushnell Cellucore 30 Low Glow AT-T Trail Camera

Bushnell Cellucore 30 Low Glow AT-T Trail Camera



The previous few years have seen Bushnell cameras continually develop, and this model is a prime example. A big advantage for Bushnell are the great pictures and simple setup.

The quick trigger speed of 0.2 seconds makes it possible to keep up with deer that move quickly while still capturing crisp images. This camera is taken to the next level by its quick image recovery and discreet infrared flash. Only a modest detection range and the meager data plans limit this camera from being among the best models.

With the highest megapixel camera on the list, Bushnell stakes a claim to being the best mobile trail camera available. But don’t let that confuse you too much because most businesses tend to misrepresent megapixel counts to customers.

The only real method to determine how well a camera performs is to look at its photographs, even though it would seem simple to choose this camera based on the number of megapixels it promises to employ.


  • Legendary reliability
  • Crystal clear 30MP Images
  • High output IR LEDs
  • 12AA battery capacity
  • 3-preset menus + advanced mode
  • HD video w audio
  • Removable battery
  • Up to 32GB (card not included)


  • Fast trigger response.
  • Good daytime photos.
  • Outstanding picture quality in both still and video mode.
  • Internal screen viewer for setup assistance.
  • Among the most straightforward configurations.


  • Comparatively somewhat expensive
  • Night images at greater distances deteriorate a little.
  1. Moultrie Mobile Edge Cellular Trail Camera 2-Pack

Moultrie Mobile Edge Cellular Trail Camera 2-Pack



The Moultrie Mobile Edge is an outstanding camera that is versatile and efficient. The features that this cellular trail camera offers via its Moultrie Mobile software, however, are what make it truly unique.

Without requiring you to exchange sim cards, the camera quickly and automatically connects to the area’s strongest network and sends photos. The cool part is this: The Moultrie Mobile app is built with image recognition technology, allowing it to distinguish between deer (including bucks and does), turkeys, cars, and people in pictures. You can then sort your pictures according to the species.

The activity data takes into account temperature and moon phase in addition to time of day. If you take deer hunting seriously, I’m sure you already understand the amazing potential of this technology.

You might have a robust data collection showing when bucks are moving based on the season, time of day, temperature, and moon phase with a few cameras running on a hunting property over the course of several hunting seasons.

This camera can help you pattern deer activity in your area so you may have a lifetime of successful hunting, not just pattern a certain buck.


  • One camera, multiple major cellular networks
  • Auto Connect technology
  • No SD card required
  • Faster setup time
  • Longer battery life
  • Clearer night images
  • Free unlimited cloud storage
  • SmartTags for species and buck recognition


  • Easy-to-use.
  • Provide the finest battery life, cellular connectivity, and visual quality in the business.
  • A limitless amount of cloud storage guarantees that all of your photos are always accessible.
  • Allows for simple transportation and storage.
  • Fantastic features.
  • Inexpensive for a cell camera.


  • Slower trigger response time
  1. Moultrie Mobile Edge Cellular Trail Camera

 Moultrie Mobile Edge Cellular Trail Camera



Considering its superb features and affordable pricing, the Moultrie Mobile Mobile Edge is one of our favorite trail cameras.

In anticipation for 2023, Moultrie unveiled a greatly enhanced Edge variant that features a powerful new Cellboost Antenna that amplifies signal strength. This function assists in establishing a reliable line of communication that extends more than a country mile for hunters who intend to hang their gadgets in the wilderness.

The Edge’s 33-MP sensor produces amazing photographs, and it can send 720p HD video straight to your phone. By carefully identifying which bucks and bulls are acting the most aggressively, you can use this thorough video to organize your calls around their courageous behavior.

You may rapidly browse your images using its Free Species Identification software to find a turkey, buck, or bull on your Moultrie Mobile app. Not to mention that it has internal storage for everything, so you never have to deal with SD cards again.


  • One camera, Multiple networks, More Reliable Service
  • No SD card required
  • Operate efficiently on 8 AA batteries or install 16 AA batteries
  • High-Performance Image Sensor
  • Fold & Transport Cellboost antenna
  • Improved IR LED arrangement
  • Expanded PIR gives you a wider field of view of 40 degrees


  • Provides unrivaled ease-of-use.
  • Deliver industry-best image quality.
  • Produces even illumination
  • It can change networks for better reception


  • Some feel the trigger timing is poor.
  1. SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-LTE Cellular Trail Camera




I can’t think of a better method to enter the cellular trap game for a hunter on a tight budget than using Spypoint’s LINK-MICRO-LTE.

This compact camera, which is frequently on sale for about $80, captures high-quality pictures, has a quick trigger speed, and can identify animals up to 80 feet away. The seamless phone app from Spypoint is coupled with it, making setup a breeze.

It runs on eight AA batteries, but you may also use a rechargeable battery to for long-term financial savings. Heck, choosing the solar-powered LINK-MICRO-S-LTE would be preferable to purchasing a rechargeable battery.


  • Trigger Speed: 0.5 seconds
  • Flash Range: 80 feet
  • Detection Range: 80 feet
  • Modes: Photo and Multi-Shot
  • Cellular Network Lte
  • Ultrareliable FREE Photo Transmission
  • Plan Option and Flexible Photo Transmission


  • A quick trigger.
  • Excellent detection range.
  • Excellent visual quality.
  • To the optimal network, the SIM card adapts.


  • Tiny SD card is used.
  1. Spartan GoCam with Security Box

Spartan GoCam with Security Box



It goes without saying that every cellular device on this list can capture photos, and the majority can also record clear 1080p films. The Spartan GoLive M is the only device that can provide hunters with the power of live broadcasting, though.

You may view exactly what’s happening at one of your traps in real-time with the Spartan GoLive Application. Hence, you may tune in and view what’s happening from anywhere if you notice that a bull triggered your camera.

The Spartan GoLive M is the most advanced choice on this list for this and a few other reasons. The GoLive M can dynamically swap between cellular carriers in addition to streaming to give you the best signal. Never again will you have to second-guess if you choose the best network for your camera.

The Spartan GoLive M is one of the best wireless trail cameras for capturing animals with all these high-tech capabilities. Humans will also struggle because nature can’t escape its lens.


  • Dynamism in live streaming
  • Spartan Camera Management Software is simple to use
  • Excellent photos and videos
  • Setup of the device is simple
  • Anti-theft defense


  • The camera is very good.
  • The phone app and cellular connection are quite effective.
  • Simple to navigate and use.
  • Extremely user-friendly interface.
  • Lithium batteries that have a long life.


  • They could do better with customer service.
  1. Covert Camera Blackhawk 20mp LTE

Covert Camera Blackhawk 20mp LTE



The operational customization available within the app was one of the primary factors in our decision to name the Covert 2021 Blackhawk LTE as one of the top mobile cameras. When the camera is activated and takes pictures, you can define your own specific working hours.

This has the potential to significantly prolong the battery’s already excellent life. There is no doubt that a set of lithium AA batteries can operate this camera for 12+ months with customized work times. For this camera, Covert has a fantastic array of accessories.

The camera uses a 100-foot-range invisible 60-LED infrared flash after being triggered in 0.7 seconds by its passive infrared motion sensor to produce a brilliant image without startling wildlife. Time-lapse mode enables you to spot patterns and trends while 1- to 10-shot burst mode records the event.

Each of your still pictures will have a time stamp with the date, time, temperature, and moon phase. The camera is configured and photographs are reviewed in the field using the 2″ color screen. Images and videos are delivered to your device and are also saved on a user-provided SD memory card up to 32GB. 12 AA batteries power the camera.


  • Sends Photos & Video to Phone
  • 20MP Photos, 5-Second Video
  • 7-Second Motion Trigger Speed
  • 12 AA batteries
  • Verizon Plans from $4.99 per Month
  • 100′ Invisible IR Flash Range
  • Wide 55° Angle of View
  • to 10-Shot Turbo Burst
  • Records to SD Cards up to 32GB
  • GPS function


  • High quality image mode and lithium AA batteries provide excellent battery life.
  • On the Covert App, you can set your own “Working” hours.
  • The IR does not glow.


  • Very slow trigger speed in video mode.
  • Nighttime false detection triggers are common.
  1. Stealth Hunting Game Camera

Stealth Hunting Game Camera



The 32-megapixel sensor in the DS4K Transmit & Ultimate Cameras provides the highest level of image size and clarity. You won’t ever miss a moving target thanks to the 100-foot Low Glow infrared flash range and 0.2-second ultra-fast trigger speed.

There are a ton of unique photo and video settings available with this camera. There are four photo resolution settings and four video resolution options, including 4K. (up to 32MP).

Also, it includes an intriguing feature that enables you to record between one and nine images per trigger when shooting in burst mode. In burst mode, other cameras frequently take three, or even five, pictures.


  • 32-megapixel sensor
  • Trigger speed: .3 seconds
  • Detection range: 100 feet
  • Power: 12AA batteries
  • Burst mode of 1 to 9 images
  • App monitors activity by day and weather data


  • Quick trigger.
  • Effective detection range.
  • Excellent housing.
  • Several programming options and a simple setup.


  • Poor nighttime photographs.
  • Increased price range.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cellular Trail Cameras for Deer and Big Game Hunters

Picture quality

This can be related to price (i.e., the better the photos, the more you pay), but not always. We can assure you that after a while, the excitement of receiving pictures on your phone will fade and you will grow frustrated by the blurry and grainy quality of the pictures. Due to their numerous advantages, some consumers are ready to overlook the poor picture quality of cell cameras.

Detection Range

The detection range of a sensor, whether it be for an elk, a deer, or any other game that may be present, is expressed in feet. It calculates the temperature difference between an animal’s body and its surroundings.

Hunters can see farther from where they’re posted thanks to cameras with wide detection ranges, like the Bushnell CelluCORE 30.

App Excellence and Bonus Features

A basic cell-cam software need to make it simple for you to set up the camera, modify the settings, and obtain pictures, but apps that make it particularly simple to arrange photos or spot trends to pin down daily routines among the creatures you’re tracking might be a major bonus. Likewise, minor hardware additions that aid in camera aiming, such as mounts or brackets, must also be taken into account.

Battery’s life

The main advantage of a mobile camera is that it will reduce how frequently you need to travel. But, if the battery life is bad, you might have to visit the trap more frequently than you’d want. Choose lithium batteries whenever possible to prevent that.

Another piece of advice is to position the camera so you don’t send more photos and videos than you need to. The batteries in your camera will run out rapidly if you are constantly sending HD footage to your phone.

If you don’t want to deal with batteries, think about going solar.

Megapixels (MP) 

Million distinct pixels make up one megapixel. Your shot or video will be more detailed the more pixels your mobile trail cam has. Yet choosing the model with the greatest megapixels is not the simplest option.

Large megapixel sensors are frequently advertised by manufacturers as being built inside their products only to enhance the number on the package. The amount of light that the sensor itself can capture is what really matters.

Read reviews to learn what other people are saying about the webcams that interest you. Reading through reviews and examining the pictures that others are kind enough to upload will help you get a sense of how effectively the camera takes pictures.

Best Cellular Trail Cameras for Deer and Big Game Hunters FAQs

Are cellular trail cameras worth the money?

Well, yeah. Cell cams require some additional setup and money, but once you have them set up, they transmit you pictures in real time. It’s difficult to express how much pleasure it is to get deer images during the entire season. Also, you may select the ideal locations to hunt at the ideal times with a clever trail camera technique. Since there is no need to hike in and examine the camera, there is far less chance of scaring the deer.

How long do the batteries in a cellular trail camera last?

This is dependent upon the battery type, local activities, and camera settings. Use a lower megapixel image, use a lithium battery, and choose longer delays between photos for maximum battery life (video kills batteries more quickly).

Do all cellular trail cams require a subscription?

This test’s cameras are all subscription-only devices. However, the process of setting up the subscription is typically simple and quick. All of it is done using the apps provided by each company, and all you need to have is your credit card number. Plans typically cost from $5 and a little over $20 per month, which isn’t too pricey. I advise choosing unlimited image plans.


It’s unbelievable how spoilt we modern hunters are. The best cellular trail cameras for hunting may transform your game camera into a covert spy that sends images of bucks, bulls, and other animals right to your phone. The top mobile trail cameras are effective scouting devices. But using them is also a ton of fun (after you get through the setup process).